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  1. stuie

    Volunteering 2020

    Does anyone have a list of or know which bars Shelter provide people to? Thanks in advance helpful people! 😀 @marathonsteve @gooner1990 @waltere @LadyP @glasto-worker
  2. stuie


    Could it just be the 3D that's exclusive for APE? Might just be clutching at straws, but could you get some kind of live set without the 3D at Glasto?
  3. stuie

    Volunteering 2020

    It didn't say anything like that on the public website, so I've registered, paid deposit and have a got a confirmation email that says 'You're a volunteer at Glastonbury 2020!' Worst case scenario, I'm back in the same position and will continue to try and work with Oxfam again.
  4. Large events, such as Glastonbury, have cancellation protection insurance to cover the costs incurred in set up, booking fees and performer deposits etc. Boardmasters and Houghton had to claim on theirs last year, so their customers all got full refunds. Not giving the customers full refunds would cause such bad PR it would likely be the end of the event anyway - no one would buy a ticket for the next event because of the fear it would happen again. I've heard that artists generally only get a part payment/deposit on their booking with the balance paid after the performance, so I guess that they would have conditions that if they don't perform for any reason they won't get paid the rest.
  5. If the event is cancelled then you'll get a refund. If you're from China, for example, and there is a travel ban put in place but the event still goes ahead you won't get a refund. Unless you die FFS :-)
  6. stuie

    Weatherall RIP

    How tragic. Gutted - I had ticket to see him at a super small local venue in April.
  7. The dispensers definitely dispense a big enough... er... load. If only everyone used them.
  8. stuie

    Billie Eilish

    Agreed! Wonder whether we'll ever have Dame Shirley B back on the farm? Will forever be gutted that I only watched that on TV. Is she the only person to ever do more than 1 Bond song?
  9. I agree with @marathonsteve - volunteering is my first choice now. Being on the farm for a week, seeing it burst into life is perfect for me and those parties on mon and tues nights when there's only about 30-40K people there are brilliant.
  10. Jeez... I’m no Chris Martin megafan but nothing upsets you more? Don’t watch then 😂
  11. It’s waaaaaay to early to throw in the towel and settle for Isle of Wight. Keep the faith! 😀
  12. stuie

    Billie Eilish

    Hopefully he won't be part of either 50%
  13. The Temple is one of the best places at the festival for me. Especially at sunrise when you're on the top shelf
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