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  1. Monday and Tuesday are amazing!
  2. In the course of her investigation, Sue Gray will discover that Sue Gray was actually at the party.
  3. stuie


    Third time rearranged Brixton show on Sunday! Now Friday night has hit, I'm buzzing for it!
  4. The other option is selling them for face value + fees on twickets or ticketswap… I reckon stereophonic at Cardiff prob would have shifted on twickets!!
  5. Is the timing of JVT’s departure an unlucky coincidence or a direct result of yesterdays large dose of bullshit?
  6. How is Boris still there?
  7. It’s not nice but it’s all there in the booking info when you purchased the tickets. It’s worse when the event cancels and they still get your fees, lost quite a bit when Arcadia cancelled their own festival and that was before covid was even a thing!
  8. https://newsthump.com/2022/01/12/prince-andrew-to-argue-that-it-wasnt-a-wild-sex-party-at-jeffrey-epsteins-place-it-was-a-work-meeting/?fbclid=IwAR0izGUB9StHjVSqU6Q6dBBQMh1cfPU55IID4o2emOlDaSdn7mjqhvROTkE
  9. Apparently she has plenty of money but wants her day in court with someone!
  10. 100% https://newsthump.com/2022/01/11/glastonbury-2022-to-go-ahead-after-organisers-put-a-fax-machine-in-block9/
  11. I really hope this RFID is an absolute shit show for Boomtown, just so no other festival ever thinks this is a good idea ever again! Also, Boomtown is the festival that kept us waiting outside the gates for 10 hours a few years back. Good luck 😂
  12. How would all the trader terminals and bar POS talk to the payment server? I can’t see them all being hard wired.
  13. I hope not! Looking forward to PMQ’s tomorrow. whats happening to me? 😂
  14. I said the same and my friends said I was being dramatic but I feel strongly against this level of control of both punters and traders. I guess they might not have cash machines as there’s no genuine need for cash in their new city. Apart from for the dealers!
  15. It’s not safer than paying with my phone. And rfid is easy to skim and clone. It’s blatantly about money and controlling money. Boomtown pitches apparently being priced as a % of turnover for next year. And it goes against their ethos of stopping the machine and all the other anti state narratives they push. I can’t see Glastonbury fancying the cashless idea much.
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