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  1. Probably tells you how important messi is to Barcelona's marketing department. Its the reason Phil Jones is still at united.
  2. Some of us have had no choice to go into work from day 1. The right precautions and its the right thing to do.
  3. 🤣 United pattern on repeat again.
  4. Liverpool don't spend any money.
  5. What a great night for Salford, wonderful journey they are going on. I am sure @pink_trianglewill have a little moan about finances. 😃
  6. Swap liverpool and Chelsea for me.
  7. You are scouse mate, best you can hope for is the frozen food type.
  8. Soccer Saturday as expected, gone full on PC.
  9. Going to be tough for your youngsters with the big moneys buys coming in.
  10. They were just a bit stupid thinking they wouldn't get caught.
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