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  1. Andre91


    The RAW Reunion should have either ended with KO and Austin taking it in turns to stunner Shane and then KO and Austin sharing beers, with Austin jokingly going to stunner KO and stopping, toasting him whilst laughing and then KO legit stunnering Austin to close the show. Sami Zayn was great. Seth Rollins was WOEFUL. Get him off my TV. He’s tragic.
  2. That isn’t them https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YNTQAU3dtKc
  3. Creeper clashed with BMTH’s set last year so that would have impacted their turnout. They also have a bit of previous with this sort of thing at R&L as it was after their set a few years ago they ‘disappeared’ and all of the James Scythe stuff started. Up the Creeper.
  4. That’d be wonderful. They won’t change the Creeper name but I’m expecting a whole new aesthetic similar to how MCR used to do with each album cycle.
  5. That’d be wonderful. They won’t change the Creeper name but I’m expecting a whole new aesthetic similar to how MCR used to do with each album cycle.
  6. Alexisonfire Deftones (White Pony) Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
  7. I asked Lotus Eater if they were playing R&L as they’re in Doncaster on the Friday with Blood Youth doing a warm up show and they said that ‘that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen’ which is disappointing as they’re one of the most exciting and hard new British bands.
  8. Jimmy Eat World have been boring as hell the last two times I’ve seen them. Headlining Slam Dunk they played a dull set. I saw them in January at a packed Rock City and they were so flat again. Their setlist choices in recent years seem to really dip in the middle.
  9. Placebo could headline the Zippo and that’s about it. System Of A Down can stay away unless they have a new album. I don’t particularly want to see a bunch of guys up there phoning it in who would clearly rather be anywhere else than on stage together (except Shavo. I could watch stoked Shavo all day).
  10. Allegedly? He’s been convicted
  11. I think that they're announcing an album and a world tour. They've been spotted going in and out of the studio for months and months so I think the album is ready to go. In terms of a tour, I could potentially see them announcing stadium dates, those selling out in a flash and then, if Download have managed to get them again, them being announced for Download in October/November. If there is any act that could play both stadiums and Download, it is AC/DC. I do, however, think it is unlikely that they will do both and it will be one or the other. It might be worth mentioning again that after taking a year off, Download Paris is back next year as a weekend -ticket-only festival. Maybe Download has signed AC/DC up for the UK, French and Spanish Downloads for a massive fee. Or maybe they haven't done that at all because there is more money to be made doing stadiums in each of those countries
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