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  1. stuie

    New Map

    After checking I can confirm that you are correct. In my mind it’s always been towards the other end of the field but 2019 was in this corner as you say. And then they plonked the bus there too 😀
  2. Probably easiest to just leave the thread, like I’m going to.
  3. stuie

    New Map

    Oh lovely! More detail needed for Block 9 - is that Genosys in the corner where London Underground used to be?
  4. If we were at Glastonbury and you didn’t like the conversation you wouldn’t tell them to shut up or gag them, you’d move on. Apply the same to this thread and everything is fine.
  5. stuie

    Arcadia 2024

    If they really wanted to hide it they could just shift the webcam or… god forbid… unplug it 😂😂
  6. The problems we face in our lives. We must face them head on.
  7. stuie

    Arcadia 2024

    I think our expectations are at a reasonable level. Of course, we won’t know before the festival or see anything on the webcam as the dragonfly won’t land in the field until the Wednesday morning.
  8. ^This. And even if nothing changes at all for years, having a government that doesn’t stoke hatred and seek to divide us and constantly gaslight us will be good for the country.
  9. https://twitter.com/snb19692/status/1793321440474808687?s=48
  10. stuie

    Arcadia 2024

    It was built over 10 years ago and it’s at Glasto every year. Sometimes they’ve used it daytime in the Arcadia field. Last couple of festivals it’s been used in Shangri-la before their main systems are fired up down there.
  11. stuie

    The Glade 2024

    D:Ream featuring Jamie Webster - Things can only get better f**k the Tories mashup.
  12. stuie

    UK Politics

    Bless her. She’s gaslit herself.
  13. stuie

    UK Politics

    this reminds me of that time when an image of a rocket flying over the pyramid wasn’t an announcement. anyway… at bloody last. It’s like the slippery husband has finally signed the divorce papers. See ya later Rishi Sunak… no one gives a f**k about ya. What an announcement - in his teflon coated suit in the pissing rain while being drowned out by d-ream - absolutely perfect.
  14. I'm usually a 'it's not about the lineup' kind of guy but this announcement has totally changed the dynamic of my festival this year! If Block 9 pull out the crackers too I think i'll have a sensory overload.
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