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  1. Spice Girls? Fuck. Who else can they nab from V-festival as filler?!
  2. Dolly was the biggest I'd ever seen for a non-headliner. I saw Stevie Wonder too and had to be content with a position waaaaaaaaay back behind the tree - was still massively crowded too
  3. Yeah, that's what I mean, but I've had convos with ppl on here that wishes the festival was an open free-for-all. In a perfect world of course that would be amazing, but it's never gonna happen. Anyway, there's always gonna be a few ppl bunking in. Never heard of "spinning" in though - sounds more fun in general
  4. Can someone find some space for Amyl and the Sniffers. Would love an early slot on the Other or perhaps early evening on the John Peel.
  5. Hope he'd cleaned himself up good and proper like.
  6. My point was more like the state of rock bands today than a direct comparison to the Rolling Stones and others since them etc. Can't see the 1975 having anywhere near the longevity of many bands, unless they took a new direction in their next album.
  7. Non-sweary insults, nothing beats a good old-fashioned jebend.
  8. I've not got anything massively against the 1975, they're okay, abit too emo/poppie for my liking, but is this really the best the UK can produce for the next generation? We've gone from Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Elton to the 1975? When all the heroes of the 60s and 70s clog it, future headliners are going to be on the thin side to put it lightly
  9. I'm confused, some ppl are super romantic about ppl bunking in as it's in 'the true spirit of Glasto because it should be available for everyone' and yet when someone claims to have done it he gets vilified. Wall or no wall? Personally, I'm all for the wall cos it cuts down on crime and helps the festival keep going.
  10. I thought it was a play on words for all the "luke-warm/mild" music fans who go to Glastonbury and just hang out at the Pyramid all day, kinda like how you would describe a person's music taste or fashion sense as "vanilla". "That fold-up chair sitting lot have been sat there since 11am, the Pymild w*nkers" No?
  11. I've taken a digital camera a few times, but often at night I've only had my phone which hasn't always been the best, and my phone in 2010 def did not have a panoramic setting, so had to take three separate photos and stitch them together in MS Paint. Anyway, this is the Park at about 5 or 6 in the morning, up the ribbon tower, the sight looking glorious
  12. I just remembered I had a Glastonbury table at my wedding for the people I normally go to the festival with. Not technically memorabilia around the house, but we liked it
  13. Cool picture, did you take it/edit it yourself?
  14. Friday night headliner. I've heard rumours before but think Childish Gambino would be amazing. Perhaps too big for a headline performance on WH? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp7eSUU9oy8
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