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  1. Caribou headlined far out a few years back, probably in the old smaller tent. He was up against Beirut and far far superior
  2. Thankyou @benali any mention of round the twist?
  3. Seen no mention of the round the twist bar this year - interested to see that, some good fun late night in there usually
  4. The forecast for next weekend on some models, as of yesterday, would’ve been enough to shut the arena down for at least a few hours - but we’ve had some absolutely shocking weather there over the years and it still goes from strength to strength, so I’m sure it will be great!
  5. It’s improved a fair bit in the last day so fingers crossed it keeps improving! Never really had a problem with sound anywhere except the far out tent which can be hit and miss (regardless of weather)
  6. Where do you run? Is it safe? Was thinking of doing this Wednesday but not sure where!
  7. It’s another stage that isn’t on the poster - probably another 30 acts over the weekend on there
  8. They absolutely definitely definitely lost a headliner, if not two at some point (not sure I see A&M as a Thursday night headliner compared to some they’ve had in the past). You can only assume they have pushed for as long as they can to get a final headliner and not come up trumps. Everything from the length of the delay to the fact it’s YLT who were second line on the original lineup, to the late Friday afternoon release compared to the usual 9am effort says they know it’s a dud of a headliner. luckily the rest of the lineup is ace and, at least to me, Green Man has glasto like status of not really caring too much about the top of the bill, I’m going regardless!
  9. I am pretty sure they are in chai wallahs (cw instagrammed them the other day)
  10. They’re also frigging ace live. Would be a big waste to get them and give them the Sunday 6pm death slot on mountain stage when half the festival seems to go and pack up leaving the stages dead for a couple of hours
  11. I think it’s all tongue in cheek! Lots of people have said they enjoy the efforts people here go to in figuring out the lineup
  12. This seems to be a perennial problem - have you emailed them directly or tweeted them? It’s the same person that runs them all
  13. This would make a massive amount of sense in explaining the ongoing silence and whatnot
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