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  1. Dukeicon


    Planning Application has just gone up on the Mendip website. 20.4m is the bit that is left up. Partial erection of crane structure for a temporary period until 1st August 2023 https://publicaccess.mendip.gov.uk/online-applications/centralDistribution.do?caseType=Application&keyVal=PT8E5OKPI7900
  2. Dukeicon

    Samula ...new venue

    Here, IQ speaks to Lucid co-director Helen Swan about the company’s new Mayan-inspired Glastonbury stage, the importance of being green, and the struggles of being a woman in a heavily male-dominated sector of the industry… https://www.iq-mag.net/2019/07/perception-changing-staging-helen-swan-lucid/
  3. Billy Bragg I think by the clue at the end.
  4. Stonebridge Bar is this.
  5. Dukeicon

    Vegan Traders

    Between Other & Pyramid at via Webbs Ash Bridge.
  6. That worked then!
  7. I tweeted them just after 2pm. They read another one of our groups out too. Twitter or text seems to be the best way!
  8. Dukeicon

    Vegan Traders

    The Instagram post is # tagged Greenpeace, so assuming somewhere around there.
  9. Dukeicon

    Bar Prices?

    Glade Bar
  10. Dukeicon

    Variety Bazaar

    Variety Bazaar plans have been put on hold.
  11. Dukeicon


    Yeh it is, see this from a couple pages back.
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