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  1. Dukey

    Bar work - Glasto 22

    Cheers mate have PM’d you
  2. Hi guys - apologies if there is a thread for this, I did look but couldn’t see one - Does anyone know of any bar work for Glasto this year? I have done it 3 times before and loved it but they closed the bar I believe - worked on Chameleon right next to the Pyramid
  3. Combine the dance tent with the Radio 1 tent - they basically did that this year with Alfie Templeman and KennyHoopla playing in there Get 3 decent headliners - 2 dance headliners like Camelphat and Bicep & then a more indie based headliner vs Dave such as The Vaccines
  4. Could see ASAP Rocky headlining Parklife
  5. Yeah Sam Fender would make a really good MSW headliner - be nice to see Dave & Sam Fender make the jump to headliner status, always good to see new headliners coming through.
  6. Boardmasters lineup is pretty dreadful
  7. Boardmasters announcement in just over 5 mins, that will be telling I'd also very much welcome a Foals MSW headline set
  8. Pendulum doing a live show at Ultra Miami, possible MSW closer? Similar to Disclosure
  9. Saw Architects last night and they're just so so good - hope they get announced
  10. R&L wouldn't have Kasabian MSW and then Arctics MSE sadly - it'd likely be something like Kasabian MSW - Dave MSE
  11. Na it was Rob Harvey doing backing vocals
  12. Yeah he did - wouldn't be surprised if they're a MSW headliner. Honestly - they were outstanding last night, pure energy and Serge is a great frontman - I'd be all for it.
  13. Fender would make sense with no Yorkshire data on his tour - I'd imagine he'd be part of the first announcement
  14. Can't see them playing, they'd put on a show though that's for sure
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