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  1. Not a bad article, but still makes unproven claims to reinforce her points/wider stance i.e. that the Brazilian variant 'seems to be able to reinfect people who have already had Covid-19' and the Indian variant is 'potentially more transmissible and severe', and implying that the vaccines do not work against the SA variant.
  2. Strange way to look at it when there is no indication yet that a) they will even be offered it and b) that there will be a spike?
  3. Yeah, our team’s productivity is measured monthly and it’s up year on year. We will see what they announce in May. A competitor (PwC) announced quite a flexible hybrid model but it still sounded as if there was a minimum 2 days a week office presence required, which wouldn’t work for me.
  4. Yeah exactly. Our team was too big pre-COVID so we had a WFH rota anyway, so even more so here.
  5. Yeah I’m assuming I’d lose this weighting and go down to the regional bands. We had members in our team that relocated to different offices who are then on different bands which I can understand but equally do not agree with at all as it’s the same job in the same team!
  6. My productivity has improved! Working flexibly actually leads to me doing more (eg you realise time spent just scrolling social media could actually be productive and get ahead of work) and I don’t mind that - it is a much better trade off than chucking 2 hours a day down the train on a tube.
  7. And for what it’s worth, even though it’s entirely unfair and illogical, I would accept a pay cut as I think I’d still be better off net given the costs of a mortgage here would still be less than monthly rent in London, and no commuting costs/general London expenses.
  8. I really hope my employer takes your stances on not cutting pay for full time working from home! They have sent a survey out this week and announcing their future of work plan in the next month or so. I fully expect that they will cut my pay however if they let me work from home rather than go back to London and attend the office once or twice a week (I would have to quit in this scenario as I am not moving back to London). Absolutely bonkers as I have been doing the same job remotely for over a year and would continue to be doing said job going forwards with literally no reason to go into the
  9. I agree. I think part of the reason is so they are seen to be doing something and acting cautiously, when the reality is the risk/benefit balance is so far in one direction and we are still in a pandemic after all! I understand it’s not as simple as comparing clotting incidence in the vaccine vs other walks of life, but it is still such a tiny incidence to be irrelevant.
  10. I had the AZ vaccine 4 weeks ago and I am 26. Am I safe to assume from this that I am invincible?
  11. Morale well and truly battered from today’s events re vaccine passports, SAGE modelling, Chile etc. Back to feeling no real end in sight again even if things do improve soon.
  12. Yeah I wasn’t having a go at you. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I started this thinking I could see the merit in the vaccine passports but when you stop and think about the timeline when this will be in place, and try and reconcile that with the roadmap, it just dawns on you that it doesn’t add up or, if the roadmap is still on track, it’ll be a massive waste of time and effort!
  13. The government knew this when giving a date of 21 June by which all restrictions - including social distancing - would be lifted. Why would they change this now to social distancing unless we have vaccine passports?
  14. Not convinced by this logic - are you saying the government knowingly let huge numbers of people (who let’s not forget after the past year a large portion of which will not be financially secure themselves) waste some money to prop up some struggling industries?
  15. Exactly, so how can we go back to normal by 21 June and then say oh wait actually, never mind the fact you’ve not needed it for 3 months, but now we need these passports to keep it this way?
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