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  1. Great news. Hope you’re right 🤞
  2. Maybe. 48 hours could still leave him ok for Sunday
  3. Oh no! Really hope they make it. Tried to look but couldn’t see an update from them that they were on their way?
  4. Anyone seen anything about the “Special Guest TBA” on Greenpeace stage Sat night 20:45? Prime slot so thinking it could be a good one 🤷‍♀️
  5. It’s a big ask because you’ll be at the festival by then and have better things to do … but we can’t get there until Fri morning (childcare reasons) so if anyone can update on state of the ground Thurs night that would be AMAZING. Hoping those Thurs showers don’t amount to much.
  6. I think you’d be absolutely fine. Have fun! In my experience you’ll rarely find a friendlier crowd so you won’t be on your own for long (and if any problems - hopefully not- don’t be afraid to ask for help)
  7. It’ll be four seasons in one day by then
  8. Wait what just happened to BBC weather app? Sudden massive improvement since checking earlier today - hoping this is right 🤞 by Sunday afternoon a sprinkle of rain will be absolutely fine
  9. 2019 was so hot and dry I wore sandals the whole time and it was fine. This year probably trainers I think. Wellies only in absolute emergency if the ground gets really wet.
  10. Too hard to choose Skeletons - Easy Life Weather with you - Crowded House Get you down - Sam Fender Strange - Celeste Always on my mind - PSB but guaranteed my favourite will be a different one after the festival.
  11. I can’t believe other nations think us Brits are obsessed with the weather … 242 pages later. It might rain, it might not 😂. LOVE this!
  12. Could McCartney bring on Elton John? Rumours a while ago he’d be appearing and had hired a house nearby but can’t see where else he’d fit in. Think was probably pure speculation but who knows at this point. Also what about the Greenpeace TBA? Don’t think I’ve seen much on that but it’s Sat 20:45 so has potential to be someone big (ish)?
  13. Yes and he played in 2019 but came on with a broken leg so was seated throughout and said afterwards he wanted to come back and do it again properly (or something like that)
  14. Yes I think Ezra could be one of the secret sets too
  15. I don’t think I’ve seen him mentioned elsewhere but could one of the secret sets be George Ezra? He has a new album, has performed there before, has a gap in his schedule 🤷‍♀️
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