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  1. Ugly if you like the new BCNR. Maruja if you like the old BCNR.
  2. If EOTR also had Lonnie Holley, Julia Holter and Model/Actriz that would be great but aside from that I’m not sure I’d be that bothered, albeit GM have lots of solid names. One Leg One Eye (and Oxn) would be a good addition to EOTR and maybe likely if Lankum are already there.
  3. Bit of a mixed bag. Big Thief and Jon Hopkins would be good headliners for me. Check out Hopkins’ Glastonbury West Holts 2019 set - looked fantastic. I think Sampha is a good choice, although I’m not a massive fan. Sleaford Mods obviously woeful. The next lot of acts are mostly a bit bland or crap - nothing hugely exciting apart from Julia Holter (!!), and arguably Omar Souleyman and Max Cooper (av). That said, I’d be happy to see JAMC, EITS, Osees, Tinariwen, Blonde Redhead and Joy Orbison. Arlo Parks and BCNR on there taking up high slots just makes the whole thing look way worse. There’s a lot of good stuff in the next lot of acts, though. Lonnie Holley would be my no. 1 must see, amazing artist. Released my favourite album of last year. Others I’d be keen to see: Model Actriz, One Leg One Eye, Bar Italia, Wednesday, Bdrmm, John Francis Flynn, Hotline TNT, Mannequin Pussy, Loraine James, King Creosote, Sofia Kourtesis, Blue Bendy, Tapir!, Ugly, Cerys Hafana and Maruja. There’s a band on there that sound great from the description called Brown Wimpenny. They sound like an experimental folk group along the lines of Shovel Dance Collective. One for fans of them, Lankum, Oxn, Broadside Hacks I expect.
  4. Good news! Colossal Squid are playing!
  5. Funny seeing references to my clashfinder on social media as being some sort of inadvertent leak 😂
  6. The Decemberists seem quite nailed on to me at this point
  7. Glastonbury line up has never been released before March (albeit a headliner is sometimes announced on a standalone basis before now).
  8. At least one member of the GM team is involved in the “Park” and “Other” stages. I’m not sure of the extent to which they are involved though as presumably the booking team for those Glastonbury stages is made up of more than one person. The Park link is more obvious as the Park and GM line ups are often quite similar, whereas the Other stage is often pretty different.
  9. Glasto line up not being out is irrelevant even if the GM team are involved in some of the stages. A lack of an announcement of the announcement date is telling but it could still come today/tomorrow!
  10. Alvvays out as touring US. My prediction hasn’t lasted long!
  11. Blimey… The Smile ruled out?
  12. Haha yeh just wanted to spark some debate in the final few weeks until the line up! I tried to mostly fill it with realistic acts that are around over the right sort of time, although I agree it’s probably way too strong. I think Pixies are pretty unlikely but can’t really think of another good option. Wouldn’t be too surprised if they had one electronic type headliner like Hot Chip/Caribou/Four Tet but other than Justice I’m not sure who is likely from those that are touring in August. I think Field Day rules Justice out in any event. Guess it could just be someone that isn’t necessarily doing other EU festival dates…wouldn’t be too surprised with Underworld for example. Little Dragon could also fulfil their 2020 booking as well, although they were Thursday I think.
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