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  1. The south east corner was WAY busier this year than I have ever seen. They used to shut the gate and put on the signs ‘south east corner full please find another venue’ however I did not see that this year. Is this still a thing? They really need to reintroduce this as South east corner is not enjoyable at all between 12-4.
  2. I did think the re-entry queue looked no faster than the normal queue last time! Don’t think it was thought through properly.
  3. Anyone got any great photos from the Downlow to get us excited? 🕺🏼
  4. It has definitely become a victim of its own success. They either need to expand or have another alternative queer venue.
  5. I am in a similar situation to you, I wasn't out the last time I managed to get in. Will be so much more fun this year!
  6. I know there is still time to order them to arrive with the tickets, however does anyone know if it is possible to turn up and buy a parking pass on the gate? Many thanks,
  7. very much looking forward to the updated Map and block 9 announcements, hopefully there are some changes 👀 are there any rumoured changes this year?
  8. From memory you have to pay to get into the Downlow, however I’m sure the money is donated to charity. Does anyone know how much the entry is?
  9. Hello everyone, I have been to the last 5 Glastonbury's and only managed to enter the Downlow once. Every time me and my friends walk past the queue looks so long, we just move on and find another venue. As a gay man this is very disappointing every year 😞 Can regulars give some advise on how to get in, the best times etc. Although the Queue looks long does it move quite fast? Also how does the moustache system work? Can you get a moustache earlier in the day and then jump the queue that night? Appreciate any advise x
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