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  1. GORILLAZ (Never mind the spelling) Off to see my mate's wife perform in a Ladies Choir tonight.
  2. Sorry but have a concert tonight (my mate's wife in a women's choir).
  3. WALLS A Travelin Wilbury's classic, with the chorus "And the Walls Came Down."
  4. MADONNA The most scarily talented guitar player I've seen. Stunning live, plays lead, bass, rhythmn and percussion all at the same time.
  5. I'm going deaf and wear hearing aids in both ears, so for loud gigs just take them out. However when I first started to lose my hearing I also suffered from tinnitus. I found that after having hearing aids fitted my tinnitus started to disappear and has now gone completely.
  6. COUSIN Another song about emigration forced on so many people because of economic hardship.
  7. USA The E Street Band is still one of the tightest groups I've ever seen. So good and well drilled.
  8. RUN The Ventures, a US instrumental group on which The Shadows were modelled.
  9. DOG Festival stalwarts. Had a stunning night last night seeing Beautiful - The Carole King Story. Great production, superb musicians and dancers. If the show comes your way, well worth catching.
  10. A lot of people arrive on the Tuesday from lunchtime onwards and there may be a queue to get in. If you're going with friends make sure you arrive together because there is no reserving on spaces for friends. You may find a burger van at the top of the HoD (Slope of Mild Inconvenience) but that's about all. But people will be cooking in their vans and sharing with friends and neighbours.
  11. SKY Wychwood regulars who'll be back again this year. Really looking forward to my first fest of the season.
  12. Mine arrived this morning. Festival plus Campervan East Quiet. Woohoo!
  13. METAL Won 4-0 at boules tonight so I'm a happy boy.
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