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  1. Well I’m sorry, I will just stop posting then. Clearly I’m not welcome here so I don’t need to share my opinions if they are constantly too negative for you. Everyone is struggling through this, in different ways. I might come across on here as negative through stress and worry, not because I want to be negative. At the same time comments like yours aren’t helping my mental state either. So thank you. And goodbye for now 👋
  2. Yes I’m deliberately negative and I just come on here to try and get everyone down as well. You’re spot on.
  3. Difference between missing out a word and spreading false information.
  4. The positivity rate was almost 10% today, the highest it’s been probably since the spring. I don’t personally take any good news from that.
  5. This is just false? There is an increase in testing capacity. The actual tests processed was down to 261,855.
  6. I think we are missing a lot of cases. Today’s positive rate was close to 10%.
  7. I mean not really, they’ve shut indoor dining completely haven’t they? We still have all establishments open who sell food... including spoons.
  8. I think we will all be in lockdown in a month.
  9. Oh my god... France 46,000 cases today... I’m sure this has probably already been mentioned?
  10. Yeah, sorry, you know what I meant though.
  11. Time for national lockdown I think.
  12. So can someone actually tell me how tier 3 is different to tier 2 apart from closing bars which don’t sell food? (Given pubs which serve “a pasty and chips” can stay open). Yesterday we had 241 deaths, deaths are now climbing by about 100 each week. That means at this current rate in 10 weeks with no national circuit breaker we will reach 1000 deaths a day. Meaning on Christmas Day we could see a really nasty death toll. I am still in complete doubt these tiers are doing anything to reduce the numbers, they are harming the economy but not getting infection rates down. We need proper
  13. My friend had to wait 5 days for her result back (London).
  14. That’s not true though. If your place of residence lies in a tier 2 zone you are not allowed to mix households indoors with anyone, no matter what tier they live in. So for example if I was so travel from London to Brighton, I still couldn’t mix indoors as I live in a tier 2 zone. Tier 2 is only allowed to mix outdoors with up to 6 people, and not allowed to mix socially indoors at all. So you can go to the pub with friends but you must sit outside not inside. Obviously none of this is enforceable but it just relies on people to do the right thing.
  15. Tier 2 in London in my eyes is worse than full lockdown. No mixing And destroying the economy but places like Manchester birmingham etc have shown tier 2 doesn’t get the numbers down. I think it’s full circuit breaker or nothing. I don’t like this in between state where you aren’t allowed to do anything but the numbers aren’t coming down either.
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