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  1. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Why would you lie about anything at all? (one of us is on the ball)
  2. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Another log Another logo change
  3. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Wonder Years headlining the Lamar day would be perfect for me
  4. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Downvote for twice using the word cockwomble
  5. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Anyone have any thoughts of whether the Wonder Years could play? Supposedly making a new record at the mo, would a European Summer tour be an option or are they more likely to stick to the states?
  6. Benj


    Noticed loads of armed police outside on the Friday night bag checks seem to be a fair bit stricter too
  7. Benj

    2017 festival

    Supposedly the Tears played to pretty much a line of people on the barrier in 2005, didnt actually see it though (like pretty much everyone else it seems!)
  8. Benj

    2017 Weather thread

    Looks like it is indeed a bit muddy for those arriving early at Leeds http://ift.tt/2vo6wo4 hipefully will be nice and dry by friday AM
  9. Benj

    Hotel accomodation

    You may want to offer a bit of discount if you want to sell, you can get the two nights at the Penta Hotel (a nicer hotel) in central reading, so easily walkable from the site for the same price
  10. This years traditional weather thread Reading Looked like a chance of rain earlier in the week but now seems to be settled to be pretty much perfect festival weather, not too hot and just enough sun to not get you burnt! - https://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/reading/rg1-2/daily-weather-forecast/330396 Leeds Also looking good bar perhaps the Sunday, although a little rain on Weds adding to a load on Tuesday may make it a small trial for early birders- https://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/leeds/ls1-6/daily-weather-forecast/712327
  11. Benj

    2017 festival

    I suspect it will be big at both, reaction to Rock n Roll star and Slide Away will likely be less though, as whilst huge songs at the time for those who 'were there', they're probably less well known amongst the younger crowds. Its pretty much the equivalent of Page and Plant playing in '98, as someone who was then 20, I was firmly encamped at the Super Furry Animals in the tent. If there had been no one I liked in the tent, I would've been at Page and Plant but would've known nothing but the very biggest songs
  12. Benj

    2017 festival

    The average age at Glastonbury is over 40 now isn't it? You'd imagine low mid 20s at Reading, so for the vast majority at Reading most wouldn't have been more than a few years old when Oasis where at their peak. So it may make for a different experience
  13. Benj

    2017 festival

    Are they really that big in the UK now? Can't imagine the tent being too busy when they're on given the headline opposition elsewhere. They had a fair old crowd last time they played, they actually seemed bigger to me then though. (Although I have since left the UK!)
  14. Benj

    2017 festival

    This is definitely my worse clash. Love Grouplove and theyre brilliant live. Never seen Korn though. At the moment it pretty much looks like they will clash directly. Boooooooooooooo
  15. Benj

    2017 festival

    Can't imagine them on the main stage. They were great in the Pit a couple of years ago, even the NME would seem a bit weird though

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