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  1. I thought I remember them starting their set before the power was cut.
  2. stuie

    Packing megalist

    It does seem a tad excessive. Fuck carrying all that in!
  3. Can you imagine the number of Madonna equivalents to @jntsrb that would descend on this forum? :-)
  4. stuie


    It's not unusual for the repeat slots though. I get the impression that, generally speaking, the DJ's that do this genuinely love the festival - Fatboy, Stanton Warriors, Eats Everything, Cox, Annie Mac etc
  5. stuie


    I don't think she's been booked because she's a woman, but it's great to see women of all genres at the top of the line up. She's been booked because she's a big well known household name and has the BBC connection. I'd guess it's more to do with that, than Arcadia actually wanting her to play. She'll pull in the crowds but I won't be one of them.
  6. stuie


    It's called Arc Bar!
  7. Nobody really cares, Janet!
  8. stuie

    Camping gazebo

    Sometimes, commas are important, Hugh.
  9. Apart from the wrong answer, which is to leave Glastonbury as soon as you've got there.
  10. stuie

    5g concerns.

    30th May. And I forgot Belfast, so 6 cities. Are the people who aren't working for you going to stay home in London instead? lol https://news.sky.com/story/uks-first-5g-service-launches-in-six-cities-11731337
  11. stuie

    5g concerns.

    At last, someone with a qualification that entitles them to call bullshit, rather than the rest of us who still call bullshit but can't substantiate it! Out of upvotes.
  12. stuie

    5g concerns.

    It's already live in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh so why are you amazed that the Eavis's are running with it? I don't believe that about the traders staff pulling out, sorry.
  13. stuie

    Four Tet

    I don’t think any of them will be live unfortunately. Ally Pally was cool though.
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