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  1. Screw old people. Who needs ‘em? I would say that anyone who reaches 70 should be incinerated but then Download would only be left with 2 headline acts to fill 3 slots every year.
  2. We can’t be talking where the stages will be placed again. We can’t be talking about whether the R1 stage will still be a thing again. Damn it, this thread needs a lineup announcement ASAP.
  3. We also didn’t have the roadmap in January when they cancelled.
  4. I adore that album. It’s always one of my summer albums every year. I’d be all over that.
  5. I would have thought that they were too big before the batch of singles and this upcoming album. I think we’ve seen the commercial and creative peak of ADTR. Slam Dunk will be perfect for them, unless they get booked to sub Download again.
  6. That new ADTR album is going to be spectacularly terrible. They won’t be coming back so soon. Slam Dunk will snap them up for 2022.
  7. Yeah, subbing the R1 would make sense. Tom Grennan under Doja Cat too, maybe. One or the other under YUNGBLUD and Doja really.
  8. Pale Waves, M Huncho and KSI are all fair sized acts who would get people in the arena early for the start of the day.
  9. Villains is 4 years old and there’s no sign of new music... could be an album in full show (more hope than anything).
  10. *Freddy Quimby voice* Chop Suey? Chop Suey? It’s CHO SUED. Say it right!
  11. I know it’s Matt Damon 😆 I just initially saw it and thought ‘Oh my god that looks like ‘X’’
  12. Good lord, the very beginning of that gif looks exceptionally like a lad I used to teach. That was very odd to see.
  13. Ahh, young’un. You were not here for the fabled ‘cho sued’ moment. Peak eFests hype.
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