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  1. If Guns n Roses turn up, I won’t be until about 45 minutes after there set is due to start. ...and after last time I very much doubt I’d bother tuning up at all.
  2. Give it a revisit there’s some great stuff on there. Out of Time, Sweet Song, Good Song, File on you. Maybe not typical Blur but fantastic songs. For Coxon action there’s Battery in your leg, which he played on (and possibly wrote), which is, to be fair, my fave on the record
  3. Think tank was ace, ‘13’ is the shit one. Although the ‘99 show supporting that was properly ace. They had played ‘13’ songs all summer, they binned them all at Reading and played a brilliant set. Looking at the 2003 set list, it is very Think Tank heavy, was v good though - https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/blur/2003/little-johns-farm-reading-england-6bd78a1e.html
  4. I remember having a mini go at a couple of teens back in 2003 who said they were going to watch AFI instead of Blur. 17 years later it would be hard to do it with similar belief against Dave or similar
  5. I went to see Graham Coxon instead who was sadly equally as shite. I left caught a bit of th e darkness then fucked off for an early night I think. worst Reading ever 2004.
  6. Green Day aren’t happening - https://blog.ticketmaster.com/green-day-fall-out-boy-weezer-the-hella-mega-tour-dates-new-music/
  7. Yup, would be well interesting that lineup, something completely different every night
  8. What do you mean by impact? Credibility?
  9. Your post is not slightly racist, not sure how accurate it is though.
  10. Him and the Foo Fighters were, ADTR we’re alright Didnt even consider watching the Distillers after being bored to dearth by them last time they played. The Frank Carter and ADTR crowds were very sparse compared to many other acts on the main over the weekend
  11. Yes. I wouldn’t choose sounding like classic U2 as a good example of someone not sounding a bit staid though I think your second point gets to what I was initially getting at when I responded to the point that acts like that should be the kind of act R and L should be booking. So I guess I wasn’t singling him out as such but a lineup full of that kind of thing would be utterly dull and I say this as someone who was around long before Gallows first played Reading.
  12. It’s decent. Sounds like a U2 song from 1990 though
  13. It’s just very straight rock music, which is massively dated. Maybe I’ve only heard the dull ones, or maybe it’s just his voice I don’t get on with, can you link something more progressive for me?
  14. In what way is it not dated?
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