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  1. Liverpool's front 3 are unrecognisable from last season.
  2. What gives you belief that it will come?
  3. Even for a leeds fan, you don't half talk a load of bollox.
  4. Possibly the amount glazers take out of united, over a billion quid in there back pockets. Boards get criticised when they don't bring success. City and Chelsea being different animals, as they know they are very lucky to have the owners they have. City have spent most since pep arrived hasn't he? He's a bit of a lucky manager, that it doesn't matter if his signings are a success or not. He's never going to get sacked as City manager for his failings.
  5. The thing is if you ask majority of united fans, they know they have wasted a lory load of cash. I've said on here many many times, the transfer policy was the main issue. Its no coincidence that it is much better since ole took over. Johnny Evans was awful near the end of his time at united, also united fans are pleased he is found well.
  6. I'm convinced your account on here is just a wind up, pep has spent 410m on defenders in 4 years.
  7. 20 years of fluky wins, come on now thats a bit harsh.
  8. United won't win it, we are certainly in the mix if bruno stops fit.
  9. So the top teams you beat are in 9th and 11th. Oh ok. Blimey there's a lot of we should of beat them there. 😀
  10. Which top sides have city beaten in the league this season?
  11. Irrelevant? What happens in feb and march will decide what happens early summer. Only the very positive will think there is a chance off a large festival going ahead start of July. Let's be honest, ticket sales must be dire.
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