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  1. Suicideboys, Ghostemane, Ho9909, City Mourge, Joey Valence & Brae, Clipping, Ekkstacy, Frozemode 2nd Stage: The Chisel Knocked Loose, Poison The Well, Fuming Mouth, Ithaca, Guilt Trip xNomadx, Cauldron 2nd Stage: Fleshwater, Softcult Earth Crisis,The Bronx, Madball, Better Lovers, Spaced, End It, Hammok, Rifle 2nd Stage: Wicca Phase Spring Enternal
  2. A guess mate, they've been annouced at festival in Europe but nothing in the UK yet, maybe something about their tour
  3. Chances of BMTH? Or more likely doing Nex_Gen at APE?
  4. Very unlikely but I'm hoping for a Shikari sound system Silent disco/forest set
  5. Ghostemane would be a good headliner if there leaning towards hip hop
  6. Hopefully a few south wales acts play, Scene seems to be going strong again
  7. Guessing this makes them unlikely?
  8. Dickies: Rancid, Alkaline Trio, The Interrupters, Pennywise, Reel Big Fish, The Skints, Random Hand, Grade 2 Amazon: A Day To Remember, While She Sleeps, I Prevail, The Blackout, Hot Milk,Currents, Dream State Kerrang Tent: The Story So Far, Mayday Parade, Knuckle Puck, Tigers Jaw, Origami Angel, Save Face, Can't Swim, Anxious, Koyo, No Pressure Knotfest: Code Orange, Loathe, Better Lovers, Saosin, Casey, END, Graphic Nature, Lake Malice Key Club: Dinosaur Pile-Up, Tonight Alive, Loveless Games We Play, Bad Nerves, Caseyette, Deliah Bon, The Nightmares
  9. Counterparts, Trash Talk, Kvelertak, Cave In, Static Dress, Pest Control, Cauldron, Bodyweb, Continents Asidhara, John Coffey, Rough Justice
  10. Mr.Bungle , Sunn 0))), The Mars Volta The Melvins, Crosses, High On Fire, Emma Ruth Rundle, Explosions In The Sky, Mutoid Man, Fort, Greg Pucaito, Trace Amount, Gallops, Backxwash
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