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  1. I downvoted that post not because of its content. I downvoted it because I’ve had to put up with months of you bullying me and picking on every single post of mine. @zahidfhas always been polite and respectful in posts, therefore I wouldn’t unnecessarily downvote unless it was justified. I’ve actually been trying to reduce my interactions on this forum because every time I post I get a bullying and harassing comment. Therefore, I wouldn’t unnecessarily start something up unless I thought it was justified. It seems people on here are ok though that you constantly pick on every single one of my posts and have been since last summer. It is belittling and unfair, in fact it’s actually bullying.
  2. It is reasonable, it was actually an accident I was just scrolling through. I’ve removed it for what it’s worth.
  3. It’s just weekend numbers. 7 day average is still high (peaked at just over 800 but on the way down). Cases are also dropping week by week too which is positive. Worldometer doesn’t update fully right until the end of the day for germany so it’s harder to keep track.
  4. I don’t understand why they can’t just own up to their mistakes in an honest manner and work on a sensible strategy with us to move forwards. That way we will all empathise yes they messed up but we can trust them more to move forwards. They just dig themselves a deeper hole
  5. It’s already happened. Went out for a walk today and people in groups of 4-5 sitting round on benches and chatting. Also walked past a playground with like 40 kids running round and screaming and parents mingling and chatting. Made me feel very eerie about the mixing going on in households.
  6. No doubt it’s more infectious but they are acting like we are in this situation because it’s more infectious, not because of putting places like south east and London in tier 2 pre Christmas.
  7. But has Whitty run the scientific tests on the E484K mutation? Don’t think so. Let’s treat it with caution until we know exactly what we are dealing with. I don’t trust Whitty anymore. I don’t trust this about higher transmissibility and higher death rate. The reason the cases and deaths are so high is because the government got us in this position by prioritising the economy at Christmas time! It’s not rocket science to figure it out. I just feel sick of it now 😞
  8. I agree. I’m adamant they are just making excuses for their mistakes and reopening everything before Christmas leading to the spike in cases hospital admissions and deaths. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see 2000 deaths next Wednesday, and it is the government’s fault for not treating the virus seriously, regardless of any mutations. As for the vaccine, should be good against uk variant but we don’t know about Brazil or SA yet. We need to treat this mutations seriously and stop blowing them off like our government does otherwise this is only going to get worse if these variants really do have escape against the vaccines and reduce efficacy, which we don’t know yet.
  9. That’s not even what I said. I’m just highlighting your language about zero sympathy etc is not particularly considerate. I wasn’t even talking about staying in lockdown, I was talking about judging people. Yes you can meet up one on one inside or outside but that’s it really. The rest of the rules differ by state. So some have public alcohol bans, curfew, 15km radius limit for travel. Also you have to wear medical grade masks now in all indoor spaces and this is enforced by police. In some states it has to be fpp2. So the rules just differ, it doesn’t mean they aren’t in lockdown.
  10. Yep back to the herd immunity strategy. And also regarding the vaccine- a handful of people physically can’t take it. So we shouldn’t just judge everyone the same if they haven’t had it for personal circumstances.
  11. They are already in hard lockdown. And even though a lot of the state ministers did mess up in November/December, the numbers are on the way back down which is good to see.
  12. Selfish comment, you have no clue what the situation will be like in March.
  13. Hopefully none of them.. but I’m more concerned about them bringing the mutations in.
  14. Erm make them have a test at the border? Even if it’s a rapid one... better than nothing? Other countries like Italy and Spain have been sending people back without negative tests. I thought the airlines were supposed to be stopping people getting on without a test anyway?
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