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  1. I think this was my favourite. Aubergine Butterfly 😂
  2. I'm on a mac and there's no app for macs, so watching on this Link too!
  3. Go for Twitch, it's not immersive but you get to watch still https://www.twitch.tv/beatportofficial/squad
  4. Squad Mode gives you 3 stages to switch between. https://www.twitch.tv/beatportofficial/squad
  5. Twitch Stream is up https://www.twitch.tv/beatportofficia
  6. Clashfinder updated with timings https://clashfinder.com/s/lh2020/
  7. Dukeicon


    It working, you were too early! Picture is taken every 10 mins but doesn't normally hit the web for another 60 seconds.
  8. Dukeicon


    Pyramid lights on & tipi lights on. Links live from Worth Farm on BBC Two 8:30pm is on I think!
  9. Dukeicon


    They are still that side of the fence
  10. Dukeicon


    Yeh, they were on yesterday
  11. Dukeicon


    It's hay bales (not the round ones) that are covered, they have them in the tipis presumably to sit on.
  12. Dukeicon

    BBC Glastonbury

    Might be wrong but they are on at the same time
  13. Dukeicon

    BBC Glastonbury

    Think it's the programs from on BBC Two at the same time & they are broadcasting live from the farm.
  14. Dukeicon

    BBC Glastonbury

    As @CaledonianGonzo said Jo Whiley and Mark Radcliffe celebrate the weekend that would have marked 50 years of the Glastonbury Festival with an inviting blend of great performances from the archives and live acoustic sets from contemporary artists. The festival, organised by Michael Eavis and his daughter Emily Eavis, takes place at Worthy Farm in Somerset. From humble beginnings in 1970, Glastonbury is now the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world - with a site that is over a mile and a half in diameter. Each year, it hosts hundreds of thousands of festivalgoers, who flock to see performances from the most famous names in music and immerse themselves in the vast range of events that the festival has to offer. This show brings viewers previously unseen or rarely shown moments, including highlights from The Rolling Stones headline set in 2013, PJ Harvey’s rocking 2004 performance shortly after the release of her sixth solo album Uh Huh Her, the irrepressible Lizzo in an early acoustic performance in the BBC garden area, Florence and the Machine’s debut on one of the main stages in 2010, Oasis setting the world on fire on the NME Stage in 1994, plus a reminder of Stormzy’s headline set last year. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000kcjv
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