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  1. Animal Collective and St Vincent possible headliners?
  2. Seeing them tonight supporting The Lounge Society at The Windmill.
  3. My alarm/reminder didn’t go off and I forgot but my friend got tickets thankfully 🥵
  4. Lol this has been posted already. Too slow. I’ll be hitting F5 like mad tomorrow morning!!
  5. New Mitski show added at Brixton Academy. Friday 29 April. Tickets tomorrow from 9am.
  6. Anyone familiar with the Backyard Ultra concept? Participants complete one loop, which is 4.1 miles, within an hour, and then every hour until there is one person left. The “world champs” of Backyard Ultras is currently into its 3rd day. There are three people left who have now run 312 miles. Pretty amazing! The record is 81 loops set by an English chap this year. With three people left, we might see a new record being set! Well known Ultra runners Courtney Daulwater, Maggie Guterl and Michael Wardian have already “refused to continue” as they say. https://my.raceresult.com/183854/#0_B3DC1F
  7. Sorry haha. I hate it. Never has an album title been more accurate imo.
  8. Not a bad list but 3 Radiohead albums in the top 4 is amusing. My biased and unwarranted complaints are: - No Heaven or Las Vegas is blasphemy - Is This It should not be anywhere near this list - Be The Cowboy should not be above Puberty 2, and Bury Me at Makeout Creek should be above both of them (and in the top 10 and the fact that it’s not on the list at all is outrageous). - The list needs more Sprained Ankle
  9. Today is pretty dead isn’t it for new releases?
  10. In addition to the usual excellent acts they book, I’m hoping for some more unexpected bookings along the lines of… Jenny Hval (or Lost Girls), Bikini Kill, Les Savy Fav, Sweet Trip, Arooj Aftab, Arthur Verocai, Lingua Ignota, Haru Nemuri, Jaubi, Nala Sinephro, Spellling, RAY, The Soft Pink Truth, The Fiery Furnaces and Ichiko Aoba.
  11. I’ll be amazed if anything is as good as Magdalena Bay’s album
  12. You don’t have to exercise if you don’t want to? It’s just an option…
  13. First time I saw them at Green Man 2018 I went in knowing nothing apart from Johnny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin. They blew me away.
  14. I’m missing the rawness of the Habit EP not gunna lie.
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