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  1. I completely agree, there aren't many females this year between the headliners and down to FKA twigs, but last year we only had Tove Lo, Jain & Florence as female headliners/sub headliners, yet I still feel the festival as a whole created such a strong positive message that everyone is included and feels accepted. Last year having Years & Years as a subheadliner was awesome as they really convey that message across in their performance that sziget are trying to achieve. Even Macklemore from a diversity respect was an excellent subheadliner, as he always makes sure to sing 'same love' and always gives a speech about it doesn't matter who you are or what you believe in, everyone is accepted. That's why I find imagine dragons such moving performances, because even though in terms of the make up of their band isn't particularly diverse, their performance is, as they always sing "its time" and give a speech about how everyone should be accepted no matter for who you are or how you feel. So from my perspective maybe it's more about booking those artists who can emulate that sense of diversity in their performance, even if the structure of the line up isn't particularly diverse itself. We definitely have a diverse line up at sziget this year and there will be a lot of talented female artists lower down (Jade bird is lower down on the line up and she's excellent), and there's so many stages at sziget that the line up is always going to be relatively balanced and diverse even if the main names don't seem like there's been too much effort to create that sense of balance- at the end of the day they are going to book the names who are going to sell the most tickets, however that doesn't detract from the overall positive message sziget try to convey as a festival. It's an issue that is talked about a lot and one I'm actually quite passionate about; to say that female artists, or similarly male artists, haven't been booked because they "aren't good enough", is no longer an acceptable argument because we have so many talented artists out there now, big in popularity and small in popularity, that creating a diverse line up is always going to be possible and should be aimed for regardless if the original artist you set out to book is unable to be booked for whatever reason.
  2. The difference is Sziget actively promote diversity, and every year have a strong line up of female artists; this year including dua lipa, FKA twigs, Sigrid & black honey, showcasing different styles of music which well-represent their festival. On the other hand, this year at reading, the highest female artist on the line up is Mabel (2nd from the bottom on the main stage), haven't had a female headliner in 6 years now and only 8% of their artists this year have female members. In my opinion that is shocking as festival republic claim to be addressing gender imbalance in music. There is minimal diversity at Reading whereas Sziget represents diversity and equality and acceptance as a whole event (incorporating stages such as the magic mirror), and looking back at previous years they've always booked strong female artists (Florence, dua, lana, Sia, Rhianna, pink) who represent their event well and put on a good live show. It's not necessarily having a 50/50 split between male and female bookings, because that is just booking due to gender rather than talent, however it is about trying to create an overall diverse line up with talented artists of different race, gender, sexuality etc. (Years & Years were an awesome representation of diversity last year, same for Tove Lo). I feel sziget does this perfectly as a festival and I would say that sziget have booked a strong set of artists this year who can represent their image for diversity well. Once we've had stages such as magic mirror added in as well as the guest speakers on the main stage, then their festival really will emulate diversity and talent once again this year. For me this year, Reading has no diversity throughout the line up this year, and talent is barely there too(there's only a few names which jump out at me as being a strong booking this year). It's something sziget does far better than Reading has ever done, and that's why the issue of imbalance lies far bigger at Reading than it does at Sziget.
  3. It comes to the point though, can we just ban travel in and out of the UK? Against freedom of movement etc. however flights from Italy to the UK are still running, which means it's just a matter of time now before an outbreak hits the UK. Or at least screening people on their way in and out of the UK needs to be done like they are doing in china... at this point there's no telling who is a carrier.
  4. It definitely has to be this week. I think it's extremely unlikely they would increase the prices of the 3 day and 5 day passes if we don't know which headliners are playing on which day. Add Two door cinema club to that list as well. Maybe Bombay bicycle club and London Grammar are possible names too?
  5. Yeah sold out fast as well.. bought my tickets back in September and it's next month so been waiting a long time now! 😂
  6. Their UK tour next month is pretty much sold out and that's in arenas such as the O2 in London... They're headlining Kendall Calling too and headlined latitude last year... so yeah still pretty big
  7. Hmmm it’s end of feb though and the event is normally put on at the end of June and they haven’t updated the website from 2019 with 2020 dates.. Seems possible that plans have fallen through for whatever reason as they haven’t even told us a date?
  8. Haven't been to Opener but UBER is ridiculously cheap in Poland... took a 40 min uber for 3 of us and cost £9.
  9. Sorry to double post but is there a chance it's Eminem for this and that's why they are holding back, similar to sziget? I really hope not as I have no interest whatsoever in his live show just thought that could be a reason why it's taking them so long to release the first names?
  10. Dodie got much better towards the end but people were just chatting and shouting over her and because she has such a mellow voice it was actually impossible to hear her singing... “in the middle” at the end was good where she got everyone jumping. I was at Kate nash as well and I agree, but I think the issue is most people only know foundations... and therefore everyone spent the whole 45 min set waiting for it!
  11. Did sziget last year and don’t have the time this summer to commit to 7 days so was either thinking 3 days at sziget or 3 days at Pukkelpop... would like to wait for the PKP line up before booking anything though.
  12. Kinda hoping it’s soon because sziget increase ticket prices beginning of March!
  13. Done the festival the last two years in a row and gutted I can’t make it this year as it’s really awesome. Bear in mind the capacity has increased so it felt considerably busier last year than it did the year before so worth considering Thursday entry to get a good camping spot, I’d say the best camping spots are just opposite the market stage in the campsite as it means you literally have less than a 5 min walk to the arena. Overall the festival has a really nice vibe, family friendly but you get a mix of all ages and there really is something for everyone. Good and reasonably priced food options too and pretty easy to get alcohol in through the gates, nice decorations around the arena too. Always got a good crowd too just depends on the particular act, Dodie had one of the worst and most annoying crowds I’ve ever been in last year but foals and wolf alice had awesome crowds, similar with sea girls, so just depends on the act really but overall you can expect a good and friendly crowd Arena stays open until 2am with palm city(late night djs running until 1:45am), they have plenty of other stages and a silent disco running until this time too so you won’t be stuck for choice. Main stage ends about 11/11:30pm. Past 2am though there’s nothing really to do apart from go back to your tent and sleep(or go to the charity tent and start a rave in there but they get pretty angry and kick you out 🤣). Its a really great festival and good value too, always got a really strong line up and is definitely worth considering going to.
  14. Anyone got any idea of who’s going to be announced on Tuesday?
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