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  1. Anyone come across Lowlives? Think they would be a great addition
  2. Pixies? Noticed there only the Friday support for Pearl Jam in Hyde park and not supporting them on the Saturday.
  3. How come Menzingers are headlining The Axiom when they headlined The Cave are couple of years ago?
  4. The Regrettes, Stray From The Path, Loathe, Svalbard and Higher Power are great additions
  5. Hoping for Converge and The Bronx to be annouced
  6. Forgot about Radiate, need to listen to Tribalism and The Hospital remixes more often
  7. Enter Shikari Take It To The Skies- Labyrinth Common Dreads- Juggarnauts A Flash Flood Of Colour - Arguing With Thevies The Mindsweep- Torn Apart The Spark- Airfleid Nothing Is True And Everything Is Possible- {The Dreamers Hotel} Others- Slipshod, The Last Garrison, The Paddington Frisk, Wall (High Contrast Remix), Zzzonked, Sorry you're not a winner, Elergy For extinction, Live Outside (Shikari Sound System remix), Pack Of Thevies.
  8. What a lovely suprise No Devotion and The Menzingers is, I reckon Thursday are subbing Thrice
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