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  1. Or there summer festival tour, one can hope.
  2. Phil Neville to coach the final year of messi. 😂
  3. Players just waste there careers at Chelsea and other top clubs, look at the likes of Moses and Loftus-Cheek. Loftus Cheek is 26 and what is he doing, should of left Chelsea at least 3 or 4 years ago and built his career. Same with Dean Henderson at United, wasting his career and is already 25. I know goalkeepers have longer careers than outfield players but is wasting his career at united. Go elsewhere and build a career elsewhere, should of left 2 seasons ago when his stock was at his highest.
  4. Its about having a good nose about these players though, klopp or who ever is in charge of transfers know what they are doing. Mane was heavily linked to united and got scoffed at. United fans just get excited by the likes of Pogba, Falcao, Di Maria, Sanchez and the likes. Its all about building a team, united have been awful. Even fergie best times on the transfer market was bringing in the players under the radar like Sharpe from Torquay, Solskjaer from Molde, Irwin from Oldham and players like that.
  5. Said it for a whole united should be looking at the Liverpool transfer model.
  6. Might work out to there advantage. How many big signings have worked out? Get players in that actually work and want to be there.
  7. That's been said a few times in the last 10 years.
  8. You might need the win against palace
  9. That's a massive goal for Leeds, might be enough to keep them up.
  10. As it stands Everton to stay up today?
  11. Lot has been said about the lineup in whats coming or not, but the Monday is going to be an amazing day. Pity its not near the start of the festival, always knackered by the last day. Arctic Monkeys Sam Fender Fontaines D.C. Inhaler Clutch Holly Humberstone Iceage What a great day that will be.
  12. Perhaps they come from from poverty, then money turns there heads.
  13. They have moved all but one of the acts now to the correct place.
  14. They've not done it before, seems to be an error. Especially as some of the acts are on the Monday lineup. They haven't done it for the rest of the weeks lineup.
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