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  1. Little Simz not headlining is either a very strong or weird booking depending on the way you look at it... This new album is going to send her to the stratosphere!
  2. Michael Kiwanuka // Caribou // Mogwai
  3. I can’t remember I’m afraid but I was only booking for myself at the time.
  4. Great lineup!! Wish I was going. Really interested in the Jonny G live show. Maybe stuff from Phantom Thread, The Master and There will be blood?
  5. My adult weekend ticket was £195.00 but with fees and postage came to £214.20.
  6. 1. Bruno Pernadas - Private Reasons (Psychadelic pop/jazz pop) 2. Arooj Aftab - Vulture Prince (Ghazal/Classical/Qawali) 3. Porter Robinson - Nurture (Electropop/Synthpop) Also really enjoyed The Armed, Godspeed’s albums.
  7. That Spellling track Little Deer is so good isn’t it!!?
  8. 1. Bruno Pernadas - Private Reasons 2. tbc 3. tbc Quite a lot to sort through for numbers 2 and 3!
  9. Hi Ben. This was a tweet from a few weeks back. I don’t think there’s any more precise information available I’m afraid.
  10. Sorry I missed that! Agreed!
  11. Wow. Anyone listened to Vulture Prince by Arooj Aftab!? Beautiful Hindustani modern classical music. Pitchfork covered the single Mohabbat which was released in March and is absolutely fantastic.
  12. “Well Rested” on the new Kero Kero Bonito EP is awesome!!! Production behind Sarah’s vocals reminds me of Let’s Eat Grandma a bit on this song. There’s a cool acid techno influence introduced around 2.45 which then explodes around 3.50. Definitely one of their best songs to-date. The EP also includes another previously released SOTY contender (“The Princess and the Clock”).
  13. I’ve been looking into these recently. Set up originally by the same race director who organises the Barkley marathons. They have lots of equivalent events in the U.K which can be found here: https://backyardultra.com/races/ I’d love to try one once I’ve got more “ultra” distances under my belt.
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