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  1. Fair play to City, not going down the Liverpool route. Hopefully most of the top clubs follow City's way rather than the liverpool way.
  2. Balaton has not been cancelled yet and that is a month before Sziget, you would imagine that will be cancelled before Sziget. It is just a waiting game with Sziget, I don't think it will be cancelled officially until at least june.
  3. Reading have emailed about getting a refund the latest installment I've paid, deferring until june. Doesnt sound like they are thinking of cancelling just yet.
  4. Serious question, would people risk it if it's still on? Obviously the virus is going to be around Europe in August, even of its all quiet in Hungary. As I have asthma pretty bad, I wouldn't risk it.
  5. September is jam packed with festivals so sales are going to be tough. Did they mention refunds as I can not see it on the press release? Was going on the catfish day, wedding anniversary on the 6th September no can not make it.
  6. As a festival where a big percentage of the audience are from the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and the rest of the world. Do you really think the Hungarian government will take the risk of 100 thousand people to travel to Budapest. In my mind it is cancelled, if it is on then that is an added bonus. Saying that if there was still a pandemic in most of Europe I would not risk going even if it was on.
  7. Likes of Download, Isle of Wight and parklife haven't been cancelled, they are mid June and we all know they will get cancelled.
  8. You pay a month in advance, so be a few weeks I'd imagine. Took off sky sports, bt sports and MUTV and saving a fortune.
  9. Can't see how it can be on mate, festivals in May and June are all getting pulled. Do people expect a festival first week of July to go ahead? A festival which has customers from all over Europe. I don't think Sziget will go ahead and that well into August.
  10. Glastonbury only released the line up last week.
  11. Cant see it going ahead to be honest. The people that go are from all over the world, do they ban those countries that are still having cases? Or just ban over seas people? A.big proportion of the crowd is from UK, Italy, Spain, Holland and Germany. The gates open for Sziget only 5 weeks after Glastonbury. Then you would think the infrastructure that has to take place as well.
  12. Then they get compensated.
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