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  1. Phonics to headline off the back of their new album?
  2. Post malone sounded awful. Went to parcels instead, they had a huge crowd and put on an insane show. Absolutely incredible atmosphere in that tent. Jungle were also incredible last night too
  3. Anyone else have the most incredible weekend!? 😃
  4. Yeah I was looking at the daily overlooks. When you actually look at it hour by hour it doesn’t look so bad. Temperature of low 20s is good as means we won’t all boil to death, I’m just praying for no rain though as it turns the ground into a mud bath.
  5. Weather forecast is looking pretty grim to be honest. Thunderstorms Thursday night, raining Friday Saturday and Sunday and only around 20 degrees
  6. Anything going cheap for this? Still waiting
  7. Hi. I am selling 2 x Saturday Day tickets as cannot attend anymore due to unfortunate circumstances. All sensible offers considered by private message. Public Service Broadcasting are headlining and also Orbital are performing. It is located at Goonhilly Earth Station in Helston, Cornwall. Please let me know if you would be interested in buying them. https://apollo50.co.uk
  8. My friend and I wouldn't mind going to this but no way are we paying £45. Anyone know of any cheaper tickets or 2 for 1 deals anymore? Also, I kept getting sent free tickets for All points east so any chance of a similar situation for this event?
  9. Much more spacious and much friendlier atmosphere too than at Reading
  10. Do we reckon they will start giving out free tickets to this as I've been getting a lot of free ones to APE and was wondering if this would do similar? Don't think they are run by the same company though are they?
  11. Can we also point out it will be big weekend 2020 not 2019?
  12. Idles are at approximately 3:30pm Source: truck instagram Sorry didn’t realise but you beat me to it^ Kate Nash and Two door would slightly overlap going by last year’s set times. Really annoyed that UM@6 and Dodie clash as wanted to see both of them
  13. His song “someone you loved” has recently been number one for weeks
  14. Quite like the line up for this, are there still more acts to announce over the coming weeks?
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