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  1. BSP? Quite possibly but I can't remember it distinctly. They had techincal issues and were on really late but otherwise pretty brilliant as ever.
  2. British Sea Power for me The Eminem crowd was unbelievable huge though, down the left hand side of the stage anyway, which is where most latecomers end up The sound was also utterly terrible there, you literally could barely hear it, was funny seeing fans still obviously trying to get involved
  3. The subjective ramblings of a deaf man! 🥴 (I should add a wink emoji here by the way, in fact I have, or wouldve if it was easy to find on the desktop interface, instead, a wibble face/ moustache, again depending on your subjective view)
  4. Im a 40+er who wholeheartedly agrees. Don’t want a load of old, fat, tired baldies reminding me I’m an old, fat, tired baldy. Blink, Blur and Muse are the only bands I saw in the 90s, have a slight chance of playing that I’d be slightly interested in
  5. I think the counter point being made is that she won't be playing R&L then!
  6. Sziget is in a different country and 5 days long, Kygo headlined that same year too. Is he in with a shout to headline Reading?? The National headlined Sziget in 2019, they pretty much emptied the arena when they last played Reading. And...where was Dua Lipa on the Reading Line up in 2018???
  7. No it doesn’t thank god. It means the exact opposite. SW4 acts don’t normally have much crossover with Reading either
  8. Wonder Years Headline against whoever is shittest in the main stage
  9. There’s no chance Courteeners and Liam Gallagher outright headline Reading festival. Unless a certain Strongbow flavour is the new sponsor
  10. Primal Scream played 3rdish from top when they last played (and were awful) no chance theyd be any higher if they turned up now, which will be unlikely.
  11. Whatever happened to the proposed replacement? Its funny how it died. So many people were saying they were going down the wrong direction with the pop focus, who have since proved to be right. It used to sell out so quickly for so long, only to suddenly seemingly disappear just like that. It was a poor festival in regards to queues for beer etc... and endless walks between stages
  12. Sadly this is seeming more and more likely. We always need to remember the echo chamber in which we sit though which self affirms this stuff in our minds. Im hanging on to that anyway, not one of those really appeals to me personally
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