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  1. 1.5m in Germany and around most of Europe.
  2. Hi guys. Sorry I can’t keep up with this topic as it’s so fast paced so I don’t know if this has been posted already, but if you believe what Dominic Cummings did was breaking the law and he should face justice then please get behind the petition. We are almost at 1 million signatures. I’m fed up of Boris and Matt Hancock today and yesterday trying to distract away from this major issue. If you have someone as “important” as Dominic Cummings breaking the rules himself, it gives no one any incentive to stick to them anymore. https://www.change.org/p/dominic-cummings-must-be-sacked
  3. Sounds stupid to me. No way can you hold a festival and keep everyone 2m apart. The smaller event in august will most likely be cancelled as well, it’s just putting off the inevitable. Holding any mass gatherings this year is far far too risky and could have catastrophic repercussions until the situation stabilises.
  4. Hull fair (one of the UK’s largest funfairs) now cancelled too- that’s mid October. Unfortunately any business that is not able to adapt to social distancing regulations is at jeopardy for a long time. I hope that we are able to return to more of a sense of normality next year but even major events next year could well still be at risk.
  5. In germany, it went up above 1 for maybe a day or two, but then went back down again to 0.7. On the whole in that week when for a day it went above 1, infections were 25% less than the week before, so on the whole the reproductive rate of the virus in Germany has been steadily decreasing.
  6. They don’t count the deaths on a Sunday properly. Wait until Tuesday for the proper death count. KCL covid symptom tracker estimates 252,000 active cases today, which is up 12,000 from a week ago (240,000 last week). This would indicate that the R0 is fluctuating around 1 and therefore it is even more important now than ever before to take extra precautions, as if the R0 goes above 1, that’s the start of the second wave.
  7. I really hope they are made compulsory soon. Was just at Tesco extra with a full car park and only saw two others wearing a mask. Also big family groups all coming to shop together I found very disconcerting. Waitrose is far better organised, only one shopper per household group and staff with screens and face shields on at the checkouts. Are you in the UK?
  8. Unfortunately the new government “advice” that masks should be worn on public transport and in shops doesn’t seem to be working. Went to Waitrose yesterday and I was the only one wearing one. I honestly cannot see why pretty much every country in Europe and Asia has made face coverings compulsory yet we are still one step behind as per usual. Look at all those other countries maintaining low transmission rates yet ours are back on the rise again...
  9. Today was the worst day of lockdown for me so far. I had a job in germany which i was originally contracted to go into April. Both the employer and I signed the contract. In late March, they then postponed the contract to 1st june due to the restrictions in Germany. The business is reopening in Germany the end of this month, but I just received a phone call saying that they have to cancel my contract as they have to prioritise permanent workers over seasonal workers and can’t afford to have a full team working this year. The icing on the cake; they told me to reapply for 2021. I am now officially unemployed and because it was an international job I am not receiving the 80% furlough pay I would have if I was employed by a UK employer. (I am not receiving any pay from them and as it is a legally binding contract and they have cancelled it, perhaps I would be entitled to some form of compensation). Feeling low
  10. Hardly looks like any of them have masks on though... as per government "advice"
  11. Also speech/breathing is another main method transmission, for those infected but asymptomatic.
  12. Wilderness and board masters still claim to be going ahead 😂
  13. Lockdown should not have been eased. It is estimated there are still 242,000 active cases today. Stay at home
  14. It's not impossible, but this is an extremely unlikely scenario. Even with a herd immunity the virus will still spread around the community, but at a slowed rate. If we locked everyone In the UK in their homes right now for 2 weeks (you can't leave your house) then you could completely suppress the virus in a way that it could no longer spread and you would then have 0 active cases. The issue then lies with people entering the country, which is why a mandated and monitored 2 week quarantine is so important and should have been in place months ago. If everyone then coming into the country who is infected then has to quarantine, along with the rest of their household they are staying in, for 2 weeks, the virus would no longer be able to spread. In reality, this is very difficult to achieve and even in Wuhan, where they have reached a very low transmission rate, are still seeing new cases pop up here and there due to internationals arriving from abroad. With people like lorry drivers still able to cross the border and people allowed to take international flights for business, it would be near impossible to artificially suppress the virus to 0 active cases. It's worth being very cautious over the next couple of weeks in the UK. Using the KCL Covid symptom's app at the beginning of April they estimated that well over 2 million UK citizens actively had the virus. With introduction of lockdown, the R0 was well below one and this has decreased number of estimated active cases to 230,000 a few days ago. However, over the past couple of days the estimate for active cases has slowly risen to 245,000. This suggests that some of the British population haven't been adhering to lockdown rules for 1-2 weeks now (due to a delay in symptoms showing up). This also indicates that the R0 is currently fluctuating around 1, however averaging out slightly just above 1. With relaxation of restrictions and allowing multiple 2 person gatherings with different people on the same day, that R0 could potentially start increasing again. Who knows how much it will increase by, only time will tell, and additionally the reopening of schools could also push up the R0 and cause a 2nd spike in infections. Brace for the 2nd wave, if we are lucky, we can suppress it and there won't be a major one, but it's also entirely possible another large wave is coming our way. I will continue to stay at home as much as possible for this reason.
  15. Good names for me there... foals, editors, London grammar. Hope they get them back for next year
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