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  1. I think that’s what should happen but the optics don’t look good. People at music festivals while other restrictions still in place. A bit like these scenes while we can’t go to events! Margate beach and Wembley on Sunday!
  2. Someone on here said it’s a question of when, not if they cancel… can’t remember who or find it I’m afraid. Might be nothing. I hope so!
  3. Has anybody heard anything about Lost Village? No update since January. As Noisily is in the bin and Houghton is supposedly about to announce cancellation, just worried about my last horse!
  4. Thanks mate. We will get there… one day soon! It’s going to be so good when we do.
  5. Keep hold of those tickets @MrBarry465 Noisily is always lit as fuck but I needed that energy and positivity this year.
  6. Beyond gutted. Now is the time for events with pre testing.
  7. I find this part hard to believe as we’ve already got a working vaccination passport system on the NHS app with a QR code generator. It remains to be seen what it will be used for but it’s not been abandoned!
  8. Well this is my favourite thread this morning! Positivity for the win! 😎
  9. People rarely club these days? Sorry, what?
  10. That depends what your life was like pre covid. I work hard and don’t have kids so my life was based around all of the things we still can’t do - gigs, festivals, travel, clubs, events. Does that make me entitled to want my old life back?
  11. I’m 40 and everyone I know who has been symptomatic has been better within a week including colleagues, friends and even my 82 year old grandad. Of course, he was very lucky. It’s about 5% of symptomatic cases that result in long covid. 😂😂My dreams after my second jab were so vivid and random for 3 nights! I kept waking up thinking what tf was that about?
  12. Testing will always remain an option. It won’t ever be based purely on vaccination. People will probably get fed up of going for testing every time they want to do anything and vaccination will become more appealing!
  13. You’ll be given Pfizer or Moderna.
  14. Who helped him with the math though? @DeanoLor @Havors?
  15. If we are lucky, he’ll have one last go at explaining it to us all.
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