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  1. Blog arguing from Sweden doctor that covid has burnt out in Sweden after 4 months https://sebastianrushworth.com/2020/08/04/how-bad-is-covid-really-a-swedish-doctors-perspective/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  2. The marks are fine to be moderated. The teachers gave a mark and the Scottish hoard ignored them because they assumed they were lying. The reason for a gap is because the teachers are better placed to recognise a pupils achievement maybe over 9 months than some random board deciding it without explanation Yes a resit when you can earn a higher mark without impacting you're current mark is better than an appeal. Whats being appealed exactly? Why are poorer areas more penalised than richer ones exactly?
  3. Never let a good crisis go to waste
  4. Cool 🙂 glad to hear it.
  5. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    No booing of the Champions League anthem at the Etihad tonight. Proof it had nothing to do with a moral stance and everything to do with the court case
  6. Yeah. Even if its a small propition of lives changed for the better, the option should be there.
  7. Shit sorry to heat that. All the best, I hope it works out well
  8. I literally said if the resit is a lower mark than the mark given by arbitration,then it doesn't count and the original mark given by arbitration counts. If the resit mark is higher than thats what applies instead So don't act like I've ignored your question when I havent please.
  9. I'm confused.... i thought fake sage wanted an app to be used?
  10. The Office for National Statistics has released its weekly report on the coronavirus and the social impacts on Great Britain. The main findings are: Almost all adults (96%) who had left their homes said they had worn a face covering to slow the spread of the coronavirus – an increase from 84% last week and 71% the week before.
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