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  1. Been so hard to keep track of all the rescheduled dates! Green Man Festival hopefully! I have two BCNR gigs (one socially distanced the other “normal”). There’s The National’s Brixton Academy gig - need to check when that is now. Got the Lounge Society at the Windmill 20 October.
  2. My favourite song of all time happens to be a disco track (of the “Hi-NRG” variety). Another favourite I’ve been playing a lot recently is this one. The strings in this one are are fantastic!
  3. Wow. Hard Drive is stunning!! Thank you. Putting the album on now.
  4. Just been listening to Katy Kirby’s singles. Cool Dry Place and Traffic! are my favourites. Her debut comes out tomorrow. Might be worth checking out if you’re into singer songwriter / indie rock stuff. Songs I’ve heard have a Hop Along feel to them.
  5. Good stuff. Would have definitely been my no.1 if I had heard it earlier. Really love it. Reminds me of Kelly Forsyth’s record from last year vocally but a lot more varied in terms of songwriting. I thought Corncrakes was going to be my favourite but the dynamic changes in “Two” and the beautiful outro in “Hotel” are also highlights for me. EDIT: Forgot about the last minute and a half of the last song “One”. Wow! So beautiful.
  6. I’m just listening to the Anna B Savage album. Did anyone recommend this at the time or have it down in the January Album competition thing? Loving it!! Stunning vocals.
  7. You sure you’re not listening to that Super Hans baseline?!
  8. Love I’m All Years. Still listen to it lots. Donnie Darko is one of my favourite songs ever at this point. Saw them live in Heaven and it was fantastic fun! Not heard of the second album - looks cool!
  9. Dogrel is the most overrated album of the 2010s and Fontaines DC are shambolic live (at least when I saw them).
  10. It’s All Too Much is BY FAR the best Beatles track and nothing else comes close. Oasis are my least favourite band of all time. Unknown Pleasures is hugely overrated and a chore to listen to (apart from Disorder) Tusk is the best Fleetwood Mac album but it’s still poor (don’t get me started on Rumours) The Queen is Dead is the weakest Smiths album. I can’t stand David Byrne’s vocals
  11. Everything she puts out is brilliant. Pity her album came out so late last year as it was certainly one of the best - imagine it missed out on lots of press and their end of year lists as a result! She probably doesn’t care a lot about though lol
  12. Car Seat Headrest fans... Hadn’t heard of Naked Days before but this album features most of the CSH guys and is produced by Will Toledo. Seems like the band has been going a while though? Sounds pretty great. The title track is wonderful!
  13. Will be touch and go won’t it. I keep doing the vaccine calculator thing (not sure how accurate it is?) and my dates keep moving sooner and sooner (now start of Summer and I’m not in any priority group) which is a good sign!
  14. Cool! Good to hear you enjoyed some parts of it at least! I’d consider instrumental to be more of an intro into the album rather than a key component. Athens France and Science Fair are perhaps less immediately satisfying then the other three so I’m not surprised that those didn’t take on first listen. Athens France has grown on me a lot ever since it was first released. I think the build up, climax and breakdown of Science Fair is the most satisfying part of the album. It’s an incredible moment live as well.
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