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  1. He broke lockdown rather than quarantine, and was countered with what jedrick did at the same time. Kinnock apologised as well and his was understandable, whereas cummings forced the govt to change their regulations so he wouldn't have to apologise...
  2. It's the scientific principle that allowing us out of lockdown quicker might save dominic Cummings career.
  3. The main spreads seem to be large indoor gatherings like weddings and within car homes rather than meeting up in a park with a mate (though obviously there isnt a 100% clear link) I'd be inclined to say that the odd meet up with mates with distancing outside will be fine. Surface infections isnt... a massive risk as well from the limited evidence.
  4. If they get rid of Boris, the members simply wont vote for anyone whose close to Cummings. I dont see how gove becomes leader
  5. Nope, can be from as many households as you want according to the guardian ' When the government announced its coronavirus “roadmap” this month, it said it was examining a plan for “bubbles”, which would see two or more households allowed to in effect combine for social purposes. But that has been rejected in favour of a simpler approach, which will allow meetings with individuals from different households, as long as they take place outdoors.'
  6. I'm sorry you feel that way, i think it echoes how a lot of people feel. If it helps, most people will be staying at home im pretty sure. And people meeting up outside and keeping 2 metres about shouldnt have as much of an effect on the R rate.
  7. Spain just added another 12k deaths...
  8. It's a risk. But the evidence is that 2 year olds are not massive spreaders
  9. Well I think we know what the headlines will be tomorrow. 'Boris shuts up scientists to protect Cummings'.
  10. The medical people dont look particularly happy.
  11. Some potential evidence on it...
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