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  1. Ah yes. The tow and hitch, forgot that one. That was great too. There was a couple of other ones down in the SE corner that weren't too bad either. The one I didn't find/get to was the JP tent one.
  2. My favourite crew bar is either Maceos or the Accoustic tent one
  3. STAR And yes @stuartbert two hats music videos and nice to have you on the thread
  4. LIGHT as I believe a super trouper is a light and in memory of the great Meat Loaf
  5. HEADS I've edited my previous post as had no idea you'd replied!
  6. EDIT: How weirdly spooky as I didn't realise that you had posted a follow up so posted the same video for the same reason I.e. Chicago but using EVERYBODY as he link
  7. Thanks for organising @crazyfool1 and good luck with your recovery @Neil. This site is great, even more so in the last couple of years. I am really looking forward to this year's festival and catching up with folk I have got to know on here.
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