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  1. Faith No More on the Other Stage would be fun.
  2. I would love to see Rammstein be given a spot on Arcadia.....
  3. They opened with it at Leeds Festival 2013 when Trent was angry because Biffy Clyro headline set meant they had to make do with watered down lighting. It set the tone well. Wish Terrible Lie The Beginning of the End (Trent didn't sing first verse) 1,000,000 Survivalism March of the Pigs Piggy Burn Reptile Gave Up Suck (Pigface cover) The Frail The Wretched The Hand That Feeds Head Like a Hole Funny thing is my friend who had never seen them before said the lighting was fantastic and Biffy stage set up was one of the best I've seen for a headliner at Leeds!
  4. As much as Fatboy Slim is a Glastonbury favourite, you would be disappointed if he is still headlining the Other Stage next year and that is no disrespect to him.
  5. I like Taylor Swift and have seen her live, but just thinking Trent would like to be up against her on the bill
  6. So......Nine Inch Nails were supposed to be coming over to the UK this summer before his wife became pregnant, and it was postponed until 2021. 21 years on, who would like to see them headline the Other Stage at the same time as Taylor Swift plays the Pyramid?
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/10/magazine/coronavirus-economy-debate.html Though this is less encouraging.
  8. Restaurants, bars, cinemas and other public venues will remain closed, and festivals cannot be held until mid-July if we are using France as a benchmark then i could be wrong about the festival not taking place in August ^^^°^
  9. I'm surprised people still thinking this will go ahead. No chance of mass gatherings for a long time. Sport may resume by August but this will be behind closed doors. Very little chance of bands travelling either. See you in 2021.
  10. Grand National meeting called off following Government announcement. Not looking good for any big event.
  11. Spot on. There is banter but this is hounding someone. As I said yesterday it is really good of him to share information with us. I understand why he did it the way he did. And thankfully for many, RATM are one of the band's announced.
  12. Thanks for sharing the information. It's really appreciated and has been fun watching hundreds of comments and confusion from the dogs after you have thrown a bone!
  13. It was 10% off last year....I would imagine Foo Fighter, Post Malone, 21P and 1975 were not cheap!
  14. If you click on the artist name it tells you they are playing Samstag (Saturday).
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