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  1. There's a 'Chat With Us' button here: https://help.ticketmaster.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360017761298 Which is basically what the FAQ / Help says: https://help.ticketmaster.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360006346393-What-should-I-do-if-I-haven-t-received-my-tickets-
  2. I certainly saw 'SE Corner Closed' signs. Don't know if they had shut the gates as we didn't go that way, but assuming they were. They weren't even letting people with queue passes when I saw the sign.
  3. Haven't a clue sorry! If people are queuing to get into the car park early, police have every right to move people on.
  4. Haven't a clue i'm afraid! License is on here, grated 2018 - https://www.mendip.gov.uk/article/7467/Glastonbury-Festival-Licensing-and-Event-Management-Information Possibly something to do with the clause, if their PA is more than 200 watts. Pilton Palais has applied for a change in the license for the Wednesday.
  5. One of the 'feet' of the legs is backstage - then there's a platform on each leg above the crowd. They don't need to go though the crowd.
  6. If you applied for and been successful in your application an accessible pass, yes. It's not open to everyone. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/access-information/shuttle-bus-service/
  7. Final access map uploaded.
  8. Yes it has https://www.facebook.com/theatreandcircusfields/posts/438643471595020
  9. GFEL have applied for permission to show films on Pilton Palais from Wednesday. https://www.mendip.gov.uk/media/30813/Glastonbury-Festival-Worthy-Farm-Pilton-Shepton-Mallet-BA4-4BY-End-of-representations-15-06-2022/pdf/GFEL_Minor_Variation_site_notice.pdf?m=637895989355100000
  10. Dukeicon


    Hope they've something planned to stop this from happening at Glasto on the new (for Glasto) Lonely Hearts Club stage (as a precaution obviously because we've ordered the good dry stuff not the wet stuff).
  11. Dukeicon

    Car Park

  12. 1 pair of tickets from Greenpeace - like and RT.
  13. Huns doing a competition - just seen an advert for it. https://www.facebook.com/103067177884975/posts/571256971065991/
  14. Dukeicon


    I would say they are toilet and washing facilities for the market area - as increased hygiene is needed for food stalls. https://www.portableoffices.co.uk/available-units/8ft-toilet-block-1-1-energy-saver-7341/
  15. They'll just put mats down like they often do.
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