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  1. Stupid argument, at least my option is an actual song Stevie Nicks was apart of. She's not expected to fo an Elton John song.
  2. I caught them in Wales a few years ago and it was a hit boring. Very much just going through the motions. Sleep Token, Blink 182 and Iron Maiden would be a current guess as I read Download wanted Blink this year.
  3. I did find it strange I couldn't find the message. To be honest, if Stevie is there then a lot points to next Friday as I'm sure she was one of the one's up for doing Glastonbury.
  4. @JoeyT so just to confirm, we believe Tuesday is the day?
  5. I know why she won't but if she played, Go Your Own Way, I'd be all for it. As a legend option then that's fine.
  6. I'm begrudgingly that the 1st just came too early compared to the last two years. Probably be a similar countdown the years after like 7th, 6th etc.
  7. Stevie Nicks, £90 - £101 standing. £110 to £190 for primary to golden circle. Pre sale Monday, main sale Wednesday may tell us that they are hoping enough get shifted to put the poster out Friday
  8. Stevie could be a TBC on the poster.
  9. Matheau's response was much funnier to be honest.
  10. Indeed. I would probably see Blink but it's not the easiest of choices. If I can grab a cheap ticket I'll go.
  11. Not at all saying that, I'm saying there are several just been more male groups around. I've seen plenty of female acts around but I mean if somewhere like Glastonbury hasn't booked as many when they have their sellout ratio and try and promote it heavily do they see them standing the test? There is definitely an element also that booking more female acts will be booking a more mainstream fan base because it's not a secret that there are more male fronted/involved bands than female. It's not as much as it was but I find part of the issue is, the bands where females play a bigger part are often rockier acts that are booked for your Slam Dunks/Download. Take for example, Cassyette, Maggie Linderman, Charlotte Sands, Marmozets, Evanescence, Halestorm, Hot Milk, Pvris, The Pretty Reckless, Japanese Breakfast, Porridge Radio. Booking Avril Lavigne this year would take it down a similar route of openings female wise like Shikari do. Not the same act at all but from similar scenes/fan bases. Obviously Nova Twins delved into it a bit as well but they aren't acts going to find themselves high up. BMTH have even taken way lower spots than their merit with a possible inclusion again this year taking them to Other sub, I don't think they'll headline it. But that still puts them 3rd down on the Pyramid. A lot of others outside of these they have previously booked, or are looking likely. You take Blondie, Florence, YYYs, Japanese Breakfast, Alabama Shakes, The Pretenders, Wolf Alice, Florence and the Machine, Wet Leg, Kylie, Miley, Taylor. 8 of those have played with at least one likely this year and one saying no. Headline wise, female acts big enough or wanting to do it are sparse. I mean Glastonbury haven't by the sounds of it managed to replace Madonna with a female act, if Olivia has agreed to play then they didn't feel she was ready for the bump up yet and one of one's on the list is Rihanna! Are we having Rihanna headline just so we can add to the amount if females?, it's not an a grade inspiring choice is it....15 years ago it might have been OK!
  12. Yeah I'm in the same boat area. I got into The Prodigy much later but them two clashing would be mad. I will say however, seeing them at Reading doesn't have the same feel to what seeing them on the Other stage would have. I feel that is a few years away yet though if at all. It would also help if we had some idea of stage format and clash arrangement. I can only see them both clashing.
  13. See what Victorious put out as I'm choosing between Creamfields and Victorious Friday currently.
  14. I didn't say men are becoming less important, I said to recognize both but you don't need big international woman day announcements from Glastonbury for it. Just announce more female acts. Crazy how things get made into such major problems here. I never said just let abuse happen did it so you've pulled that out if your arse form nothing. Male acts just got booked because they did, so just book female acts because you want them and they fit. To be fair I can't really call out the 6% as I've not gone through every stage. It cannot be denied though there has been larger male acts definitely at the start of this 10 year period than female acts. Huge pieces on here several years ago that if they aren't there, they can't be booked.
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