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  1. OK- I'll give a clue to make it a bit easier hopefully to work out what era. It happened in the Dance Tent
  2. Right idea- but wrong year (hopefully what I was thinking of didn't happen more than once!)
  3. Thank you- probably an easy one but here goes: What year was there a rather unfortunate blow rather than suck? (apologies for sounding a bit Finbar Saunders!)
  4. Was thinking that it may have been him myself- should have posted!
  5. Headline 3 times in the same decade? i.e. the 2010s
  6. Indeed. I should have put that in my original post- as you say a lot of people put a lot of effort/expense into the shows they put on and can be real make or break for them.
  7. Another one from a few years back that my wife and I discovered on Netflix and are enjoying is Hinterland
  8. Edinburgh festivals now cancelled https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2020/apr/01/edinburghs-five-festivals-cancelled-due-to-coronavirus Totally understandable but a real shame for my home city. Loved growing up in Edinburgh and being able to go and watch all the street theatre in the school holidays
  9. dondo

    Volunteering 2020

    Yes. They had planned to do it online with the system being set up in April/May and be ready for after the festival. But obviously with the cancellation that isn't possible
  10. dondo

    Volunteering 2020

    For those on recycling crew had e-mail from Fiona today- they can't roll deposits over to next year but are guaranteed a spot for 2021 Refunds will be sent out via cheque
  11. dondo

    Kenny Rogers RIP

    Loved his set in 2013 Thought I would pop along to see what he'd be like and he was superb. One of my Glastonbury highlights of that year if not of all time. RIP
  12. Yes- fingers crossed but as you say not looking too hopeful
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