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  1. This would make a massive amount of sense in explaining the ongoing silence and whatnot
  2. SVE and Bon Iver are touring together immediately after Green Man. He has also released two new songs today... too much to hope for?
  3. Yeh this is standard. Normally if you ask them directly on social media about potential clashes once the day splits are out they will respond.
  4. Sleater-Kinney or Yo La Tengo then?
  5. I just assume at this point that we’re waiting for APE to finish and then we’ll get some news
  6. This is a weird one too as Chai wallahs announced on Instagram about 6 weeks ago that they were set to announce their Green Man lineup and then it never appeared. I just assumed it was part of the strange delay in the final announcement. Chai Wallahs announced their Standon calling lineup today which is several weeks before Green Man so I doubt it’s anything sinister
  7. Aye, Van was their headline headliner though. I think that was more to do with his schedule than Metronomy’s - I would think the lack of confirmation of whether or not we even have another headliner to come as well as no information on a Thursday headliner surely means they either think they might have to do some reshuffling or they’re in the process of doing it.
  8. They’re pointing people to call ticket master to sort this out and re confirming you can get them on the door
  9. Aren’t they headlining Thursday night?
  10. really? Where was that? Never come across that before!
  11. Yes - it’s never sold out before end of may and that happened only when they had Hot Chip in 2015 and TWOD and Fleet Foxes last year which I think are quite big names compared to Four Tet and FJM (although I might have that wrong).
  12. I think they were just dreary, disengaged and not very green man to the extent that’s taken on mythical proportions in the circles of the musical snobs that visit online festival message boards! Also see efest memory of Kasabian at Glastonbury 2014 / Mumford and Sons 2013!
  13. Quite - can’t see them going back there again. Although it’d be quite funny to see the reaction
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