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  1. Leicester certainly have a tough run in.
  2. Who would of thought 4th place would be the most interesting aspect of the season.
  3. There really isn't, where is there a hint of it going ahead?
  4. To be honest its what's putting me off IOW fest, that close to the sea and camping mid september. 😬
  5. It wasn't in the loan deal, you would imagine a few other clubs might be looking now.
  6. Who's gonna grab top 4, looking like city and united are nailed on. Leicester top 4 unless they fade fast again. Everton and West ham could close the gap again tonight. Out of them all, you can only see liverpool possibly stringing 6 or 7 wins in the last 8 games.
  7. Aaahhh those were the days. I'm an old relic and the only way to buy gig/festival tickets were at the local record shop.
  8. This should of been announced before people started buying tickets for any festival. Many people don't want to be vaccinated or tested, let alone being forced to. Also vast majority of festival goers are under 50, thats the age group that hasn't started yet. So even if they start now, it's going to be incredibly tight for the 2 jabs by July. Also I read reading/leeds organisers want you to do a test virtually, whilst a doctor is on video call. That's a great way to use a doctor, you will also be charged £30. Again vast majority of the reading/leeds crowd are under 25, they certainly
  9. Was that only 3 months ago, seems a life time ago.
  10. Didn't we all say that 3 months ago.
  11. United win a semi final. 🤣 For some reason ole record against arsenal is woeful, which doesn't make sense.
  12. They are favourites you would of thought, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Arsenal v Ajax final.
  13. You could argue if Arsenal do win it, it will be a successful season. A trophy and champions league football, who else but city will claim that this season?
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