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  1. sound mate cheers for that input
  2. Chris Difford on the acoustic this year explained how much closer he was getting to a full erection after each few songs and I enjoyed that
  3. I'm in - might as well hand me the title now by the way 😁
  4. Walking Boots 70 Fresh and Black tent 80 Power Bank 65 Walking Boots 70 Fresh and Black tent 70 Camp Shower 40 Kettle/ stove 40 Lenor Bottle 55 Torch 60 Paper Soap 40 Wet Wipes 20 Flannel 45 (+5) She Wee 50 Hat/Hats 70 Camping Chair 55 (+5) Pillow 50 Airbed 60 Travel John 15
  5. Wellies 35 Walking Boots 60 Fresh and Black tent 55 Power Bank 60 +10 Camp Shower 50 Kettle 50 Lenor Bottle 50 Torch 50 Paper Soap 50 Wet wipes 40 Flannel 50 She We 50 Hat/Hats 60 Camping Chair 50 Pillow 50 Airbed 60 Travel John 50 This should be fun. I saw someone mention doing one of these for first time headliners the other day as well.
  6. rgill3

    Volunteering 2023

    I'm following your train of thought @neil93 Thanks for starting the thread I'll definitely be keeping up with it as I'm looking to cover all bases to make sure I get back next year.
  7. rgill3

    Nyc downlow

    Bumping this thread. What actually is the score with the moustaches? Can anybody clear it up please? We went at a busy time on the Friday (pushing our luck) expecting to still be able to pay on our way in. The guys on the door were scouting people with moustaches and turning people away without so we left. When is the best time to get a moustache? Do you have to get there early evening and then you can turn back up later on - after queuing of course? The one thing I know is the colour changes.
  8. Monday morning got a banana and Nutella crepe from the place next to lonely hearts club. Probably the best decision of the weekend as it was the perfect pick me up for the way home and is going to become our new group tradition for that Monday morning.
  9. rgill3

    DJ Sets

    Will be great if someone can get this. Enjoyed rapping the whole of beastie boys hey ladies when that popped up halfway through.
  10. I knew it was kind of unspoken they were ruled out of next year anyway. I just saw the dates lined up and thought I'd throw them in as my submission to this thread hahaha! Was an open goal! 😀
  11. Pet Shop Boys Touring: Wednesday 21st June P&J LiveAberdeen Friday 23rd June M&S Bank ArenaLiverpool Saturday 24th June First Direct Arena Leeds Doesn't necessary rule them out but considering they did 2022 I'd say probably not to them doing '23
  12. Saw it about the forum but never actually looked into how it worked. I do remember seeing you got yours through it! Thinking if I don't get through the first sale I'll ditch my mates and jump on the resale group - quite like the idea of a solo festival and making friends as I go.
  13. With you on this Biggest cry - Probably the whole of Macca after Blackbird (I couldn't stop) Happiest cry - After seeing Squeeze play, Michael Eavis singing Send in the Clowns and then catching the end of Tom Robinson band by myself I grabbed a quick beer with the anticipation of meeting my sister for the last few acts before Macca when one of my favourite songs (Bar Mediterraneo by Nu Genea) came on in a seemingly empty bar in the circus fields. Had a nice little cry by myself thinking about how weird and wonderful the farm really is. Stupidest Cry - Probably Band on the Run. My sister asked if I really wanted him to play it. I just replied "No its just a tune." At this point of the night it had been hours since I'd had a drink.
  14. I've just read the resale spreadsheet thread to cover all of my options. Hopefully doesn't come to that but well done to whoever came up with that idea.
  15. Honestly this is the best answer what a party that would be
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