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  1. dondo

    First and last

    I missed the Proclaimers due to work and was disappointed it wasn't on iplayer when I got back
  2. I bumped into my neighbour who was doing WaterAid (randomly as didn't know he was working there). He got his place as he works for one of the water companies and they have ties to it. But niche I appreciate as not everyone works for a water company
  3. I had the inflatable one and it stood the test fine and it wasnt even fully pegged out with the guys etc. Noisy as any tent is in the wind but didn't feel like it was going to break/burst
  4. That's the one I used and loved it. Yes couldn't stand up in it but considering I'd used the pop up version in 2016 when it was muddy it was plenty spacious in comparison. I did try to use the vents to get some air flowing through but on one side I had a tent right next to mine so didn't really have the space to get a proper flow
  5. dondo

    The Cure

    Yep watching on iplayer myself tonight. Fantastic stuff and great to think I was there
  6. Decathlon themselves are pretty reasonable This ones only £70 https://www.decathlon.co.uk/arpenaz-3-xl-freshblack-id_8492486.html
  7. dondo


    Yep. This was my favourite. Was wandering around on Tuesday and was one of the few food stalls open so thought would give it a go. Lovely bloke and yummy food Generally all the food I had was tasty from curries to simple chip butty. The paella place in green fields was probably my least favourite as it was just OK but still perfectly edible. And whilst I enjoyed Sam's pies up in the Park I didn't think they were the best value.
  8. I used mine this year too and the blackout lining was great when it came to getting extra sleep and not being woken as soon as the sun comes up. As for the being cooler whilst it wasn't as baking hot as previous tents I've had it was still pretty warm inside.
  9. Again it varies but generally you commit to 4 x 6 hour shifts. I was in the recycling centre this year and that is 4 x 5 hour shifts as work is a lot more full on and pretty much non stop as well as being a bit muckier
  10. It varies. But as a general rule of thumb it's either mornings or afternoons or ones that alternate. Some run Thursday to Sunday and some Friday to Monday. You get to choose which you would like in priority order (you may not always get your 1st choice) but you will know before you arrive. I always prefer mornings so don't miss bands in the afternoon but in my younger days would have probably chosen the alternating ones so could have a later night/early morning down in the SE corner.
  11. dondo

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    I used the Nuun tablets and they were great. Not so much for the hangover side of things as I had 7am starts but for being wiped due to the heat. Especially on Friday when I felt a bit ill due to the heat and sagged off Jon Hopkins to go back to my tent after having one of these helped no end.
  12. dondo

    Pet Shop Boys 2020?

    Yep. One of my favourite headliners too. Would have said my favourite ever other stage headliner but after the Chemical Brothers on Saturday night there is some competition for that title.
  13. For the recycling crew it's pretty tough. If you've done it before (and completed all your shifts obviously) then you are guaranteed a spot. Any spaces after that are through recommendations of people who have worked there previously. This is going direct with the festival I think if you do it via a charity then there maybe more opportunities for 1st timers
  14. dondo

    The Cure

    One of my favourite bands at one pof my favourite places in the world and didn't disappoint. Truly fantastic performance and probably my favourite Pyramid headliner ever. Truly wonderful.
  15. Good to meet those that I chatted to, didn't stay that long as think overdid it a bit on the Tuesday night crew bar crawl with recycling crew and was feeling a bit jaded and after meeting some other mates was going to come back but was a bit wiped so headed back
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