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  1. Amazes me cases are still this high, but then whenever you post this table I always remember my girlfriend’s friends in Bolton my age that have continued to do whatever they want and can throughout and it all makes sense again.
  2. Have you not contradicted your argument with the last point? Who is imposing these ‘societal pressures’ on young people? And if it is just ‘societal pressure’ rather than enforceable law then why are the majority still complying for the third time?
  3. Why is it a load of old guff that young people have sacrificed a lot? They are the generation least at risk with most to lose (social restrictions, more likely to be on furlough, less likely to have outdoor space etc.) and we were all lectured beforehand about ‘Blitz spirit’ and all in it together. The vaccine passport would be another example of the older generation pulling the ladder up behind them, like affordable housing perhaps
  4. I know that this has been done to death but have been reading a debate on another forum I browse where the vast majority of posters were in favour of a vaccine passport before everyone had been offered a vaccine. How can that possibly be defensible? Young people would be excluded from society through no fault of their own simply by virtue of the fact they had not yet had their turn, despite sacrificing an awful lot over the last year to protect older people who are at greater risk. It is extremely likely that a vaccine passport before everyone has been offered one will never happen but just th
  5. May be a slightly dumb question but given we had all of the talk of supply constraints this week and to expect lower numbers, why have the past 2 days been c. 500k doses as I thought supply was going to be limited until into March?
  6. Great overview and one I will use to justify why I argued teachers should not be prioritised to my mate (who is a 27-year old teacher).
  7. We know that case rises in these areas are probably linked to the fact more people in this area are unlikely to be able to work from home so the clear answer is more financial incentive to self-isolate, but it doesn't appear likely that that will happen. I think I saw a link on here a few days ago after the roadmap was announced indicating there would be more support for local authorities but I can't remember, but that is the only answer and is something the government will be resisting the whole way, especially as we get more and more vaccinated and closer to the various steps for relaxation.
  8. Been a big advocate on here for quicker lifting of restrictions but agree with this, it’s hilarious and so predictable.
  9. I agree, certainly regarding the not complying again. This really does now feel like a last push and people will ignore restrictions if not. The amount of memes on social media about 21 June
  10. Also you've gone from Harper saying vaccines are not a panacea, to Peston's doom-mongering about the vaccine's reduced efficacy after 34 days (because of a lack of data) to that tweet above within the space of 5 or so minutes...
  11. Wasn't this dated at the start of February i.e. weeks before the strong data regarding the vaccine's impact on transmission after a single dose was released?
  12. Think it is a good roadmap. The only concern I have is not being able to meet mates indoors until 15 May, which is still 3 months away, but I appreciate this is the clearest means of transmission hence why it is one of the last to return.
  13. I'm feeling this too, particularly as I have been such a massive critic of the government to friends and family throughout. Feel hypocritical!
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