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  1. Yup...planned....festival traffic can pass though 👍
  2. Pretty sure heading down the route I quote for Pink eg via Woodford Lane and Launcherly village won't work for Sticklinch as it would require a right turn onto the A361 where you meet it....which would be against the flow of traffic coming from Glastonbury. For Sticklinch you're pretty much stuck with heading east along the A361 from Glastonbury town I'm afraid.
  3. How they fill Orange/Pink is one of life's great mysteries tbh....or at least to me. Anyone know whether you've any chance at Orange if you turn up later?
  4. From Bristol you want A37 to Farrington Gurney, then A39 to Wells. From Wells take A39 south towards Glastonbury. If you would be happy with Pink then you can go left off the A39 just outside Wells where signposted down Woodford Lane and through Launcherley and North Wootton villages into Pink where directed by stewards. If you want the option of Orange then stay on A39 all the way into Glastonbury town itself then take A361 heading East towards Pilton and into Orange (or Pink) where directed by stewards.
  5. Ok not sure where you are in Sussex but I'm going to take a guess on you heading West from there to somehow join the M27 at Portsmouth and follow to Southampton. If so then leave M27 at J2 and head north west on A36 to Salisbury. Stay on A36 past Salisbury then join A303 heading West. As you're in Sticklinch you'll need to approach Pilton from the West (Glastonbury town side....) so you now have 2 choices.... 1 - stay on A303 until Podimore roundabout then A372 - A361 to Street - Glastonbury - Pilton and right down Stickleball Lane into Sticklinch where directed by stewards. 2 - stay on A303 until Podimore then A37 for 2km - left to Charlton Mackrell - Butleigh - Glastonbury - Pilton and right down Stickleball Lane into Sticklinch where directed by stewards. Option 2 is shorter but takes you through a couple of small villages so in terms of time there might not be much in it.
  6. Yes.... there will almost certainly be a queue at Gate C most of the day on Wednesday....but given that car parks are open from 2100 Tuesday it'll be a lot quieter by Weds afternoon.
  7. Hi.... assuming you're parking up in East campervans parking then Gate C will likely be your nearest site entry point, and you'll need to queue up there with everyone else as there is no separate queue for campervan fields. Campervan pitches are organised by stewards in rows and you'll be directed where to park. This is to ensure access through campervan parking for any emergency access that random parking would make difficult. Have a fabulous festival 😍
  8. If you're aiming for East parking to then enter on foot through Gate B then BA4 6SS will get you near enough to then be directed by stewards. Bear in mind though that your SatNav may try to send you down local roads that are closed so better to plan your route along main roads rather than purely rely on the tech.
  9. Hi.....done some digging for you and it seems that yes in previous years you got a Blue Route sticker in advance, but more recently you just get the East Campers pass which you then exchange for a Blue Route sticker at the first gate you come to when turning into Blue Route itself off the A37.
  10. The dismantled railway bridge is at the northern end of the B3136, only a few hundred metres from Tesco roundabout.
  11. Yeah cos like BBC Bristol are the experts on such things....
  12. Less about the roads outside the festival and more about congestion in the carpark itself tbh. Either East or West could be adversely impacted by a breakdown, ground condition, and the time everyone decides to up sticks so it's a bit of a lottery. Personally, I'd park wherever makes the car to camp to car trip easiest, ready yourself for a long wait to get out and just sit back and relax until things move. If you get a swift exit then see that as a bonus. Quick tip......note the What3Words of your car location before you head on site. No-one wants to spend an hour trying to find their motor on Monday morning.....
  13. Yep we used to use it as a shortcut for many years but it's been closed off at both ends for a few years now.
  14. Probably not much in it tbh....we use Blue Route towards east campers at about 0900 Weds and generally have a pretty straight run in. Personally at that time I'd focus more on parking wherever is easier for your intended campsite than the traffic.
  15. Hi there....tricky one tbh. Option 1 - walk the whole way. It's about 5-6 miles up the A371 then cut down Easton Lane onto A37 and into Purple carparks. Option 2 - Walk to Lydford on Fosse (about 4-5 miles) to meet A37 and hitch from there. Option 3 - taxi from Castle Cary to Purple parking....but bear in mind no stopping restrictions will be in place so you might need to be 'creative' with where you jump out. Remember also the carparks open at 2100 so there's likely to be queuing on the A37. Option 4 - taxi from Castle Cary to A37 via Ditcheat village, then walk (or hitch) the last 2 miles to Purple parking. Option 5 - taxi to Evercreech and down Easton Lane to where it joins A37, then walk last few hundred metres into Purple parking. Note Easton Lane is closed off from 0800 Weds but you should be fine Tuesday evening. My thoughts.....assuming you can get a taxi.....Option 5 might be your best bet. If I think of anything more creative I'll come back to you.
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