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  1. I couldn’t get what he was saying on your recording though so thanks NME for the transcript! Shitty journalism useful on this occasion 😜
  2. So... is anyone on here heading to Malta? I’m going for an 8 day holiday while one of these festivals is on, mainly for relaxation but it’s tempting! I’m working from home still and will be isolating when I get back, by the way!
  3. I think you have to strike a balance between not embarrassing people at the supermarket door and the need to contain the virus. Not all disabilities are visible and there are reasons why people are exempt. An autistic person who struggles with going to the shops in normal life, for example, shouldn’t need to have a very public questioning in order to buy their dinner.
  4. As I understand it though, mask wearing is like herd immunity, you don’t need 100% to stop exponential spread. If > 80/90% are wearing masks, that’s good enough to be effective, regardless of whether the ones without are just assholes.
  5. I went to Tesco Extra yesterday and out of hundreds of people I didn’t see a single person without a mask. Don’t underestimate the power of social conformity. If it carries on like that I don’t see the need to ask people without one why they haven’t got one on. They are already going to be on the receiving end of staring, eye rolls and tuts from the general public who’ve jumped to the wrong conclusion. If even 90% of people comply, the risk has been minimised, perhaps even eliminated, in those settings. Then everyone can go to the pub and spread it freely. When you compare the two settings we don’t really need to be jumping on granny’s without masks in shops do we?
  6. Off to Malta! I’m not sure how the price has been affected but it was £1300 for twin room 8 days in 5* which doesn’t seem too bad! Usually spend summer in tent squalor so will be nice to have a bit of luxury! 😀
  7. I’ve just booked a holiday for September. 8 days in a nice 5* resort with my mate. I’m single and I’m working from home until the end of the year at least so can isolate on my return. I don’t see any more risk than things other people are doing and I’ve stuck to all the guidance the whole way through this.
  8. I’m not coming back to this thread any more. It’s not good for me, having just turned the big 4-0 to be old that the events I go to aren’t actually aimed at me! * throws old self in bin
  9. 😂 I might be sensitive about just turning 40... but I also very definitely see my future self at festivals!
  10. It’s not unusual to focus research at an age range if a product is focussed at an age range. At the very least, you should have mentioned the age limit in your post so you don’t waste people’s time. And I still think you are wrong and your ‘advisor’ has done you a disservice.
  11. What a bizarre approach! A survey where respondents can’t answer the second question and therefore give up is a poorly written survey. You are missing out vital information - why would you not be interested in what the over 35’s have to say about the future of festivals? We’ve done a lot of festivals (apart from this year obvs) with current tech, old tech and no tech at all. People 35+ also have more money to spend than students for example. Please, if you don’t take our advice ask your tutor or something, because you’re going to fuck up here!
  12. stuie

    Good news thread..

    I just turned 40 and was down for a day or so, then I realised it doesn’t really matter... I still feel 30 so will continue to act like it!
  13. We went out to lunch today, outside, two households that have been careful with distancing. The waitress decides to sit down with us to take our order... and again for desert. By the time I’d got riled enough to say anything it was over, but it seems like some people just don’t even realise anything’s going on!
  14. It depends when it moves to. If it’s a week either side of Awakenings or Noisily then I’d be missing my first Glasto in the last ten, since I first went
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