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  1. I got a 12 hour ban from twitter earlier by replying to that smug pic of him sat in the pub saying it’d be a shame if someone poisoned his pint I bloody hate the guy.
  2. I agree, he’s definitely got something about him that screams that he is going to be properly massive pretty soon.
  3. I had him down to headline R1 but his crowd would be massive.
  4. Yeah but we’ve established that you haven’t liked a festival lineup since 2010 or whatever so
  5. But they’re not allowed to serve alcohol until 9/10am, is that right? If so, it’s going to be Pork scratchings and dry roasted nuts for breakfast for those arriving at 6am. Lovely stuff.
  6. I’m a secondary teacher and today’s news has consumed my day. I’ve been an irritable mess. There are so many parts of their plan that shows that none of them have ever been in an actual public school or even rode a bloody bus. What a nervy time coming up.
  7. It was a template I couldn’t change
  8. Main: Biffy Clyro (2013) NME/R1: Limp Bizkit (2015) Pit: While She Sleeps (2015 & 2017) FR: Mayday Parade (2014) 1xtra: Waka Flocka Flame (2013)
  9. Yes please for next year. Their last album was solid. I would guess low down Main or mid Zippo.
  10. Which is why I said this is how I would book Download in 2022
  11. I made some comments on here a few weeks ago about how if Download 2021 is going to largely be 2020's lineup, 2022 is the year that they should really start to look towards the future and give lots of bands their first big slots at the festival (whilst having some favourites still), as well as freshening up the Main and Zippo stages with some younger, exciting acts rather than tucking them away on the third and fourth stages all the time. I am assuming that Maiden is the headliner that Andy has verbally secured, so I've included them. Also, it would have been 6 years since Maiden headlined come 2022. I've included both formats as I prefer the second one but i find it much harder to read clearly than the black and grey background, particularly the Dogtooth Stage. Anyway, here's the lineup I would book for 2022 if I was in charge of things:
  12. That was absolute tosh even for him. Somebody was paid actual money to write that speech?
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