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  1. CRY Eden Kane, brother of Peter Sarstedt (Where do you go to my lovely?). I agree re Glastonbury. I always make it a rule to catch a fair number of bands I've never heard of and have come across some crackers as a result. Possibly one of my biggest surprises was Gogol Bordello - amazing gypsy punk.
  2. RUDE I grew up on a diet of folk and blues. The Troubadour Folk Club in Bristol I went to regularly included Al Stewart as a resident. Then I discovered US West Coast music, Pink Floyd and Prog Rock and I've been largely in those ruts ever since with blues still my favourite. A good game of boules - won one game 13-9 and lost one 13-12. Now back to weeding the veg patch for another hour.
  3. BAD Having done a morning's weeding of my veg patch I'm off for a game of boules this afternoon. Our musical backgrounds and tastes are fascinatingly different and you're opening my eyes to music I've not encountered before. Thanks.
  4. When we are finally allowed back the layout will probably have changed again so we'll all be facing a real memory fuckage.
  5. SUN Apologies if I've posted this before but it's such fun. Great audience response.
  6. TWIST Springsteen and the E Street Band at their peak.
  7. BROOM Walter Trout one of the great guitarists and all round good bloke with a CV to die for (Canned Heat and John Mayall's Bluerbreakers) Sadly he nearly did from liver damage after a life of booze on the road. Thankfully on the road to recovery.
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