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  1. FestivalJamie

    TRUCK 2018

    It's courtneers and editors... Tragic.
  2. FestivalJamie

    TRUCK 2018

    The current line up insanely poor. Praying for a 2nd announcement which actually makes this line up good, because otherwise I've wasted 120 quid. Y not's line up is 1000x better than this so hope they can claw it back.
  3. FestivalJamie

    TRUCK 2018

    Does anyone know how long until the 2nd wave of acts?
  4. FestivalJamie

    TRUCK 2018

    Anyone got any further idea of who the last headliner and sub will be?
  5. FestivalJamie

    Lineup 2018

    Line up is absolutely tragic. Even last years line up was far better, but I have to say that I think 2016's line up was the best they've had for a while now. This line up makes Latitude's, Truck's and Kendal's line ups look far more appealing as their tickets are all cheaper than Reading's and they have stronger line ups! Where the hell are Arctic monkeys and foo fighters!?
  6. FestivalJamie

    Latitude 2018

    Seems to be going down pretty well on social media! I think the music line up this year is quite strong, however the comedy line up is very weak. If it wasn't such an expensive weekend I would totally be down for it!(although would have been nice to see Lana/Chvrches/Florence in there too to make it that little bit stronger).
  7. FestivalJamie

    TRUCK 2018

    Can't see it being Foals- they don't really fit in with the artists that have just been announced. I can see the second announcement being reasonably big to be honest, especially after the poor reaction from the first announcement. Assuming De la soul partners with Friendly Fires and Jake Bugg partners with George Ezra, we still have a Sunday Headliner AND a sub for the main stage on the Sunday to be announced. I can see the last sub being First Aid Kit or alternatively Blossoms. Not sure who the last headliner will be though, Catfish would make sense, or alternatively The Wombats. I'm pretty certain Fickle Friends will also be announced in the next wave, along with other usuals like Sundara Karma and Clean Cut Kid. Obviously I don't know anything(although it has been implied to me Fickle Friends are going to be added), however I am hoping for a strong second wave of artists from Truck. For all we know, it was a tactic from the organisers to make the first announcement slightly weaker to increase publicity(as negative publicity is still publicity) and then to announce the really strong acts in the second wave. Would be very happy if we saw First Aid Kit, Catfish/Wombats, Sundara, Blossoms and Fickle Friends added in the 2nd wave.
  8. FestivalJamie

    TRUCK 2018

    Got my ticket this morning in anticipation for a step up from last years line up... Is most certainly a huge step down. Jake bugg, George Ezra, Circa Waves, Sub Focus are good, but are nothing compared to the likes of catfish, kodaline, wombats, libertines, vaccines, Franz Ferdinand, Sundara karma from previous years. Second wave of acts better be bloody strong, any idea of who the last headliner will be? I'm also still holding out for Fickle Friends to be added as they don't seem to be doing any festivals so far this year.
  9. FestivalJamie

    TRUCK 2018

    How likely would you say the following bands are for this year's line up? -The Wombats -Kodaline -Bastille -First Aid Kit -Fickle Friends -The Hunna -Chvrches -Wilkinson/Sigma/Example+DJ wire/Andy c -Sundara Karma -Clean Bandit -Jake Bugg -Alt J -Kaiser Chiefs Cheers