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  1. Yes, some GP surgeries are closed
  2. More evidence that getting Covid gives you immunity to reinfection (and also for the new variants)
  3. Sounds like fauci expects AZ and J and J to unbind this week or next and apply for permission to be used
  4. Im sure once weve vaccinated enough to open up safely we will sell on any extra doses we have to other countries
  5. zahidf

    2021 New Music

    Good new artist called cheekface
  6. Fauci said yesterday that the US was weeks away from approving both the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Which implies that the J&J mass trial data is good. (And presumably also that AZ has done a reasonable job of getting the required data to the FDA.)
  7. ok cool. Im guessing it will be the GPs who are closed on Sundays which will leave some reductions for a Sunday
  8. oh ok, so probably around 200k overall probably. Thats ok for a Sunday but hopefully today will be back to the usual levels.
  9. 155k jabs done yesterday in England. Sundays will be the low day it seems! Though the extra Scotland/Wales figures may increase the UK figures to a decent figure overall
  10. Covid case rates have dropped week-on-week across every region of England, new analysis indicates. The analysis by PA Media shows that of the 315 local areas in England, 279 (89%) have seen a fall in case rates in the seven days to January 13 compared with the previous week, while 36 (11%) have seen a rise. The rates have fallen across every region in the country over the same period, with the highest drop in London, down from 1,014.6 cases per 100,000 people to 761.3 in the week to January 13. It is followed by eastern England, which is down from 755.0 to 556.6 and the south ea
  11. Sturgeon said that 264,991 people in Scotland, including almost all care home residents, have now been vaccinated. She said the Scottish government was on course to vaccinate everyone in the top two priority groups - care home residents, health and social care staff and the over-80s - by the start of February. Hat mancock for this afternoons briefing.
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