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  1. Who do we think will be the late night bands on the Walled Garden like HMLTD and Snapped Ankles last year? I'm hoping it will be The Mauskovic Dance Band one night. I reckon Scalping could also be another option.
  2. Not sure I Am Easy To Find will make up for that emoji rumour that strung as a long for a fair while!
  3. EOTR line up looks so good with the splits - GM is going to look phenomenal when we eventually get them!! Can’t wait.
  4. Yeah this is exactly how I feel at this point. So many people I want to see already. The clashes are going to be terrible. Think I’ll probably give FT and FJM a miss having seen them both before. Saw all three main stage headliners last year so would quite like a change. Will have Eels or Sharon Van Etten as my Sunday headline I think assuming one of them will be the Far Out headliner. Comet is Coming would be a great WG headliner. Could also see A Certain Ratio doing it as well.
  5. By my count there were 107 acts on last years’ poster (excluding Chai Wallahs). Currently there are 90 acts on this year’s poster.
  6. lessthanwill1

    Steve Davis

    Saw him a few weeks ago - he was quality! Played Once in a Lifetime and Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin amongst other bangers! Here are some action shots:
  7. Yeah I noticed that. It wasn’t a very good article. Think it still said there were tickets available despite having sold out a while back!
  8. They’re in Switzerland on the Wednesday and Thursday then Pukkelpop (Belgium) on Saturday. Their website says they’re playing GM on Sunday but that could be changed I guess...but then playing a series of UK dates from the Monday after Green Man so I would assume it is the Sunday and that the article has just got it wrong. But I guess they could in theory move Eels to the Friday and have them headline.
  9. I need two ideally as I don’t really want to go solo but I probably would if I could only get one!
  10. I’m in exactly the same boat! It’s mental how quick they’re going on Twickets at the moment. Hopefully we get lucky!
  11. Yes there was a lot of that at the venue I was at as well haha Great band though! Really like Oh George. V surprised that they’re in the rising competition though - as mentioned above they seem like a bigger band that some of the bands lower down!
  12. I saw Peaness support Kero Kero Bonito the other week - they were fantastic!
  13. I made one that I’ve been updating
  14. Yeah totally agree I’m just looking forward to seeing the day splits so I can start planning my days! Top 10 for me is currently 1) Stereolab 2) Big Thief 3) Sharon Van Etten 4) IDLES 5) The Beths 6) Aldous Harding 7) The Comet is Coming 8 ) Car Seat Headrest 9) Bridget St John 10) Jesca Hoop - with a whole load of others I’m excited to see as well!
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