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  1. It's a novelty betting market. It's just a bit of fun. They would only be willing to take small bets up to £100. Plus Skybet are one of the worst bookmakers at being willing to take a bet so anyone in the know would need several accounts or lots of friends to make it pay! The over round on this book is embarrassing. If it was a horse racing one the bookmaker would be in serious trouble from the gambling authorities for ripping off the consumer.
  2. Also made no sense shutting the stage earlier on two of the days, ADTR clashing with Enter Shikari /and Ghostemane clashing with Twenty One Pilots, plus also Pup vs Royal Blood. I know you get these clashes all the time, but given there was only 8/9 bands on each day, it was really annoying to me.
  3. whoever made this up knows nothing about gambling or how to make a book. I would be interested in betting some of the 10/1 or above if this was real.
  4. Out of all the posts I think this one is most likely and on the right lines (even if you get the band's wrong)
  5. 2007 to 2016 in a row for me, then 2 years off due to not liking the line up, and back this year for no 11. Line up would have to be good on the rock/metal side of things for me to get back for no 12. Would love it if they sort out the lock up/Pit instead of the half-hearted attempt this year.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/rocksound/status/1165704442013999110 This was a great festival moment. Please tell me it only happened at Leeds for once? Leeds also got Dave Grohl daughter singing Best of You with her Dad too which was great moment too
  7. I didn't get Billie Ellish before but gave it a go. I still don't get it. She just seems to mumble? Must be a young persons thing!
  8. Yes was rubbish for water. It was much busier than usual for whole weekend in arena and campsites. Even Brown was full (and had no water all weekend). I needed some sugar so asked for a coke at the bar but was told I wasn't allowed one even though they had bottles of it, unless I ordered a vodka or rum to go with it. The alternative was to queue at soft drink stand for 45 mins! Had an amazing weekend. Highlights for me were Boston Manor and Twenty One Pilots. Enjoyed seeing 1975 (who I wasn't going to watch) and Poppy (who was different than I thought she was going to be). Some of the crowds were interesting in the Pit. Dead for Higher Power and Blood Youth, but couldn't get in for Bowling for Soup. The majority of Leeds goers are now in to grime/rap and only interested in leaving tents to see main acts but the old skool people go to the Pit / FR stage. Ps - im not sure the circumstances of the death of the girl, but my 18 year old daughter knew her and said she was a nice girl.
  9. If you are in to guitar music at Leeds, then after 21P and Peace, many will be heading back to their tents/going home. Very strange decision. Ps - crowd size for Bowling for Soup at Leeds was biggest ive seen for many years, 20 deep outside, no chance of seeing them if you went to see the Chats. There is still a market for guitar music at Leeds, even if the majority of attendees are more interested in Billie Ellish /Post Malone / AJ Treacy etc
  10. What's the ground like at Leeds? Trainers or boots?
  11. I've bought a free ticket off a friend for a reduced amount (and he has done the same to a few other friends) and we are all driving separately. As long as they have ID and the confirmation email which hopefully you have passed on to them then they will be fine.....
  12. Do you think it will be empty? Or are you expecting it to busy for certain bands?
  13. Has to be Idles surely? Playing Friday at another festival. Free Saturday (Reading) and Sunday (Leeds)
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