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  1. Loved the Delray Rockets. My band of the festival (apart from Danny Bryant who was on his usual excellent form). Also good fun to watch at The Wheelhouse at Upton Marina. Decent view and not too crowded. Will be recommending them to my mate who runs the Cambridge Rock Festival, which I'm off to on Thursday - a long haul with a big caravan from South Wales but going back for old time's sake. Although CRF leans towards the prog side of rock, a bit of rockabilly and getting everyone dancing always goes down well. The jury is still out on whether I'd go to Upton again next year (mind you I used to say that after every Glastonbury and I always went back F5 ticket gods permitting). I found the Big Top Stage difficult because my back means I have to do most of my music watching sitting, so we were outside and didn't get such a good view.
  2. Are you going Karlhippy? If so, with Itspoppy's Gang we've got the beginning of an EFests meet.
  3. BUS Worth catching Graham Nash who's on a UK tour at present.
  4. Hi itspoppy, I'll be there with my caravan - a Dethleffs Camper (it's big a twin axle caravan and not as the name suggests a campervan). I'll probably have a Grumpyhack poster in the window. Do call round for a coffee or something stronger. Cheers Pete (aka Grumpyhack).
  5. QUEUE Wonderfully choreographed queue scene from the Full Monty as they slowly start dancing in the queue at the dole office.
  6. When boarding be careful to mind the DOORS
  7. TRAVEL (not really more than an upmarket Lenor bottle - but still a great source of relief)
  8. Good news. I may have failed with a Glastonbury ticket this year but Idles are at Green Man - and I've got a ticket for that
  9. I'm not sure.... being one of the Unworthy Ones for the first time in fifteen years is odd. I don't know whether to ignore it and think about other things, and other festivals to come, or watch and have pangs of angst about my failure on T Day.
  10. MARTIN (Featuring Fatboy Slim in his early days)
  11. HOUSE Graham Nash, still touring and worth catching.
  12. I've never seen sniffer dogs going in and out of CV East and I too have never been stopped. What it is to look like a boring old fart!
  13. AWAY Thanks for the excuse to post this Carlosj. Southside Johnny is virtually the Bruce Springsteen New Jersey Second Team. Great sax arrangements.
  14. Not going this year (bloody ticket lottery) but having previously stayed in CV East where you have to enter the festival daily and show your ticket each time, they were conducting random searches of people - empty pockets into a tray to be examined. But most people were only bringing in day bags. Entry to the main site if you're camping is a once and for all thing and with all the gear you lug in searches would be very time consuming and impractical.
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