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    I don’t see what is so bad in that interview that most of twitter decided to bash them heavily today. If anything, the first half of the interview seemed like the NME were purposely being twatish. It won’t make any difference in the long run. They’re still future headliners of massive festivals.
  2. Their Leeds set that year remains the loudest outdoor show I’ve ever experienced. They were thunderous. I’m really looking forward to seeing them again.
  3. I'm expecting a fair few other names to be announced if they're doing day splits next week. You'd think that there's not really enough announced already to justify day splits.
  4. That's just objectively wrong though, isn't it
  5. Driver? I don’t think it’s crap but it sounds so dated. Pendulum just sound so far beyond dated in 2020.
  6. Look at the headliners Kendall usually has. None of them are in Biffy's ballpark in terms of size. Again, this thread on this forum is the only place where people think that Biffy Clyro are about to drop down to playing 25,000 capacity festivals. Whilst they are still headlining arenas like the O2 and Manchester Arena, that just isn't going to happen.
  7. That's why I said in my post that they aren't significantly smaller than they have been in the last decade, 2013 included. It isn't like they've had some Bullet For My Valentine-esque fall from grace (a crude example, especially for R&L, but they're the first example that popped into my head). The fact that they are headlining Download and would still play and sell out the O2 on a normal sized tour is testament to the above point. A band of that size aren't going to start headlining smaller festivals any time soon (nor ever, imo). You said yourself that they are a safe booking for th
  8. But they sell out the O2 here. International comparisons are irrelevant. This thread on this forum is the only place I see people thinking that Biffy aren’t still massive. They are massive. They aren’t significantly smaller now than they have been at any point in the last decade. They still play the same arenas, they still headline major festivals and they still get #1 albums.
  9. Resident teacher input: I can only speak for my school but we are certainly not sending children home willy-nilly. We have, over the last couple of days, sent 6/7 students home with ailments ranging from throwing up to migraines, all normal stuff which happens day in day out. We haven’t sent anyone home because of the sniffles and we haven’t sent anyone home displaying any of the major COVID symptoms. There has, however, been a hell of a lot of kids off with a cold. A few here and there is to be expected at this time of year but the numbers have been far greater the tail end of last week
  10. It’s what happens when you stop bullying in schools. Some people need it to take them down a peg or twelve.
  11. Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, we are all doing our best but it’s proving difficult to keep the bubbles separate in terms of room usage; there’s only so many rooms! We had a Year 11 girl off today with all of the major COVID symptoms. She’s getting a test. If it turns out positive, I assume it will mean that the entire year group has to isolate for a fortnight due to them sharing communal areas at break and lunch and I would assume all teachers who have come into contact with Year 11 will also have to isolate (I’m not sure if this is the case?) for two weeks as well (which would be
  12. Year group bubbles are being broken every day. At my school, each year group is supposed to have it’s own block, where all lessons will be taught each day so that they don’t have to mix with other year group bubbles. However, second day in (last Friday), this was already thrown out because of rooming issues, so you had Year 10 and 11 students coming over to the Year 7 only block to use classrooms Year 7s had just used before going to lunch (we have upper and lower school staggered lunch hours), without any cleaning happening of said room before the Year 10 and 11s entered.
  13. Doncaster race course is literally across the road from my weekend and non-term time address. I can see the racecourse out of my bedroom window and can walk over to it in about three minutes. If St Leger goes ahead with 6000 people as has been said, we are absolutely fucked, both Donny and the country at large. Our cases up here were +19 last week compared to the week before and I’m sure it will shoot up further after the racing.
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