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  1. Bloody hell. What year was this? I can only imagine the threads if it was in the age of smart phones.
  2. Daily Mail or not (not condoning them), it's not a great look for the BBC/Glastonbury if these allegations are attached to some pretty lurid statements. Also very true. I wonder what'd take them to face up to it? I mean, it's quite common in the music scene. Didn't Bowie sleep with a 14 year old? Obv there's Michael Jackson and his antics and he's still considered the greatest ever performer...
  3. Who is this Jim? I've seen his name mentioned a few times now.
  4. If he openly said this kind of stuff, then it seems a bit strange Glasto would stick with it. Could be quite a fun competition for EE/ME to run in the future. Name the John Peel, get free tickets for 2023!
  5. Without having to do a bunch of research, are the allegations of sexual abuse of women/girls, true? I'm not well-read on John Peel. EDIT: Are the quotations on Change.org, true? RE the schoolgirl of the year award, getting head from girls as young as 13?
  6. I guess I find it funny to show them that no one actually cares, by making fun of them and seeing whatever other dumb things they're going to come out with next. I just find it kind of entertaining, to troll a troll. I find it more fun than simply downvoting something. But you're right. Probably shouldn't bother with it.
  7. Read AND write proficiently of course, capitalising subjects like 'I', and not writing 'i'. Right, right. Or forgetting to add apostrophes. I'm guessing your hands are not keeping up with your quick quick mind. Just hilarious. All over the shop. You said "my mates had to leave their chairs in the car because they had to get in with no possible way of reentry". If that's not implying fence hopping, I don't know what is. Maybe you didn't, but then, of course, you're "minted". Tent pegs. Stealing tent pegs. Nothing says being super cool and "minted" like stealing tent pegs. And then boasting about it on an internet forum. *slow clap* Nearly 40 and stealing tent pegs 🤣
  8. Oh, I also booked a hotel room for Tuesday night in Bristol near the bus station on Booking.com with free cancellation. Never had a more relaxing journey to the festival than from Bristol.
  9. If you're going to jump the fence like you implied ("no possible way of re-entry"), then no, you wouldn't take chairs with you would you? Why would you take anything that's heavier than a bag and a small tent on your back. You're so cool though dude. Stealing tent pegs is right on. Stick it to the man. Bet all your friends enjoy that anecdote. 35 and stealing tent pegs. What. A. Story. "And all of my mates and I earn pretty good money". That's the killer. Well off AND stealing pegs. Gold.
  10. That would be quite something. I always think of myself as a non-Madonna fan, but I couldn't turn down that offering on a sun soaked Sunday afternoon.
  11. Is that for real?! Never heard of that before. That's excellent. Can you imagine walking up to a tent at 3 am in the morning and activating the high pitched sound? Absolute scenes. As for the lockups, I fully agree. Make use of them as much as possible. Always put my passport in there on day 1. My German bank cards, etc. As for cash, I used to limit myself to 50 quid a day, always withdrawing on the way home from wherever I'd been around 2-4 am. There's no one queuing for cash at that time, so it's a breeze to get and then I put it straight into the bottom of my sleeping bag with my wallet and phone - which I turn off. And the rest... what rest... haha. A bottle or two of jagermeister mixed with redbull... They'd end up with next to nothing for a helluva lot of effort.
  12. Go up the Stone Circle asking for a hit of that 😆
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