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  1. Sweden hasn’t had a lockdown in name but it’s had many of the same restrictions which we have associated with our lockdowns - work from home where possible, no gatherings of more than 8 people, secondary schools closed, care homes closed to visitors, restrictions of internal and international travel etc.
  2. Well I hope you are wrong fella. It’s only a 5K event and the organisers still seem confident.
  3. I’m hopeful of Noisily going ahead on 8th July.
  4. Not agreeing with you doesn’t make anyone a condescending prick. I asked you what jury was out and what you are basing this claim on and you’ve not been able to answer. What is this evidence of lockdowns not reducing transmission?
  5. You have to work out what his point was yourself by doing your own reading... or something like that.
  6. Yeah, I think we are all done with it now. There’s no appetite for any more lockdowns, regardless of the situation. Especially as they’ve still not dealt with the borders.
  7. I asked you a question. If you can’t answer if, fair enough.
  8. What jury is still out? Seems pretty conclusive to me. Reduced contacts = reduced transmission.
  9. I wonder if the BBC radio stations are going to only play instrumental hold music for that long?
  10. I don’t think anyone is dancing on his grave but they just aren’t as upset about his passing as you. Dying doesn’t expunge your record and his is well documented. He was 99, had a good innings and lived a life of luxury at our expense so I won’t be crying myself to sleep tonight.
  11. I’d love to be able to erase it from my brain and watch it again fresh. It’s just superb! ^^ this! I kept being late for work where I’d have to watch another episode after another episode because of the cliff hangers!
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