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  1. I've never seen sniffer dogs going in and out of CV East and I too have never been stopped. What it is to look like a boring old fart!
  2. AWAY Thanks for the excuse to post this Carlosj. Southside Johnny is virtually the Bruce Springsteen New Jersey Second Team. Great sax arrangements.
  3. Not going this year (bloody ticket lottery) but having previously stayed in CV East where you have to enter the festival daily and show your ticket each time, they were conducting random searches of people - empty pockets into a tray to be examined. But most people were only bringing in day bags. Entry to the main site if you're camping is a once and for all thing and with all the gear you lug in searches would be very time consuming and impractical.
  4. JONES And an alternative from a great Glastonbury favourite (RIP Jolly Jock) - Worth clicking on link that I can't embed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LFO25xjRYA
  5. Ah the wisdom of hindsight.... If I think about the bands and performers I've enjoyed watching only for a dark past to later emerge - Rolf would be an example and, sadly, there are several more.... It get's more complicated when rumours are circulating or date from a long time ago but remain unproven. Do you take the 'innocent until proven guilty' approach or the 'it's not worth the risk' approach?
  6. Anyone politician, tory, labour, lib or nationalist can promise a brave new world full of peace, happiness and prosperity for all before they come to office. Delivering is a different matter.
  7. JACK A bit of laid back from a former professional surfer worth getting in to.
  8. As bexj says not just to women either. I was at a folk festival a couple of years ago when a young woman who was dancing in front of me put her hands behind her and deliberately reversed into me and started touching me up. I backed away and got out of the tent straight away.
  9. If you want a bit of pedantry, according to Wikipedia Dr Feelgood was formed in Canvey Island in 1971 by Johnson, Brilleaux and Sparks, who had all been members of existing R&B bands, and soon added drummer John Martin. They took their name from a 1962 record by the American blues pianist and singer Willie Perryman (also known as "Piano Red") called "Dr. Feel-Good", which Perryman recorded under the name of Dr. Feelgood & The Interns. The song was covered by several British beat groups in the 1960s, including Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. The term is also a slang term for heroin or for a doctor who is willing to overprescribe drugs. The Feelgoods still perform but with no original members as far as I know. Better still catch Wilko Johnson, especially if he's with Norman Watt Roy on bass, as that will give you more of a Feelgood feel. oh and the link word is JOHNSON
  10. Shame we didn't get to meet Christian. And I don't think Neil made it this year - but he'll probably put us right.
  11. Well that's Wychwood 2019 done and I wonder what those on here who went made of it. As always I enjoyed it and I'll continue paying with their Ticket for Life scheme. But musically I thought it had really lost direction. A collection of bands who 'used to be something' forty years ago doesn't make for a great festival. Maybe I'm getting old but when the standout acts for me were Basil Brush and a couple of up and coming bands on the BBC Introducing stage it doesn't say much for the main festival lineup. The food stalls were fine with top marks for the Sri Lankan Rice and Curry place.
  12. HOUSE Otway at his best with the big band
  13. RAIN I remember Everybody's Talkin' from the film Midnight Cowboy which featured a stunning performance by Dustin Hoffman. A real tear jerker. This clip is from a great set by John Fogerty at Glastonbury - though why I post Glasto clips when I don't have a ticket this year I don't know.
  14. HALLELUJAH Another Grumpy Gonner, but still one of the finest performers I have ever seen live. Sadly his Glasto appearance wasn't broadcast. And I think this was also a Shrek song - albeit not the LC version.
  15. Done, good luck. I was struck on answering how festivals have changed that the answers very much matched how society has changed. In many areas festivals still have to conform to legislation - Health and Safety for example - that has impacted on society as a whole and not just festivals.
  16. Close but no cigar was a phrase used at Fairgrounds to punters who almost won the prize - often a cigar - but just failed and weren't perfect. So a bit of FAIRGROUND Attraction. Eddie Reader is still touring and may see her in June.
  17. From memory, as you approach the Mountain's Foot Stage area after walking through the Courtyard and other festival areas you come to a flight of wooden steps at the top of the bank overlooking the Mountain Stage. Before you go down the steps, just to the left there is a van selling coffee with a few seats outside. How's about meeting there at around 4pm on Thursday afternoon? Someone could make up an EFesters Flag and we tend to have sticky labels with our discussion board names on (so mine will be saying Grumpyhack). I even have an old Grumpyhack T shirt somewhere that I might be able to dig out. If you can't make a meet, if you are caravan or motorhoming you might also spot my caravan. It's a twin axle Dethleffs Camper with a maroon and white awning and usually a sign saying 'Grumpyhack lives here' stuck in the window. Do call round, introduce yourself and I'm sure there will be a cup or glass (plastic of course) to drink.
  18. There tends to be an EFesters meet on the Thursday. I'd be up for it if there are any other EFesters interested.
  19. I'll probably enter a few competitions Yog but the problem is that as well as an attendance ticket I'll need a Campervan Ticket as it's caravan or nothing these days, As for Green Man, I can't speak highly enough about it. All the best bits of Glasto without the hassle. Stunning setting, lots of variety, great caterers (the best of Glasto usually - such as La Grande Bouffe) and run by people who really know music and bands. Loads to do apart from music. When I did my first Green Man a couple of years ago I thought: "With this I don't need Glasto any more" but the temptation of Big G still keeps calling. My daughter does Airbnb at her house in Cardiff but her problem tends to be where does she go with her wife and twins when she has a booking? It's often: "Dad, can we come up to yours for the weekend?"
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