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  1. Reading goers unable to wear flat caps
  2. Oh right, is weird. Maybe they all get left behind and aren’t easily disposed of. Would explain why they’re not banned in Leeds, no Yorkshireman worth his salt is leaving a working cool box behind! I wouldn’t be paying 7gbp for a cold pint of Carlsberg if I could get my hands on a warm export that’s for sure!
  3. Saw Yungblud in the FR tent in 2018/ 2019 or whenever it was and it was clear there was something about him. (He also had at least 5-6 songs on Spotify back then!) It’s not slightly surprising he blew up, or indeed a record label pumped a load of money in, as pretty much as cert a ROI you’re gonna get in music
  4. Yup, they take a huge amount at the bars, despite what everyone thinks, there’s loads of 25+ at Reading . Allowing BYOB would decimate a huge profit centre for the organisation.
  5. There are plenty of people who use the bars, you can just see by looking around in the arena people drinking from the cups, the peak time bar queues (and the cup monkey towers!) Pretty sure it’s a socio economic thing, once you’re 24-25 and on a decent wage, there’s no chance you’re walking back to white, missing 2 hours+ of music to save £20 Then of course you have the day trippers too… THE single best thing about Reeading though is that the bars are never overly busy, bar a couple of peak times a day, you never wait more than a minute or 2 to be served and even at peak, it’s 5-10 max, unlike other venues where it can take 30–40 mins (at which point I would be back to the tent!)
  6. This will be hugely demographic specific. When I was a poor kid, we would’ve bought 1-2 drinks in the arena a weekend. Once I had disposable income, no chance I was going back to the tent to save 7 quid. I’ll easily spend 60 quid a day on beer at reading this year, assuming an earlyish entry
  7. No. Most (large ones at least) work on that basis
  8. The death of the Native American festival headresses. Emos under 30, also banned
  9. Or maybe they’re just popular…leg up or not Its not like people are forced to listen to them
  10. Best thing at Reading when Korn played was when the bag piper came out, they probably normally get a big cheer in America and stuff but at Reading there was rightly, a slight groan🤣
  11. 120,000,000 Spotify plaYs off an LP as late as 2014. Fair play. Never stopped making music to date either. Assumed they disappeared for 10 years or so
  12. There is never a need for a bag pipes or a violin
  13. The Kooks stock has been dropping since 2005 hasn’t it? No idea why people think they’d get a decent spot at R and L these days, the youngsters will never have heard of them and the older people still going will know they’re shite
  14. I don’t get it at all, not awful by any means but how he’s got so big is quite hard to fathom. Don’t really get Ezra, Easy Life and the other easy listening, chill out guitary stuff either, so obv just not my cup of tea
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