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  1. I'm having a curry - something you can have for lunch, dinner, tea or supper. After a heavy night I may have even had one warmed up for breakfast at a festival..
  2. It's the right decision. Lives count for more. I put up a new wall calendar at the start of the year. Usually it's peppered with festivals and holidays. At the moment it's completely blank and likely to remain that way for a while.
  3. 1) Elbow - One day like this 2) Coldplay - Viva la vida 3) Fatboy Slim - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat 4) Beans on Toast - This Side Of The Fence 5) Florence and the Machine - Ship to Wreck 6) Mik Artistik - Plastic Fox 7) Blur - Tender 8 ) The Killers - Mr Brightside 9) Radiohead - Karma Police 10) Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers 11) Dolly Parton - 9 to 5 12) The Levellers - One Way 13) Lionel - Dancing on the Ceiling 14) Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline 15) Lizzo - Juice 16) David Bowie - Heroes 17) Chemical Brothers - Go 1
  4. Done and good luck. In occupation there's no space to answer retired or anywhere to explain why you think the things you've marked as important matter to you.
  5. Once this is all over I think there will be a lot of half-empty office blocks as a lot of people will have discovered they can work pretty effectively from home a lot of the time. Mr brother-in-law runs a large firm of insurance brokers and most of the staff are now working from home. It cuts down on unnecessary travel to work, which has to help the 'Green' agenda, wear on vehicles and roads etc. I suspect, given the chance, a lot of people would be happy to work part of their week from home.
  6. I struggle to remember what I saw - let alone what I missed.
  7. HIGH A compilation of Tina performances. The woman who taught Mick Jagger to move. A Phil Spector production. RIP - for good or bad.
  8. I read recently that Lego are the biggest manufacturer of tyres in the world.
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