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  1. BAT They may be a 'covers band' but the Classic Rock Show do a pretty good job
  2. I got them from a garden centre. They're called Haxnicks Micromesh Easy Tunnels and cost me £17.99 for a 3 metre length, Have a look at https://www.haxnicks.co.uk/garden-products/easy-tunnels You have a series of metal loops and the mesh, so all you have to do is push the ends of the loops in the ground as you pull out the tunnel.
  3. This thread seems to have stalled. Come on @stuartbert two hats put us out of our misery.
  4. Got there. Headliners were Peter Gabriel, Steve Hillage and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band (Alex RIP). As it was a group effort I'll leave it to whoever comes up with a question first.
  5. Not Coldplay. One of the headliners is now a gonner, died of a heart attack, one made great videos and one was a prog rock guitarist from Kent.
  6. @MrHew has got the year 1979. But I think at least one headliner would help - or am I being picky?
  7. grumpyhack

    Virtual Meet

    And you @Wellyboot and I'll have had my first haircut since before all this started.
  8. Going back in time for this one. In nineteen seventy something Michael Eavis secured a bank loan to enable Arabella Churchill and others to organise a festival in aid of the United Nations Year of the Child. What year and who headlined?
  9. Isn't a riser a low stage. When bands set up on a stage they also sometimes have a small raised area for the drums, which is also a riser. Just high enough to rise above everyone else.
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