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  1. As with all festivals take a fold up camping chair. The view over the main Mountain stage is from a terraced hillside where even if it's wet you can then sit in the dry on your chair. The food stalls tend to be pretty good - especially La Grande Bouffe and their tartiflettes if they're there this year. You may remember them from Glasto.
  2. MONEY You'll be on your own for a while Dondo as I'm heading off to Dorset in my caravan for a week tomorrow. Mrs Grumpyhack's first holiday in the caravan. Normally it's a lad's away home for festivals but she has been persuaded to give it a go.
  3. STREAK And the one (or two) we probably remember
  4. CAMERA (As in Single Lens Reflex camera) A band that's had more members than I've had hot dinners.
  5. SINGER (There used to be a car called the Singer Vogue)
  6. LAW Ade Edmondson's take on a Clash classic, bravely performed just four days after the death of his comedy partner Rik Mayall.
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