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  1. Anything going cheap for this? Still waiting
  2. Hi. I am selling 2 x Saturday Day tickets as cannot attend anymore due to unfortunate circumstances. All sensible offers considered by private message. Public Service Broadcasting are headlining and also Orbital are performing. It is located at Goonhilly Earth Station in Helston, Cornwall. Please let me know if you would be interested in buying them. https://apollo50.co.uk
  3. My friend and I wouldn't mind going to this but no way are we paying £45. Anyone know of any cheaper tickets or 2 for 1 deals anymore? Also, I kept getting sent free tickets for All points east so any chance of a similar situation for this event?
  4. Much more spacious and much friendlier atmosphere too than at Reading
  5. Do we reckon they will start giving out free tickets to this as I've been getting a lot of free ones to APE and was wondering if this would do similar? Don't think they are run by the same company though are they?
  6. Can we also point out it will be big weekend 2020 not 2019?
  7. Idles are at approximately 3:30pm Source: truck instagram Sorry didn’t realise but you beat me to it^ Kate Nash and Two door would slightly overlap going by last year’s set times. Really annoyed that UM@6 and Dodie clash as wanted to see both of them
  8. His song “someone you loved” has recently been number one for weeks
  9. Quite like the line up for this, are there still more acts to announce over the coming weeks?
  10. Agree with foals- could definitely see them returning to headline after their 2 new albums, the first one definitely seems to be a massive hit so far. Shawn Mendes is way too "pop" for R&L, I really can't see him fitting in with the demographic of people who attend the festival. Drake I agree could headline, similarly Bastille could definitely get the slot off the back of a new album as they subbed the main stage a couple of year back. Think Florence & the Machine could definitely headline over the next couple of years, and if Catfish keep growing at the rate they have been, they could definitely be in with a shot of headlining. As mentioned before, I feel like Chvrches could maybe get a co-headline/headline slot if they release another album. Their new single with Marshmello has massively increased their recognition(their Spotify monthly listeners has jumped to 17.8 million which is huge for them) so I could definitely see them headlining if they keep releasing new singles and maybe push a brand new album. Although Dua Lipa is quite "pop", she had a huge crowd at last year's festival and actually fit in quite well with the new style of bookings R&L have been heading for recently (IMO), so if she keeps getting bigger and bigger she could definitely be up there to headline in a couple of years time.
  11. Bearing in mind that we've still got 3 sub-headliners to announce (assuming Years & Years aren't Sunday sub) and a potential A38 headliner. If I had to place a bet on anyone who I thought was going to get added at this stage, it would have to be Billie. Looking at the spread of acts throughout the week, it's clear they've loaded to Wednesday & Thursday and Monday & Tuesday to try and encourage people to buy week long passes. However, they've neglected the Friday-Saturday-Sunday pretty badly in comparison to the other days so far(although I personally really like the Sunday line up, but the Saturday is super poor, Friday is good just not many acts added yet). Therefore the logical move seems to be to add Billie as either Sunday sub, or 3rd down on the main stage on Saturday, to try and boost ticket sales, as her name alone would shift a lot of tickets, and I can tell that from the sheer amount of people complaining on instagram that she's not on the line up and how many likes those complaints have been getting (I know it's not relative to people who actually buy tickets as the people on instagram like to complain anyway- but it just puts into perspective how much of a marketable name she's become). Aside from that, we have Wednesday sub & A38 headliner to announce and Friday sub. Seeing as the Wednesday is already sold out, it seems like they would be less likely now to have a really strong sub for the Wednesday. I could definitely see someone like A$AP Rocky subbing Martin Garrix. For the Wednesday sub, Foals would be nice, as they are promoting their new albums and it would be cool to see them return to Sziget, and Wednesday A38 headliner I would preferably like someone like Bloc Party/Editors/Marina to be added. I think it's really quite difficult to tell at this stage who the last minute additions are likely to be but we should definitely have at least 2-3 "big" names added at this point. I've always said as well that I feel like there's a lack of female acts at the top of the bill compared to last year (last year there was Zara Larsson, Wolf Alice, Dua Lipa & Lana Del Ray) whereas this year it's only really Tove Lo & Florence up at the top of the bill, so once again Billie Eilish would definitely fit in well in that respect too.
  12. Rockin chair line up this week!
  13. What's this supposed to mean?
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