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  1. Link to petition if you wanna sign! https://www.change.org/p/rename-the-john-peel-stage-at-glastonbury
  2. stuie


    Oh mate you’re fucking boring
  3. stuie


    You probably didn’t even go to Glastonbury you bellend.
  4. I'm re-packing for Noisily Festival which starts on Thursday. Couple more to go after that, then I'll start thinking about G2023.
  5. It’s at the far end of Shangri-la if you head in from the unfairground, on the left just before you exit at The Common.
  6. The bar at the front was open in the daytime for cocktails, the rabbit hole not until 22:00.
  7. stuie

    Gate C

    Understandably so. I'm pretty sure that shouldn't have been happening and I'd question the motives of those who were doing that. Might feed it back actually. Not because I'm a jobsworth but because one of the things I love about festivals in general (and particulary Glasto) is that everyone becomes more equal. I hate people paying for privilege.
  8. stuie

    Gate C

    As I said, my last shift was Saturday but on Saturday morning, 4am to 10am no queue at all outbound people only, sent all my stewards on their breaks so they were back by 10:30 for the rush to start. From then up to when I finished at 1pm there was no queue at the front gate (free flowing people walking through the big tall green gate) but a queue of people at the turnstiles having wristband checks. The priority to Love Fields bit confused me... where was this happening? Across the road? Before the vehicle point? These sites aren't affiliated to the festival at all, so no one under the festivals organisational structure should be giving priority to them!
  9. The truth is that Genosys went mouldy in storage over the last 3 years. It will either need to be remade or refurbished or it might never come back.
  10. stuie

    Gate C

    I think @March Haremight have meant C to B - yes you can walk around the perimeter between them in about 10 mins. C to A I've never tried but I'd guess an hour or so.
  11. Any of you E&D people heading to Noisily next week? I'm so buzzing for this now. It's a thing of bloody techno forest beauty.
  12. No, there's only one version of the spider. The first incarnation of the spider was the Afterburner on legs, not been used like this since 2010 when the spider was created. The robotic arms were removed this year and replaced with the laser show. The balloon with acrobats was new this year - getting confused with Luke Jerram's moon - same shape different thing. https://my-moon.org/
  13. The infrastructure is already there. It doesn't need to be RFID. Scanning codes is quite sufficient. The system (hosted by Ticketsellers) scanned in and out 50,000 EPO wristbands in 2019 and again this year. It was expected to be rolled out to everyone in 2020 but it's been delayed. It's all centrally connected and if you had an EPO you could go out of Gate B and in Gate C, for example. It worked without any issue this year so expect everyone to have a scannable wristband next year. Aside from the size of the database, there's no difference between 50,000 and 200,000 people being processed this way.
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