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  1. Shit lyrics but an absolute banger of a tune. I should think I’ll always have a soft spot for their older material but, Jesus Christ, all of the newer stuff they played last night was just insipid, vanilla trash. The worst kind of generic, Radio chasing rock music.
  2. They’ve definitely got a massive fan base in the SD world so I think them doing that album will be big enough to headline the Main Stage. It could be R&L but they’ve got a lot of history with SD so I definitely think it’s that.
  3. One of the very best arena shows I’ve ever seen. They’ve been an arena band for a while but I’ve always had grumbles about them every time I’ve seen them in an arena; the setlist being a bit meh, Oli’s voice sounding shot, using backing tracks etc. but last night felt like BMTH have properly arrived as a live band.
  4. Yeah, there are very few bands who continually get better and better with each release. Code Orange are one of the best few bands who have indeed ‘raised the bar’ in recent years.
  5. You Me At Six are headlining Slam Dunk doing Sinners Never Sleep in full. Last night at the end of their BMTH support slot in Sheffield, Josh said (paraphrasing) that they would be back up North next year to do Sinners… in full and that they can only do it on two dates; one North and one South.
  6. So does all music have to ‘raise bars’? Don’t you like Rise Against?
  7. Just back from the BMTH Sheffield show. Honestly, one of the most supremely incredible arena shows I’ve ever witnessed. Download are moronic for not chucking the cash at them to headline. The arena was packed.
  8. Get BMTH signed on the dotted line for 2023, Download.
  9. That Horizon show sure looks mighty impressive. I’ll see for myself in Sheffield tomorrow night 😄
  10. Looks good. I’m thinking: Dave / Doja Cat Royal Blood / Kasabian RATM / Twenty One Pilots
  11. What’s your favourite power violence band? I joke 😂
  12. I keep telling myself that they’re saving Fuck for their hometown show on Friday which I’m going to just to make myself feel better.
  13. You’d be happy not to see Kingslayer? Are you alright? 😂 I’m very happy with all of those new songs being played. If I never hear Sleepwalking and, particularly, Antivist live again, it’ll be too soon. Antivist is bum.
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