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  1. DOOR Sorry to hear about your COVID situation. Fingers crossed it doesn't hit you too hard
  2. OLE/OLD Sorry to heat it wasn't an easy festival for you. I did find it a bit too busy at times but will probably be back volunteering next year
  3. dondo

    Volunteering 2022

    Overall I had a great time. Worked all day on the Wednesday covering area from stone circle to Gate D. Not loads of litter as people just arrived. But a lot of walking especially as Tom's Field was pretty much at the opposite corner from where we were picking. It was bloody hot though but had a great team leader who ensured we had plenty of water breaks. Thursday was cooler but loads more litter. Did stone circle above the tipi field and the top of the Park. Lots of up and down hills so my calf and thigh muscles knew about it. Friday evening was up in the Park again which was good as managed to hear St Etienne whilst working. Then had the rest of weekend off which was good as managed to stay up a bit later on the Friday and Saturday night. Great to meet you that were there at Tow and Hitch (sorry didn't chat to you all and for probably being a bit drunk towards the end) and at other times. Will no doubt do it again next year and whilst pre festival shifts will always be my 1st choice the ones I had were pretty darn good
  4. HEART Great to see you on Wednesday. Hope you had a good festival
  5. Sorry to hear this. Great to see others on the forum reaching out. There's also the Samaritans on the path between Pyramid and Other for support too. Take care
  6. dondo

    Volunteering 2022

    Just a reminder that meet tonight at 7pm at Tow and Hitch for those that are interested
  7. CITY Let us know when you get on site if you want and I'll pop by and say hello
  8. WAVE Off to Glastonbury tomorrow so maybe a bit sporadic in my replies. Hopefully see you at the meet on Wednesday night
  9. dondo

    Spare Gig Tickets

    Have 2 tickets for Henning Wehn at York barbican on Friday and can't go. Let me know if anyone is interested
  10. SOFTLY Finally got around to starting to get my stuff together for Glastonbury today
  11. This time next week I'll be on site 😀
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