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  1. BACK Bugger - I've tested positive for covid today.
  2. DEVIL Bruce, who I managed to miss at Glasto, with a re-hash of a Mitch Ryder classics.
  3. I too was at Bath. I'm 72. and I coped OK with the walking but my biggest problem this year was feeling cold at night. I think I need to review my thermal gear. At least I had the consolation of a carvan to go back to in East 24 to warm up with a mug of drinking chocolate (life in the fast lane!)
  4. YOUNG Not an easy festival and possibly my last Glasto. Maybe I need to concentrate on smaller festivals that more closely match my tastes. I hope you had a good one.
  5. A few: Steve Knightly and Seth Lakeman in Croissant Neuf, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on the Pyramid and the Bootleg Beatles on The Acoustic. I was too cold to enjoy Macca and quit early, so The Bootlegs were a sort of consolation.
  6. I came away thinking I've done my last Glasto - though come ticket time I may yet change my mind. Mt thinking is that there is something for everyone at Glasto but much of it I'm not interested in. Maybe I need to hunt out some smaller festivals that more closely reflect my tastes. Loved the Greenfields and Croissant Neuf. I was also so cold in the evenings that I couldn't wait to climb the HoD (Slope of Mild Inconvenience), to get back to my caravan for a warm mug of drinking chocolate.
  7. FLOWERS Seems suitably hippy-dippyish. I'm not sure I have your mob no. PM me and i'll call when we've arrived and settled in.
  8. GOODBYE I'll be heading down on Tuesday, hopefully arriving early afternoon in CV East Quiet. Looking forward to the meet on Wednesday evening.
  9. SURF Dick Dale - 'King of the Surf Guitar'
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