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  1. You would of thought word of a split might of come out by now, 31 March they resigned. Quite an odd way of splitting up, especially as they've got 3 massive gigs coming up. Bit of a pisser for neighbourhood having both headliners implode if true.
  2. Resell tickets on the app now under upcoming events.
  3. Im wondering how it's going to affect resell tickets, as resell tickets don't come up on the app.
  4. I wasn't serious, biffy could be a good shout.
  5. He's not even been charged, let alone a trial.
  6. It would of crippled the likes of reading/leeds/creamfields etc etc. If they are bringing it in, give everyone the chance 1st.
  7. Pretty much much why they are doing it. Trying to entice the younger generation to get the jab, or limited social life. Its a bit crap but can see why they are doing it.
  8. I wouldnt criticise either way, we all need to make personal choices. I would imagine the passport entry will be here for a good while.
  9. Ashcroft might as well hang the mic up after today's announcement.
  10. Interesting for gigs/festivals from the end of September, only those whove been double jabbed be allowed in.
  11. Maybe they will wait until after latitude.
  12. I would not be surprised, it was not like the ones that run Sziget/Balaton/Volt was full of information. I am sure Balaton will be announced first, they are probably on a waiting game even for 2022.
  13. I dont expect anything until closer to November or December.
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