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  1. Dukeicon


    Have a lovely weekend folks 😍
  2. If you are unable to donate at the moment, you don't have to donate to enter, just need a post card & stamp. To enter the draw without pledging, please send a postcard with your name, address, email address and contact telephone number to: ILoveLive Prize Draw, c/o PSA, PO Box 2709, Bath, BA1 3YS, UK. Entries must be sent on a postcard or on or within an envelope. Entries received on anything other than a postcard or envelope will not be accepted. In the case of multiple entries received in a single envelope or postcard, only one entry will be entered into the promotion. Entries sent
  3. Dukeicon


    Webcam is frozen again. Have sent a tweet to try and get it restarted!
  4. Dukeicon


    Beautiful views on the webcam this morning 07:20 to 10:00 Glastonbury Webcam - 26-11-2020 (HD).mp4
  5. Dukeicon


    Webcam is back up and running again as of 07:30 this morning
  6. Dukeicon


    If 2020 couldn't get any worse, the webcam stopped working at 06:50 this morning (although, not a bad image to stop on).
  7. It's just the deposit link: https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2020-deposits/worthy-farm/1450000
  8. There's just been a page change on one of the booking pages. It has changed from 2020 to 2021. The 'you can pay the balance' has been added but it still refers to 'you are booking a general admission deposit' in the box below. Showing as 'Admission tickets are currently unavailable.' when you put any details in though.
  9. Dukeicon


    They started before Lockdown, so the change was due for this year's festival.
  10. Dukeicon


    Tiz a little larger than what was there before!
  11. Keep up, you're for hours behind 😉
  12. The Ticket Page has been updated today regarding ticket price. Ticket price won't be released until early 2021 now. October sale is looking increasingly unlikely. Updated Page as of Today (28 Aug) Page from July
  13. Pilton Party page updated on the GF website. "Due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions, there will be no Pilton Party in 2020." https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/pilton-party-info/
  14. Dukeicon

    Vegan Traders

    The Vegan Pyramid are opening a Deli & Takeaway in Glastonbury in September 2020. They'll be serving a mix of healthy organic plant-based vegan food & some vegan junk food. https://www.pyramidcatering.co.uk/deli-takeaway
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