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  1. Enough points ahead of wolves for 5th?
  2. Can't see Arsenal getting a sniff of top 4/5 to be honest, hopefully Leicester drop points tonight. Arsenal still got Spurs and Liverpool after tonight. Can't see past Leicester, Chelsea, United or Wolves for top 4/5. The ruling on city next Mobday is going to be interesting. I'm going for 3. Chelsea 4. United 5. Leicester 6. Wolves
  3. Easty always goes awol after a defeat.
  4. Think pink was on about the media, could be wrong though.
  5. It's actually quite interesting with the europa league this season. With the timing of the tournament, if one of them miss out from top 4 they will go all out for the europa.
  6. United are as likely to go on a winless run, as much as they are going 6 wins on the bounce.
  7. Last day fixtures could be tasty. Leicester v United Chelsea v Wolves Would still say Chelsea have enough for 3rd, out of Wolves and United for 4th.
  8. No one really knows, it is all guess work and hope.
  9. Seems a fair representation. 😁
  10. Try and stay classy mate. They've dropped points in 3 games.
  11. Its just better than nothing. Saying that if the games are as drab as the first lot of games, people will lose interest. Be interesting how long the no fans will last.
  12. I just want to know the dates confirmed, so I can re book flights. I can't imagine it being to different from 2020 lineup, not a lot different from other festivals announced.
  13. David Luis 😄😄😄
  14. Mistake by David Luiz, football is back to normal.
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