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  1. What is happening with next year’s coachella? I guess that’s somewhat comparable, although situation in the US is much worse than the UK but was wondering if they were planning on pressing ahead in April 2021 at the moment?
  2. I am worried that come winter the government think they are going to be able to tackle every local outbreak by telling us not to visit each other’s homes. People will still gather in each other’s homes as it cannot be enforced, and those who don’t gather in their homes will gather in indoor pubs instead, as it will be too cold for beer gardens to be open. That would lead to more outbreaks in pubs which would lead to local numbers increasing rather than decreasing and a nation-wide spike. Perhaps I’m panicking, but when numbers start to rise high enough I personally think there’s no option but nation-wide intervention. To me the current “measures” imposed up north of not visiting each other’s homes are completely irrelevant, as it’s not something that can be stopped or enforced, and it just redirects people to gather in other places such as pubs rather than in their houses. I wonder if the government would consider the introduction of curfews like in other countries, or toughen up on social distancing and mask rules? Perhaps we could go back to the 2m rule rather than 1m should the outbreak worsen again?
  3. Just ridiculous to be honest, there’s already been a lot of localised outbreaks traced back to pubs, and especially within the staff. If the virus escalates on a national level they will have no option but to close hospitality sector down. Telling people “you can’t meet in each other’s houses” is completely unenforceable and won’t decrease numbers whatsoever as people will just go against the rules and meet anyway. This will prove especially tough in the winter, when people can’t meet outside and only meet indoors, further spreading the virus.
  4. Is there any point in running the resale until they know they can 100% go ahead next summer?
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-53636854 What is people’s obsession with taking cruises during a pandemic... they seem to be a hotbed for outbreaks to occur?
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53642430 Malta festivals cancelled, I can somewhat de-stress now. 🙂
  7. Thank you so much for your helpful updates.
  8. +928 cases, +9 deaths. 😔 Does anyone know the positive rate based on testing:positive case ratio? Is it higher or lower than yesterday. Getting dangerously close to 1000 daily cases.
  9. Just out of interest, would people on here actually take the Russian vaccine if it was launched in October?
  10. Hand washing is insignificant to me. Boris told us all to “wash our hands” back in March and it didn’t stop a virus outbreak(don’t get me wrong I think it’s important to keep hands clean but it’s not stopping a nasty virus). The thing which controls the spread of disease is fundamentally the physical distancing and mask wearing. You don’t get that at clubs, festivals, concerts etc. Let alone covid I just don’t want to get sick with any illnesses or viruses, I feel like festivals are hotbeds for these sorts of things to spread, I remember getting really sick after my first ever weekend at reading festival, not so fun. I don’t think I’d be comfortable sharing portaloos anymore either really, but I hate camping anyway and normally opt to stay in an Airbnb for festivals when they are more than one day (what I did for sziget) so I wouldn’t necessarily have to use the bathroom facilities there anyway. Hopefully I can get back one day, music is something I truly love and going to concerts and hearing live music kept me sane and kept me happy, but now going to a festival would just make me stressed and uncomfortable, so kind of has turned my world upside down. 🙃
  11. As I said a lot of people I know are not willing to take a vaccine which has been so rushed to be put together. Similarly as we currently don’t know long term implications of covid we won’t know long term side effects of the vaccine until people start showing them down the line. I just cannot share your optimism at this point, I’ll be optimistic once the global health situation is better. I just can’t see myself at festivals next year regardless. So many people, so little personal space and hygiene normally goes out of the window. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get back to what I love for a long time... the world is changed to me now 😔
  12. But how many people have to take the vaccine for it to be effective? Mass distribution is going to be time consuming and if consumption isn’t high enough, the virus could spread throughout the community who aren’t vaccinated causing the NHS to be overwhelmed and a reintroduction of restrictions. I know a lot of people who are sceptical of taking such a rushed vaccine, no one knows side effects or the like. I certainly won’t be taking the Russian one should it surface by October. I think we’re stuck with living with the virus for quite a bit longer. Restrictions can’t be lifted worldwide until it’s absolutely safe to do so, hopefully that will be next year but that’s an optimistic scenario.
  13. I guess we just don’t know at this point. We have no clue what this autumn is going to look like, let alone next summer. If the virus is still as prevalent as it is now next summer then I guess day festivals could always go ahead with socially distanced seating and mask wearing. Not sure how camping festivals would work given hygiene is seriously compromised with people sharing toilets etc. Might encourage festivals to install some proper posh toilets throughout the sight and not just in the glamping areas. Would be the end of mosh pits and the like though.
  14. Yes but we don’t have enough frontline staff to facilitate that capacity, during the peak the NHS nurses were overwhelmed with the amount of patients they had to care for.
  15. I think you’re right. I think there’s also a much fewer amount of Brits in Belgium at the moment compared to Spain. I think there’s something crazy like 600,000 tourists in Spain at the moment. I don’t think that many people will have gone on holiday to Belgium in comparison.
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