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  1. Really like the Helena Deland album. Hadn’t heard of her before today.
  2. Loving the energy from GM organiser
  3. I did the same recently. Mayonnaise is my favourite but the guitar solo on Cherub Rock destroys me still.
  4. Got round to listening to the Bartees Strange record this morning. Really interesting listen! So many different styles. Mixture of indie rock, hip hop and acoustic/singer songwriter.
  5. Róisín Murphy for Friday night Far Out next year please 🙏 new album BANGS
  6. Big Thief was my last gig. 27 Feb. Had tickets for Caroline Polachek on 18 March. Backed out on the day as I seem to remember that was the last week before most things got shut down. Didn’t want to risk it as I thought I’d see her again in the Summer...
  7. Thanks for that - reminds me to check her out! Thank you! That’s a shame. Will try and get a good vantage point from somewhere.
  8. I’m camping in the Breacon Beacons next week and am planning a visit to the GM site, Crickhowell and a walk up the mountains behind the main stage while I’m there. Does anyone happen to know whether you can visit the site? Is the Glanusk estate open to the public? If anyone knows the area well, please do let me know your favourite walks/restaurants/pubs etc. Thanks!
  9. lessthanwill1


    Was just coming here to post this. I was ready to lift that exact quote from the review as well. So funny haha.
  10. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/pitchfork.com/news/big-thief-adrianne-lenker-announces-2-albums-shares-new-song-listen/amp/ Missed this earlier this week. 2 new Adrianne Lenker (of Big Thief) records on 23 October. New single “anything “ is lovely. https://open.spotify.com/track/4DtEcOoqORcOaiYl4HQGsS?si=eiy1MAdrRxe_PdltQ27U1g
  11. Happy Kelly Lee Owens day!! 😍
  12. Interesting! We had a similar discussion at the beginning of the thread for this year as he had similar dates. We came to the conclusion that (1) we did not want him (lol) and (2) probably too big/expensive for Green Man in any case.
  13. Do we know if Caribou’s European tour dates in August have been re-scheduled for the same time next year? He’s the only headliner I’m really hoping comes back for 2021.
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