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  1. Weirdly despite the rain being fairly regular (though 2018-2022 were all quite dry), the ground conditions last year were the worst since an atrocious 2012. I assume the timing and extent of the rain we got on the Friday evening was just an absolute killer for the site, but we’ve definitely had wetter overall years without having the same impact on the ground
  2. If anyone is interested we’ve put out a new episode of our podcast talking about our favourite green man rumours ahead of the release tomorrow - it’s how to build a festival episode 8
  3. Dammit… I thought it had been several now!! When they released the first lineup in January did they do a second one on March 1st?
  4. Indeed, if there was a green man thingy, it would say there is indeed a pattern and the pattern for the last few years has been to release the lineup on st David’s day. So it is bang on time
  5. Offering a free ticket for rolling over your ticket is literally the equivalent of a payday loan
  6. And to be fair, I think they can have an impact by making ‘more effort’ without threatening their core business model. 50/50 split is always a bit arbitrary for me in any case; some of these festivals appear to make ‘no effort at all’ and that’s where I just think it’s quite lazy. The ones getting BBC money in my opinion should be made to make ‘a real effort’ to get more diversity on their lineups
  7. This is a self fulfilling problem though. Suggest they could’ve done more; here’sa few that appear likely to be around at about the same time this year for example that I’ve just worked out whilst sitting on the loo CMAT Camera obscura Etta Marcus the Big Moon Prima Queen Dehd Liz Lawrence
  8. Left field one maybe, but I could see the Big Moon for Thursday night headliner. Big festival relationship and they’ve not played for a while
  9. Makes sense I guess as the festival hadn’t been on the previous year
  10. Thanks! They must’ve been carefully managing that balance sheet as their turnover must be multiples of that
  11. Any idea why they don’t have to publish a p&l?
  12. I have some enormous blisters!
  13. Woodsies - excellent band, they come off as really nice people and they have some absolutely terrific songs. Truly divisive in my group though so I’ll be there, but I think it’ll be just me plus one other!
  14. Is there any like for like replacement at all this year? Chameleon was a great failsafe for our group if there was nothing else happening
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