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  1. Thank you! Very very good! Like a more interesting version of Fontaines DC!
  2. Latest single “Primordial Soup” from Nap Eyes is very good. The full album is also out today. Just making my way through it now. Indie rock / alt. country. Reminding me of Waxahatchee but with male vocals. Those who like Whitney and RBCF will probably enjoy this (though Nap Eyes are a lot more laid back that RBCF).
  3. Peaness have announced a show at Oslo (Hackney). 25 November 2020. http://oslohackney.com/events/live-peaness/
  4. My favourites albums other than the ones you’ve mentioned: Brooke Bentham, Dan Deacon, Bonny Light Horseman, TORRES, Porridge Radio, Beach Bunny and Agnes Obel. In terms of singles: Squid, Car Seat Headrest, Perfume Genius, Waxahatchee, Yves Tumour, Kelly Lee Owens, TOPS and BC Camplight have been releasing some great stuff with new albums imminent.
  5. Idol-Aid Festival 2.0 Hatchie and Courtney Barnett on here.
  6. https://pitchfork.com/news/charli-xcx-to-perform-livestreamed-dj-set-tonight/?mbid=social_facebook&utm_social-type=owned&utm_brand=p4k&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR1MqRJeo_65fCSBCv9Enjk-gF7gPVhsVJxQ4Qfkm8E6noC3eqAZillC--I Charli XCX live DJ set tonight on Zoom
  7. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/pitchfork.com/news/the-isolation-check-in-week-2/amp/ Pitchfork is doing useful lists of lots of artists that are doing online stuff. Christine and the Queens is doing a live performance at 6pm our time for example.
  8. Yep really liking what I’ve heard from this band. Milk teeth is also great and there’s a few more on YouTube as well.
  9. Bat for Lashes doing improvised piano sets tonight and tomorrow on her instagram. At 7pm.
  10. New EP/mini-album by Haru Nemuri is brilliant of course (Japanese noise pop). https://open.spotify.com/album/5zFJGeTh4xEJAMXkRN51J5?si=uDjrFfqTQnqmIFVHUO1hHA
  11. Difficult to know isn’t it. I guess a lot of acts - particularly the non-UK ones - will be considering whether or not to cancel their tours. I imagine GM wouldn’t want to release the next announcement only for lots of those acts to pull out. Selfishly I want them to announce it ASAP just because I’d love to know who they’ve booked!
  12. God I really hope Glastonbury’s cancellation doesn’t trigger a domino effect. Hopefully GM’s dates and comparably smaller size means there’s some hope left.
  13. Lol that would be some silver lining! At this point I’d be so grateful to get there that I wouldn’t mind whose playing!
  14. Oh nice spot! I thought about looking up all that stuff but decided against it as festival dates on artists’ websites are often either the first date or all the dates of the festival so it’s not that helpful. Looks like he’ll be the Sunday headliner though in that case!
  15. Yeah I got them at that point as well. Everything crossed that it still goes ahead.
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