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  1. In our street they have done this advent window thing where a different house puts a design in there window for each day of December up to Christmas Eve like an advent calendar. Was our turn today (though all the credit for creating goes to my wife and children- all I did was order the materials to make it!).
  2. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    I think the kids knew it was cold but still wanted to go in!
  3. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    They do something called the Loony Dook in Edinburgh (well South Queensferry to be precise) in the Firth of Forth on New Years Day which I have never done though. Talking about New Zealand when we were there a few years back my children decided they wanted to go swimming (I think it might have been up at Waitangi) and it was freezing- they were getting some strange looks from others.
  4. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    I'd be up for the 11th
  5. Following a bit from this am watching The Vow on Sky Documentaries about NXIVM which is interesting too.
  6. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    Good fun as always. Great to catch up with you all
  7. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    Yes sounds OK. My only concern is the possibility of them chatting with strangers if they don't play the games with their mates. But my daughter says you just see user names and there is a filter on the chat
  8. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    My children have been asking about getting among us as it seems it's very popular with their friends
  9. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    Should hopefully be on on Friday. Have new headphones for my phone so hopefully interference free!
  10. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    Ditto. When I'm feeling a bit fed up I find the virtual meets are a great boost
  11. dondo

    great cover songs

    This was the one that instantly came to mind for me before I opened up the thread.
  12. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    That's one of my son's favourites. Very nice
  13. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    I bought this one the other week for my wife who likes spiced rum and she said it was very nice
  14. Yes. I've watched that. Very interesting. Have you seen the Going Clear documentary?
  15. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    I won't be on tonight, so no sound interference and me wittering on (probably shouldn't have polished off a whole bottle of wine to myself)
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