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  1. Roger Sanchez at the green peace stage. Really didn’t plan to see him but stumbled across it and wow.
  2. I’ve got tickets every year I’ve tried.. touch wood. But it’s just luck of the draw
  3. Elton John Paolo Nutini Tina Turner
  4. What’s tomorrow?
  5. EFC1996

    See Coaches

    Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with See Coaches, people at Liverpool have been waiting 2 hours for their See Coach to come?
  6. sorry I’m misunderstood, I do fully believe that it’s happening what I meant is the whole thing is a joke 🤣
  7. If they take them off her they are sick in the head. She should be fine
  8. I do love a good novelty topic. I heard a security fella is selling cheap crisp by the pyramid tomorrow at 10
  9. EFC1996

    Queue watch

    Not the Tayto! Elite crisp
  10. EFC1996

    Queue watch

    Sounds like the gaffer of the security has developed a crisp addiction since lockdown
  11. I’ve waited too long for this I’m not gunna let a bit of rain or mud ruin my time !
  12. I’m sorry to hear that, but glad to hear you’ve improved over the last few months. Really hope you get back next year!
  13. I think I’ll shed quite a few tears this year
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