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  1. METAL True pioneers who I have seen live a good few times. Most memorable was at Manchester velodrome where some of the British cycling team started cycling around the track when they played Tour de France
  2. Yes I saw Neil Diamond in Leeds a few years back and he was ace Anyway word association DIAMOND
  3. GARDEN Another of my favourite bands who I have seen probably 10+ times. Great live
  4. FLY I remember watching Glastonbury on the TV and saw Tony do the legends slot looking impeccable even in all the mud (as it was a very muddy year) and was blown away by how good he was. Ended up seeing him 3, maybe 4, times live over the years and was always excellent
  5. BLOODY I know U2 aren't always a favourite amongst efesters but still one of my favourite bands (probably were my favourite for a good many years) and live at Red Rocks was my introduction to them
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