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  1. That may very well be the case, but I still don’t know why people are moaning at them for not cancelling yet more than 3 months out.
  2. Why? What’s the rush? Why shouldn’t they give themselves a chance
  3. An exciting variation in the Green Man pattern...
  4. I would think so - it has been for a few years now I think - to mark St. David’s Day
  5. First female / female led headliner since PJ at Green Man. Last year’s decision not to headline Sharon was quite bizarre.
  6. Didn’t kasabian headline about 4/6 of the last t in the parks and then the first trnsmt- something ridiculous like that?
  7. Caribou hands down! Who will put on the best after dark set?!
  8. Problem with doing the same festival year after year is that as much as I like a lot of what is on there, I’ve seen an awful lot of it at Green Man before, and some of it very recently
  9. I know no-one likes a pedant but wasn’t she in the walled garden? Unless she did a secret set in there two, which I wil be fuming to have missed!
  10. Woah... that feels like a bit of a price hike l, unless I really wasn’t paying attention last year (seems unlikely)! I had in my head about £180 plus £40 but hadn’t included car park, fees or apparently a few years of settlers price hikes
  11. DOVES headlined about ten years back and didn’t go down well at all
  12. They do love Michael Kiwanuka though - it’s absolutely the perfect time to headliner him
  13. Good knowledge! It’d be a green man sensation if they got him
  14. Does being around in June count as being around at the right time for a mid August festival?
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