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  1. Hi everyone. This is my first year at Boomtown so i don’t really know much about the campsites and what would be best for me. I’m in my mid forties and will probably be spending most of my time around the town centre, psy forest and old town. I’d like to camp somewhere relatively quiet and not to busy. I won’t be arriving till around 2ish on the Thursday afternoon. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. I’m debating whether to go for Wednesday or Thursday tickets. Is there much happening on Wednesday or is it best to just turn up on Thursday. Got extra expenses if i go on Wednesday so would be good to know wether it’s worth it
  3. I think I’m just over thinking it really. I’m quite a young 44 really so should be fine. If not I’ll just sit down and join you for some cake.
  4. Ideal. I was expecting a younger crowd just didn’t want to be clearly out of place.
  5. Due to failure in the Glastonbury ticket sale, I am planning to get Boomtown tickets tonight. Just a couple of things that are worrying me is that as someone in their mid forties am I going to be massively out of place? Also what is the camping like? Is there a Boomtown equivalent of pennards which I should avoid if I want some decent rest. I’m still relatively active and have no problem staying up to the early hours but would like to camp somewhere a bit quieter with a bit of space if at all possible.
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