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  1. thetime

    Football 18/19

    All levels of football is over priced I would say, I pay £14 for non league games, that not even for the national league.
  2. thetime

    Sziget Festival 2018

    Not so close to the beach, what it is very close to is the Telekom arena.
  3. thetime

    Football 17/18

    Quarters at least, got great chance going far.
  4. thetime

    Football 17/18

    You would of thought they would of known about his injury history with his knee. Saying that Utd didn't with hargreaves.
  5. thetime

    Football 17/18

    That’s not like Liverpool in transfer negotiations is it.
  6. thetime

    Football 17/18

  7. thetime

    Football 17/18

    Who would you choose?
  8. thetime

    Beer Prices

    Equivalent to about £1.60 for a pint at sziget.
  9. thetime

    Football 17/18

    It doesn’t matter how rich they are, would they use it as a play thing like roman and city owners is another question. Thats the question Chelsea and City fans must ask themselves when the club isn’t built on anything solid.
  10. thetime

    Football 17/18

    I gather one of the stipulations would be no tours, only warm weather training. No idea if they can legally do this though.
  11. thetime

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    No I’m not a ‘user’, took a few here and there 25 years ago. I know jack shit about drugs and that’s why I don’t talk gibberish about the complex issue.
  12. thetime

    Football 17/18

    Heysel ignored by the British media as per usual, they seem embarrassed to report about it.
  13. thetime

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    One might suggest you are quite uneducated on the drug issue.
  14. thetime

    Football 17/18

    Bet Stoke wish they could get them in.
  15. thetime

    Football 17/18

    Gutter press.. sterlings has had a tattoo done, wow news worthy.