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  1. 😙 Sam Fender 60 Rex Orange County 45 Dave 36 Pendulum 70 Wolf Alice 110 (+10) You Me At Six 45 Flume 60 Haim 55 Jack Ü 45 Two Door Cinema Club 60 The 1975 65 Limp Bizkit 60 Deadmau5 40 Bombay Bicycle Club 55 Skrillex 40 Alt-J 60 Phoenix 45 Maccabees 70 Justice 45 Janes Addiction 40 LCD Soundsystem 70 Klaxons 55 Faith No More 55 The Cribs 45
  2. He can’t take pressure off the government re insurance.
  3. That would seem a little low but far more believable than 500 If the positive rate is .2% you would expect around 10 (assuming I’ve done the maths right. Perhaps Benn meant 10 cases as opposed to 10%!
  4. It’s a HUGE number if true and considering the nationwide number is .2% is frankly pretty unbelievable!
  5. Production capacity is the problem not patents. Vaccine plants aren’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs
  6. Numbers did fall of late, this was expected, due to supply issues and announced in advance. The U.K. is still the leading major nation (if now pretty much level with the US) in regards to shots per person. Numbers have since bounced back - https://ourworldindata.org/explorers/coronavirus-data-explorer?zoomToSelection=true&time=2020-10-24..latest&pickerSort=asc&pickerMetric=location&Metric=Vaccine+doses&Interval=7-day+rolling+average&Relative+to+Population=true&Align+outbreaks=false&country=~GBR
  7. Can you please link this 10% of tests were positive number as I’ve not seen it reported anywhere
  8. Sam Fender 60 Rex Orange County 45 Dave 40 Pendulum 70 Wolf Alice 110 (+10) Diplo 25 You Me At Six 50 Flume 60 Haim 45 Jack Ü 45 Two Door Cinema Club 60 The 1975 75 Limp Bizkit 60 Deadmau5 44 Bombay Bicycle Club 55 Disclosure 10 Skrillex 50 Alt-J 60 Phoenix 50 Maccabees 80 Justice 50 Janes Addiction 40 LCD Soundsystem 70 Klaxons 55 Faith No More 55 The Cribs 45
  9. I haven’t heard it....the reason being the singles have suggested nothing new. the second LP was boring as hell, just more of the same, can someone confirm that I’ll hear something new on the new one? All up for seeing them live though, great live music, boring on record
  10. Or that remaining main stage slot...does seem mad they’re there and not also at Reading given the other crossovers and FR booking it
  11. Thought they couldve slotted in easily as a Capaldi replacement and be seen as an equal no worries by the attending audience. it’s hard to gauge otherwise at the mo quite how to rank slots with the new format. Is 5th on a 14 band main stage lineup bigger than R1 headliner 🤷🏻‍♂️ Is 3rd on the ‘main main’ stage better than 2nd in the 2nd main stage? I suspect Wolf Alice may have been a late addition thanks to cancellations elsewhere. They were obv gonna do Glastonbury, maybe they had a big slot planned for elsewhere too that never came to fruition thanks to COVID.
  12. North and South at Leeds would make far more sense whatever format they choose, unless they complete change the layout of the whole festival. re the changeovers, it can often take 5-10 minutes to just get out of the front section these days with the barriers in place. I remember Glasto 99, it taking an hour plus to move between the two big stages there. It’s obviously a much bigger site with far more choke points (at least then) but if in effect the whole festival is going to up sticks and migrate, it will be carnage, unless as people are thinking they’re much closer than w
  13. There’s a significant relatively sharp elevation change from The main stage down to where the FR is/ was, plus a line of trees (so unless they plan on leveling work, it wouldn’t make much sense. The whole people rushing between stages thing is an interesting one, there’s often been some quite big congestion points at times without it. It will be interesting how it works out even if they are closer than what seems obvious
  14. There’s that one potential slot left they’d fit into wouldnt they? I thought they’d committed to a tonne of other festivals though which would rule them out. Although that could also be the reason why they’ve not been announced yet
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