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  1. Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica & Aerosmith. You could swap Aerosmith out for A7X if they’re active and promoting a new album. I just think that Aerosmith will have one last, genuine ‘final UK show’ at Download after they appear at Glastonbury this year.
  2. How is any of that making the lineups stronger? You’re just saying what you would have preferred
  3. Ally Pally, Cardiff and Doncaster all sold out because I was at one and my partner at the other two.
  4. You always state this but they sold out their whole 2015 UK tour. It was Ally Pally, Doncaster Dome, Edinburgh Corn Exchange and Cardiff Arena. They all sold out.
  5. I know the lock up / pit has taken a bit of a kicking these last few years (myself certainly included) but the Rage day has a bloody excellent lineup already. Black Peaks, Ho99o9, Creeper and Fever 333 is a mad run. I’d like to see some other decent bands added to that day, like Higher Power, Loathe and Lotus Eater. Even whack a rapper on there like Lil Lotus in a big slot because he would pull a crowd. The first three I mentioned are UK based which is what I think that stage should aim for; presenting some of the most exciting UK bands available.
  6. Ariana is waaaaaay too far left field.
  7. Whilst what he did cannot and should not be defended, I don't think he should be dropped from the lineup, nor do I think R&L will. I also don't I think he should be 'cancelled'. He fucked up, made an arse of himself and has shown that he can be a prick. He can atone for this, however. Katherine Ryan's response is great and she is obviously able to forgive him for his stupid actions or at least seems like she will be able to in time, so other people who were not on the receiving end should be able to as well if they choose to do so.
  8. What a goon. He’s killed his career with that. I’ll still listen to his music but that is indefensible. I’m unsure if they’ll boot him from the lineup but if they do, putting IDLES in his place would be perfect so we can have that run of IDLES > RTJ > Fever 333 > RATM
  9. I got mine yesterday. I don't think it'll be as mad a rush as you are expecting. That undercard will have put some people off for sure.
  10. He plays a lot of those rappers on his show so he must have a hand in booking some of them.
  11. Travis Scott, The Strokes & My Chemical Romance covers all bases.
  12. I know, I know. I was being flippant.
  13. Stages closing early? The same bands repeated in high slots every 2/3 years? Downleeds is real
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