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  1. Kool & the Gang were mint, didn't mind the "laaayyddiiiieeesss" chat, it's just part of their act, 50% of their songs are about loving women, ain't nothing wrong with that no matter your age.
  2. I wanted to go to Latitude last year but life got in the way (we had a baby boy September 1st) and would loved to have seen Futureheads, Slaves and Everything Everything... If Foals headlined in 2020 that'd be great, I watched them on the BBC iPlayer at Glasto; they looked awesome in the sun. Florence and the Machine would be top as well. PJ Harvey... too actually!
  3. Let's just put this debate to bed... not massive.
  4. My step-mum (who is 64) had a horrid time of it in 2017; she hates crowds, gets nervous in huddles and had to sit down for long periods or wait at the back of the bigger acts where there was a lot more space so she didn't panic too much. Why did she go? Because her partner, my dad, loves music festivals and had never been to a "big" one. Glasto was his first of any of the main ones in the UK, and he tried again last week for tickets. My step-mum is on the fence, but I think she'd more than likely want to go again... especially if Coldplay headlined who are one of her current faves... so perhaps hate is too strong a word, but more a love-hate relationship is more apt.
  5. For all the heroic things you have nearly done, this is always a welcome addition to my Spotify playlists as something you have definitely done. I salute you!
  6. Has Elton John been completely ruled out now/heard anything about him? @eFestivals This would greatly relieve my pain in not getting tickets.
  7. Fair enough, perhaps I haven't read the whole convo, but I still think we should keep it cordial
  8. 1. Dolly Parton 2. Tom Jones 3. Kylie 4. Barry Gibb 5. Paul Simon - was he even in the Legend Slot? Apparently he was sick, but he was still pants.
  9. Lovely bit of Glasto-friendliness ?
  10. Yeah, no one is suggesting to make it worse. The blinkers from some on here is amazing when suddenly someone says something critical about the fest punters themselves, especially when you can choose from quite a few threads on here about "the future of the John Peel", "the future of the Park" - all trying to actively find solutions for things that don't/didn't quite work as well. The SEC is a huge area that regularly gets criticised as well, and without a doubt atmospheres change from decade to decade. Compare what it was like in the 90s to now - there's massive change, and not just from structures, but from people too. To disregard there could be a sea-change in attendees is naive. It's all unwritten laws though isn't it, which makes it hard to identify and "solve". Showers/washing hair with buckets of water next to water taps is something several people dislike... Mobile phone usage/holding phones in front of others who want to watch the band... Flag usage... Impoliteness... Rising self-centredness/it's all about me attitude/rise of social media/selfie-brigade... Going front and centre to all the pop acts and not giving a shit about the political fields and healing fields... Picnic-chair brigade who refuse to move for others... People leaving plastic behind/tents behind... Aggressive behaviour... People who just want to "tick a box"... These have existed for a long time, some have become more common place - altho only a couple of them are actively criticised on here and to judge anybody else for fulfilling several of these points and en masse is somehow not allowed... Anyway, focusing perhaps on more self-made groups/bands/singers which have to work hard on forming a following would see more "festival people" than just the scenesters and social-media types who want to be the next Alexa Chung or the next Harry Styles... Which I know, is a form of elitism in itself, but alas, we're not all perfect
  11. This... and this... Plenty of people understand that it's more commercial, more pop-focused, more accessible in it's appeal than ever before, more a bucket-list-selfie-opportunity than ever before, even if certain people don't want to admit that has happened and that there might be negative side-effects from that. There has definitely been a shift towards middle and upper class people, there's definitely been a slight atmosphere change over the decade I've been going and talking to randoms has been harder than ever. In 2017, more people turned up for Craig David than Run the Jewels FFS... Craig David has V Festival written all over him, how the hell did he get such a good showing at Glastonbury!? But anyway, what does anyone expect to do about it? Restore a focus on more "guitar bands" on the main stages? YAWN. That'd be dull as dishwater for many - including many "festival people" like myself. Only let "real" festival goers go? How would that even work, it'd be impossible to qualify and set in motion. While it's engaging people and getting people to talk about politics/issues - whether people agree with everything at the festival or think some of it is tosh is fine - then it shall continue in this vain. Also, as someone else said, it's not sustainable. The HUGE acts will stop coming one day or they'll be harder to book and people like Taylor Swift and Beyonce aren't going to be repeat headliners; they're a commercial vehicle as any other pop singer is. Who will be headlining the festival in 2030 for example? All the talk of Macca, Fleetwood, Elton John, Diana Ross, Led Zepplin, and other heritage acts will obviously be removed from the scenario for obvious reasons... I don't know what my point is now, I've been distracted by a cuppa tea and a magnum... Anyway, mud, less big acts, the rise of other festivals/things to do... that's when the changes will happen...
  12. Does anyone know if you can choose fields to work in, eg West Holts field etc?
  13. There's a thread here if you're interested - Welcome to everyone else
  14. Fair play, I'll get Emily on the phone pronto! Fri - 1975, Macca Sat - Stones, Elton John Sun - Taylor, Fleetwood Mac Glad we got that sorted folks, you heard it here first!
  15. So, it's... Fri: sub - 1975, headliner - Elton John Sat: sub - the Stones, headliner - Macca Sun: sub - Taylor Swift, headliner - Fleetwood Mac And I didn't get tickets... great... I'd see at least 50% of that line-up...
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