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  2. Ben7amin_

    2025 Headliners

    I think it will good to get a dance headliner in there it's been absolutely years. Personally think hes s a bit over hyped but definitely popular enough right now to headline. Unlike rock/pop acts that tend to maintain a legacy long after there heyday and could get picked as a headliner years later not sure dance acts get the same privilege. So I guess it might be good to strike while the irons hot. I would probably agree with this being locked in for next year.
  3. I mean his regular show which I've seen a few times has ambient moments so I'm well aware of what it will be. Depends how chilled our the OP wants there electronica to be I guess
  4. Dua Lipa 130 The National 170 (-10) Justice 260 Fontaines D.C 195
  5. Ben7amin_

    2025 Headliners

    People complaining about diversity of headliners in a year where Coldplay headline get a down vote sorry and that's all I'll say about that!
  6. Ben7amin_

    2025 Headliners

    Is there not some thing that Eminem won't do gigs that are televised, I pretty much think this rules him out indefinitely.
  7. Sprints & Newdad both put out excellent debut albums that will see them though this festival season and next they will undoubtedly pick up more and more fans on the way. I guess the difficulty is whether 2 years or so time if they can put out quality second albums to keep it up.
  8. Dua Lipa 128 The National 125 (-10) Justice 256 Fontaines D.C 215
  9. I cant fault you for getting some hangover practice in pre Glastonbury
  10. Scores corrected (including 60ft octopus) Dua Lipa 150 The National 185 Justice 220 Fontains 212
  11. Taken 20 of Fontains here.... aswell lol Definite Foul play
  12. Dua Lipa 145 (-5) The National 200 Justice 205 Fontaines D.C. 187 (+5)
  13. Dua Lipa 155 (-5) The National 130 Justice 215 Fontaines D.C. 217 (+5)
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