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  1. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    Good article. Seems to nail easty down...
  2. I reckon sat for pixies. The biggest acts they generally put on Saturday
  3. Doves about to announce something... https://twitter.com/dovesmusicblog/status/1229716632165109761?s=19
  4. The Avalanches, Låpsley, Yellow Days, sir Was, Crumb, TOPS, Faye Webster, OTHERLiiNE and Jessy Lanza added to take impala day
  5. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    Strange how every man city critical article is by a biased journalist, whereas the man city press release is an amazing and truthful document.
  6. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    Lol. They just kicked city out for 2 years for breaking the rules. That's regulating the rules...
  7. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    Yeah, but they cant refuse to cooperate with UEFA and play in the champs league.
  8. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    That in itself is reason to exclude them from the champs league. Its UEFAs competition and it's up to them to regulate the FFP rules. Refusing to cooperate is like someone refusing to cooperate with a steroids test!:-/
  9. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    Lol it is if it's being used as a 'front' for rule breaking money into the club. Which it clearly is Apartheid??? Does that make Mansour Mandela? Clearly racist chanting is worse. But you're just indulging in whataboutism
  10. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    2 of them have won it in recent yesrs
  11. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    Athletic madrid, lecister and spurs would like a word.
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