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  1. QUEEN "I know what comes after two sir!" Has to be one of the greatest live performances of all time
  2. I would have been at the Wychwood Festival with my first festival of the season and a shakedown of my caravan for Glastonbury.
  3. Go on Mr Zigster, put us out of our misery and I'm sure you'll think of a question.
  4. Crawling there slowly. It was 1986 but none of the above performers.
  5. Getting there. Yes John Williams, classical guitarist, who also formed Sky with several other notables, was the programmer and also one of the performers. So still need the year and a couple of others who played the stage.
  6. If allowed I might have a night or two away. At present as I can't use it I'm having some repair work done on the bodywork at the back. Since last year I've had a new (well second hand but new to me car) a VW Touareg which should have better tow capabilities for my big caravan so it would be good to have a run out. I'm self-isolating at present. No symptoms but just being careful and I'm worried that by the time I get out I will have forgotten how to drive, let alone tow a caravan. I've lost four fests too. Never mind - back to the veg patch.
  7. First of all you've got to name the year the stage was introduced (I think it only ran for that year). As for performers, sorry no to all the above. As a hint, it was programmed by a guitarist - look Skywards.
  8. Under 'normal' circumstances I would have been setting off today for Cheltenham Racecourse for the Wychwood Festival, spending the night at the Caravan Club site at the Racecourse before trundling round to the festival proper tomorrow morning. Sadly it's not to be but at least there will be a virtual event on Facebook as compensation.on Saturday.
  9. In the 80s a short-lived Classical Stage was introduced. What year, who programmed it and name one other performer on the stage - plenty to choose from.
  10. While we are awaiting Bamber's brain teaser, once he's tested his eyes with a quick detour to a beauty spot, perhaps I could enlist a few more players for the Word Association Game found here A simple idea. You find a piece of music that somehow connects to the link word of the previously posted track and add it to the list with a new clip and word to link to.
  11. I'm fine to defer and go with a question from Bamber.
  12. SEVEN I've posted this clip before but it's always worth another watch. RIP Arthur Lee.
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