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  1. Snooker isn’t a sport. Neither is darts.
  2. Finalised my Top 20 AOTY list earlier this evening. I usually keep my list strictly to the ‘heavier’ ends of music because it’s hard enough for me to whittle it down to 20 as it is without all manner of pop and hip hop albums to include also. I’ve made an exception this year for Run The Jewels, however, who feature at #13. That album is too great to leave out. Anyway, here’s my Top 10: 1. Deftones - Ohms 2. Code Orange - Underneath 3. Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human 4. Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces Everyone 5. Killer Be Killed - Reluctant Hero 6. Biffy Cl
  3. By that logic, Homesick by A Day To Remember would have been my album of the year every year for god knows how long because that's an album that I listen to all the time, no matter the year.
  4. A top albums of 2020 list can’t have albums from 2019 in it
  5. Yes, I am. I can’t see them not going down that route.
  6. GCSEs won’t go ahead, it will be teacher assessed grades again, I am almost certain.
  7. My partner is a Yorkshire lass and she bloody loves that white rose. So much so, she is getting a tattoo of it.
  8. Stereophonics Lovely lineup, that aside.
  9. I can’t see him ever playing higher than sub. I don’t see much longevity for his popularity.
  10. Yeah, that record is absolutely in my Top 20. It’s soooo great. Mental that it is their debut album too
  11. Maybe focus on producing a top 20 AOTY list in that case? Might be a better indication of the albums you actually know and love inside out this year I do a top 20 each year and struggle whittling that down. I can’t even imagine attempting doing 100 albums I keep notes throughout the year and usually start thoughtfully putting my 20 together at the end of October and settle on it early December.
  12. Have you done the same for lots of records? Do you not listen to albums in full 😧?
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