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  1. Definitely the worst poster I've seen since I started going. Stormzy after one album? The Killers haven't been relevant for years. The Cure... I think the bubble has finally burst on having MASSIVE bands up and down the line-up. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. More time to explore the rest of the festival. Hopefully people do the same and see what the festival is really all about.
  2. It's possible, but unless the people getting married are your close family and you're the best man, tell them they should have chosen a better weekend the uncompromising insensitive bastards.
  3. Mac and Cave would be awesome. One can dream.
  4. Yeah it's a shame. I used to call myself a Leftie but the rise of Antifa and all the violence they commit - esp on people who they claim are Nazis and clearly not - has left me a bit lost on the spectrum. Some of the protests they police, beatings, community damage etc is quite alarming. No murder yet, but some seriously close calls, people getting hit in the head with bike locks and the like, just for being conservative. It never gets mentioned in the left leaning press tho, suppose it doesn't fit the narratvive.
  5. We all have our dislikes, I'm sure you shit on some bands who others love 😘 I saw CD before Jez and RTJ came on. He played a couple of his own songs but the rest were just karaoke rip-offs of other bands. I don't see what importing V Festival subheadliners to Glasto brings imo
  6. I've been exceptionally lucky in my time trying for tickets etc. Every year I wanted to go I managed to get a ticket. The only time I didn't take the chance and could have easily was when Jay-Z headlined. I Wish I could turn back time and have gone. When I don't I normally ignore all TV and radio and do something else with other friends who couldn't go. The build up is amazing obvs, but nothing compared to the Wed when you're there, cider in hand, hugging it out to all your mates who made it too
  7. "Diversity" does have its downsides afterall 😄 Things I don't want to see: 1. Gallagher brothers for complaining about non-guitar music being at the festival. 2. Day trippers more interested in viewing the festival through the lens of their Iphone. 3. Fuck it, anyone going just to see bands like Craig David and missing genuninely good music. 4. People who don't visit the healing fields, left field, greenpeace field or any of the cool shit that might have an effect on the wider world because they don't give a shit about any of it. *Numbers 2-4 could all be similar now I think about it. 5. People ODing and overdoing it. I've seen five people in five years need help from ambulance crews and one of them later died from what I understand after he had an allergic reaction to ketamin. Please roll safe, do your research and know your limits!! 6. Seeing my breath in the air when I wake up in the morning the next day. 7. Bellends (usually people in numbers 2-4) pulling on other fest-goers shoulders so they can get past. Happened a lot in 2017 from upper-class twat types. Just say 'excuse me' or 'could I get past, I'd like to get closer, please' instead. 8. Any other arrogant, 'I own the world and everyone else is beneath me' mentality. 9. A meal not costing the best part of a tenner. 10. Monday morning.
  8. If the Cure are headlining, there might be quite a few extra tickets thrown back in to circulation, for those hoping for someone more pop based headline along the lines of Adele/Sheeran
  9. I learnt that my stress levels this Autumn are noticeably far lower than normal, which is nice. After previous years of breaking my keyboard's F5 and worrying/being excited, I'm far mellower than normal. I also feel no pressure to check this website five times a day now just in case another band gets added to the rumour list/gets confirmed, which is what I do when I have a ticket in October - and that continues right up until the full announcement in April/May whenever it is. Congratulations to everyone who got a ticket though, I'm sure it'll be mega. Enjoy the excitement leading all the way up until June!
  10. Has anyone stayed in the pods at Latitude before? The wife might like a proper bed if she's six months pregnant but I can't find any info anywhere
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