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  1. 2018 sold out in a few hours, I dont think 2019 sold out. The Ian Brown day could go quick, I would imagine catfish would be more of a slow sell.
  2. As it's a bank holiday, the trains will hold a strike no doubt(2018).
  3. I remember people being very critical on the giggs appointment on here.
  4. Shed Seven into Ian Brown is going to be awesome . 😎
  5. I'm sure it's a possibility he will last until mid july.
  6. I agree with you on this, it is probably because we are knackered by the time the headliners come on. It is one of the reasons I love Sziget so much, man stage does not stare until 4pm, saves the legs... Also no idea if you have done the festival scene for a long time, but personally speaking you get very jaded of the same old headliners year in year out. There is not many festivals who try and do it a bit differently at the minute, Glastonbury/Roskilde usually take a risk or 2 but mainly festival organisers go for the safe acts.
  7. Why are people so convinced that the strokes will play? From my understanding they have never played in Belgium and certainly not Werchter. So there standing in Belgium is not very high.
  8. They always announce 10 days before tickets go on sale don't they.
  9. I know Liverpool are doing really well at the minute but steady on mate.
  10. 7th... 😎😃 Impressive in attack, at least its getting fans out of there seat again. Dan James is a wonderful signing.
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