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  1. Managed to get tickets in 15 and 17, tried for tickets in 18/19 and then in the recent resale and havent had a look in - that was even with a group of us trying.
  2. MrBarry465

    2023 Headliners

    everyone in the comments is basically saying the review is total bollocks on that Guardian link.
  3. MrBarry465

    2023 Headliners

    On spotify the lowest played song they have has 15 million views and that's 10th. They've done sellout gigs in the last few years at huge stadiums, they would be fine.
  4. No I've not worn a mask since last year and have been to several festivals now/leading a normal life. Been jabbed 3 times. I haven't thought about COVID since I had it late last year, but if I tested positive then no I would be avoiding people and not just pretending I didn't have it like some on here think is totally fine to do....
  5. MrBarry465

    2023 Headliners

    Spice Girls are not a 'legends slot' imo, they could headline any of the nights and arguably should.
  6. It's also highlighted that our behaviour pre pandemic of 'going out or to work when ill' was probably pretty fucking stupid all along? Literally no clue why you think people should be out and about when ill, regardless of COVID.
  7. 180k deaths and plenty of people who have had long term health complications as a result of it, many of them previously healthy. I mean a colleague I am working with has had chronic fatigue since catching it in 2020. Life had / has to return to normal, but playing the whole 'lets only look at deaths and nothing else' is just nonsense. Don't try and bury something under the carpet because you think it suits your narrative.
  8. yeah I've been crossing roads for 34 years and cycling on them and never been hit or had an accident. I've had COVID twice since 2020.
  9. But what evidence do you have that it's a 'load of old bollocks'? Your just being illogical for the sake of it.
  10. Did you create an account to come onto this forum and spout crap? I had COVID at the end of last year and it's not a 'sniffle' - this constant downplaying is just as nonsensical as overplaying it. It's extremely dangerous for a lot of people and for most of us it will hit us reasonably hard. There are of course people who don't get it bad as well....
  11. Find it weird that people do cocaine at festivals, when significantly more fun stuff to do .... i.e. LSD E and Mushrooms...
  12. They fit into the 'if you know you know' bucket 😉
  13. Mate of mine got in with a friend's wrist band on Saturday, she had to leave and he took it. Not quite sure how he managed to do that, as I understood you needed ticket and passout with you.
  14. 1. Confidence Man - by some distance imo and from what I can see they had the most engaged crowd of the weekend. Credit to them as well, as there is 0 filler with songs - they just keep rolling from tune to tune. 2. Kendrick 3. Foals
  15. I'm a massive hip hop head and have never been able to get into Kendrick, for some of the reasons you mentioned above. I also find his rapping/voice a little bit jarring at times. But enjoyed his performance last night. Anyway, you don't need to like everyone!
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