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  1. Out of upvotes for today but I’m in full agreement with this post.
  2. At the time of booking though, who knows if those bands were available. Biffy are a guaranteed ticket shifted here but aren’t in Europe. Getting them on an exclusive here is a no-brainier. KISS is such a glaringly shite booking. They were two years ago; two more years of ageing isn’t going to have done them and their performance capabilities any good. Maiden are Maiden and will always go down well at Download so I always expected them to be back at the earliest opportunity after not being able to make 2021.
  3. Biffy are on a brand new album. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with their booking. Whether you think they’re a Download headliner or not is besides the point; objectively, them headlining is a fine booking.
  4. Just get f**king Mudvayne there.
  5. The Dirty Nil - Fuck Art By miles and miles. It came out in the first week of January and I haven’t even begun to get tired of it yet. It’s only getting better and better as the weather gets brighter and sunnier too. The best.
  6. 100% this. Megadeth have no business playing as high as sub. I would love to see the faces of the deck chair crew waiging for God Gave Rock N Roll To You when Sam breaks into Nihilist.
  7. Mine wasn’t a criticism; I’m terrible for conversational fillers! I didn’t even notice Melvin doing it until I saw the comment below the video, then I couldn’t not notice it. My students have, on occasion, counted the amount of times I say ‘yeah’ and ‘like’ in an hour. It is quite funny when you realise the amount we all do this.
  8. Yeah, I do. He did an interview a few weeks back and mentioned that he had recently made an offer to MCR to headline Download but it didn’t work out (I’m assuming they chose the MK dates instead) but he said he is almost certain he will get them to headline again. If they’re doing festivals in 2023 following the stadium shows next summer, they’re Download bound, I reckon. I don’t think that Rammstein will be there in 2023, especially not with the current production they have. It’s not suited to festival stages; it’s enormous. Who knows what SOAD will be doing. I highly doub
  9. Slipknot & MCR will be two of them, I think.
  10. It’s a guff picture anyway. Replace it with a portrait of Harambe (it’s been 5 years since he was taken from us, God rest his soul).
  11. Young people have been impacted far harsher this past year than anyone else. I feel for them so much. I’m 28 so I’m far from being an oldie but I really do feel for those younger than myself. They have had to give up/pause everything so that the elderly and vulnerable were better protected. Every single person I know that is my age and younger (down to about 23, I don’t know many people younger than that) would crawl through broken glass to get the vaccine if it meant getting back to enjoying life fully.
  12. Not sure where else to post it but I just got tickets for Pa Salieu in Notts 😄
  13. That looks like a decent set up! Plenty of space for the crowd to move around.
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