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  1. Can see all festivals been off sadly, some of the September gigs may go ahead. I can't help but feel events of 20k+ aren't going to be doable
  2. Kasabian My Chem Dua Lipa (I think this album is going to propel Dua Lipa to be an outright headliner)
  3. R&L is over 2 months after IOW and Download, there's still hope.
  4. Isle of Wight and Download both cancelled today
  5. If Rage and RTJ pullout Biffy headline and bump Idles to Main - only issue is, Biffy have a tour in November
  6. Could see something like BMTH or Biffy//Courteeners//Idles If Rage and RTJ do pull out and then Capaldi subs Stormzy if Migos pullout
  7. I do feel this will go ahead but with a changed lineup - be very surprised if the likes of Rage, RTJ and Migos fly over
  8. The Vaccines beaten to it, I need to read through before posting
  9. Seems odd them announcing the lineup last week and then just cancelling it
  10. Imagine if R&L goes ahead and it's the only festival on this summer (with Creamfields) - will be a huge weekend
  11. Any chance of DMA’s been added?
  12. Would be nice if they adopted a similar thing to TDCC and LC for Rage day between RTJ and Courteeners.. Architects or Limp Bizkit
  13. Gerry literally sold out Leeds Arena in November, he's sold out Hampden Park, granted in his home city. He's playing arenas across the UK, he's sub headlining and he's sub headliner size.
  14. Would be it be possible for someone like Dave to do a day? Would be a good time to announce after his Brits success and he's not playing anywhere else
  15. Bizkit added to the Rage day, please
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