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  1. Nah. If Tories were more pragmatic, boris wouldn't be near power. They also let may hang on for WAY too long.
  2. Brexit won't be over for years, esp if it's a no deal. Jez won't be around that much longer The Tories are the new GOP. They've all gone full trump.
  3. Not sure what that's based on, given grieves vote of no confidence and Johnson's landslide victory to come.the nutters are very much in charge of the Tory party membership
  4. If there was any other leader than Jez, the pro brexit mps would still be getting the same stick. The labour membership are anti brexit as a whole. You're very quiet about the Tory mps being abused by their members over their anti brexit stance. But I guess you have to stick to the party line on that.
  5. That's not what the article says. I thought the corbynistas abused pro remain mps? Make your mind up. It's a 500 vote majority. It's probably more options being in the private sector, local reasons and her not being happy over the abuse on brexit You don't know what reaction Skinner gets. Other labour brexitters like Hoey certainly gets a lot of shit. (And she's resigning as well)
  6. I Don't countenance abuse. However, you've criticised Jez for being on the fence. Labour can't be on the fence, it has to pick a side on a referendum now.
  7. Labour memberships want a pro remain party. It's a fundamental difference if she isn't in that camp, not a minor one, so if she isn't willing to argue for a second referendum, she should consider her position.
  8. Really stupid trump fan gets what he deserves
  9. More relational behaviour from the LEAVE side
  10. That was the most recent poll. I'm.not saying Bernie will win for sure, I'm just disputing that he's slipping massively. He's still second on average.
  11. Oh dear another trump mate being done for being a nonce
  12. Well yes and Bernie is on average second in those behind Biden. I just don't get why you said he can't beat the other democrats when he's second behind just one.
  13. Um you're the one who said he wasn't beating the other democrats... I assumed it was based on the polls. I just wondered why you said that when the polling said otherwise.
  14. Here's the last one I saw anyway. I don't see were Bernie is doing badly
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