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  1. Correct. I thought it was much earlier. It was only watching the teatime legends programme at the weekend that made me realise it was a good few years that there wasn't a proper pyramid stage. So Grumpyhack got 1st part, you got 2nd so either of you can have a question
  2. No as the stage that replaced it for that year and subsequent years wasn't pyramid shaped. I meant when was a new pyramid shaped stage constructed/used again?
  3. Thanks. It's only I remember him headlining the Croissant Neuf festival the year before we went for the 1st time. Probably another easy one- what year did the Pyramid stage burn down just before the festival and what year did the new pyramid appear after that?
  4. I've done solo 3 times now as a recycling crew volunteer and overall I find it great. I can go and see what acts I want and bumble at my own pace. But I have friends that go and I normally catch up with them a few times over the festival if we fancy doing the same thing or just catching up for a beer. I also have made some good mates in the recycling crew who I catch up with too as being camped in Tom's field you're all in the same area. Sometimes if I've seen an absolutely cracking set by someone I'll think shame I was on my own but that's probably the only downside. Would still though love to do it as a family with my wife and children.
  5. Was good fun folks. Enjoyed chatting to you all
  6. I'll try and pop in at some point
  7. I have posted this before but I think it was Ozomatli on the Jazz World stage as was on the Thursday of 2003. It was just that there wasn't officially bands on on the Thursday so I thought my memory was wrong but someone on here said they did have bands on on the Thursday to 'soundcheck' the stage but then got into trouble for it so was stopped. 1st band on Pyramid was Inspiral Carpets on the Friday morning of that year
  8. Good to put faces to names etc. Sorry couldn't be on for longer. Catch you all next year for real hopefully
  9. Stumbled across Designated Survivor on Netflix which although highly improbable we are really enjoying
  10. I may well join for a bit. But remember certain shortcuts don't work:
  11. Correct for a quick return to grumpyhack
  12. Ah thanks OK- back up one- what year was Michael awarded his CBE?
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