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  1. The sound restrictions on that side of the site are the most stringent so moving Sonic or Wow further that way won't work.
  2. Sounds like Tony was trying to get himself a stash.
  3. stuie

    5G @ Glastonbury 2019

    Oh Roger... you are a bit crazy. Good luck with your crusade. Glastonbury is over now, so you must have another one lined up.
  4. stuie

    5G @ Glastonbury 2019

    No it doesn't. Go away.
  5. stuie

    5G @ Glastonbury 2019

    Same... I've been quoted along with a million other people... can't even remember what I said but pretty sure it's not important. This whole thread is ready for the bin.
  6. stuie


    Why didn't you use the lock ups? They will take anything you want them to and it's not wasting camping space.
  7. I thought it was the most chilled Glastonbury I've been to. The sun seemed to bring out the best in people and on the whole, everyone seemed very friendly and happy. I thought the youngsters seemed very respectful in general compared to previous years when it's been very much oh please fuck off to Creamfields.
  8. Man, I miss that boat! I remember being seriously wowed the first year of The Port, after Arcadia left.
  9. I’m still sad about it... Bestival was awesome before it’s demise. And similar to glasto it had relatable faces with Rob and Josie rather than a corporate machine, just like Michael and Emily. 2016 was weird and the way they dealt with that was the final nail. Bollywood was a white marquee, the spaceport thing was half finished. People said that crowd moved on but it had quite a wide demographic i think so not sure they all went to Boomtown
  10. I've worked for Oxfam before but never at Glastonbury and I think I'd do it again as a preferred option over getting a ticket. I had such a good time on the Monday and Tuesday around the site and partying in the various crew bars with my best mate who was also working FMS. I got lucky with my shifts tho and the only one that was really tough was leaving all my other mates and going off to do my night shift. But in hindsight, the shift just allowed me to push the pause button on getting too messy! The crew showers and having a super safe campsite was also a bonus.
  11. stuie

    Bella’s Bridge

    We saw that too! We were stuck on the West Holts side... the lady driving it had an audience of a few hundred while she performed a very tricky manoeuvre and when she finally nailed it she got a massive cheer from her audience. As delivery jobs go I reckon that's one of her most memorable!
  12. stuie

    The Killers

    I'd have had to tell him that. What a dick.
  13. stuie

    The Killers

    And Uncle Jonny.
  14. stuie

    Credit card fraud

    After getting in without buying a ticket. All round, he's just a nice guy. The festival is lucky to have him.
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