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  1. It's not easiest name to pronounce properly, esp if it's an unexpected question. It seems a reach to me to say it's coded anti semitism. Andrew says he wants to do another tv interview over the whole issue. Doesn't seem a great idea....
  2. True but I probably wouldn't jump to the defence of Andrew to that degree... it's fairly clear he's involved with some dodgy paedos.
  3. Johnson's response of 'the monarchy is beyond reproach' wasn't great in that context!
  4. After the Tories 'fact check uk' renaming stunt, Twitter have said they'll issue 'corrective ' measures if they they that again
  5. I'd say Jez edged it a little but I don't think it would make much of a difference. The audience groaning at Boris saying 'get brexit done ' and laughing at him for saying he's trustworthy probably isn't ideal for the Tories. Saying that that audience groaning at Jez when he said about climate change effecting poor countries the most just made me think they were a bunch of twats.
  6. zahidf

    Football 19/20

    I just don't get why Jose and levy would think they'd work out together. Poch was annoyed because spurs wouldn't pay for players....
  7. Soccer mummy Brixton electric 18th June
  8. zahidf

    Taylor Swift

    Isn't the point that swift songs were sold by the record company to another person who had zero input into the music at the time? Whilst no great love for record companies, at least you could argue they hoped the artist. Some hedged fund tosser... hasn't.
  9. I don't deny Bristol and Liverpool benefited, but replacing one wrong version of history with another wrong version of history isn't a step forwards. Bristol and Liverpool were merely 'transport hubs', where what they were transporting was owned by people right around the UK. Even Bristol's most famous slaver - Edward Colston, who also was Bristol's MP - didn't live any of his adult or slave-owner life in Bristol; he lived solely in London. (the association comes merely from him having been born in Bristol) And while it wasn't the very poor who owned slaves, it wasn't only 'the rich' who did. Records from the compensation paid out at abolition show who the slave owners were - and* there were a lot of 'ordinary people' who owned them. (* particularly in Scotland, where around half of the UK's slave owners lived). Did Bristol "benefit enormously" from slavery? I'd say that proportionally the wool trading towns of a slightly earlier age got far richer from stealing the UK's land via enclosures than Bristol got from slavery. (it's worth noting that Clifton was outside of Bristol back then. It actually came about as a place because slavers didn't want to pay Bristol's taxes - which might have had Bristol 'benefit enormously') As for Liverpool, its riches mostly came from the post-slavery age after it had built its 'floating harbours' (Royal Albert Dock, etc). Transport hubs generally do benefit financially though, maybe not the most, but certainly enough to be put into historical context? And Bristol got it's hall from colston! I think teaching more about colonial past is a good thing anyway.
  10. Primal scream headlining standon calling. Eavis is a big fan
  11. '7An Evening With Yusuf Cat Stevens, the British singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist will headline Live At The Marquee, Cork on 24 June 2020,'
  12. Belle and Sebastian playing Spanish viva festival 2-4 July
  13. I can't imagine why people believe the Palestinians are treated like crap by the international community Breaking News: The Trump administration will stop treating Israel’s West Bank settlements as a violation of international law, a step that may doom peace efforts with Palestinians https://t.co/k3eUdMFXy3
  14. Feels like tame impala would be one with cheap tickets.
  15. Sometimes online midnight. Otherwise around 7sh from most train stations
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