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  1. NorthernSoul52

    2024 Headliners

    That said, Dua Lipa's got an "underwhelming" four-star show, per this piece in The i. https://inews.co.uk/culture/music/pop-stars-dont-respect-glastonbury-2956345
  2. NorthernSoul52

    2024 Headliners

    Not implausible. Would make some fair sense.
  3. NorthernSoul52

    2024 Headliners

    See "simply wasn't fussed" for that one too. 😉
  4. NorthernSoul52


    On another note, in an opinion piece carrying the air of "contrary opinion" and a few mistakes here and there, The I's Emily Baker reckons that SZA is the only exciting slam dunk of the three. https://inews.co.uk/culture/music/pop-stars-dont-respect-glastonbury-2956345
  5. NorthernSoul52


    Must echo the "small crowd" comments, particularly given The National seem to be near their peak as a live draw. For what it is worth, she still has not sold out her BST date, though they are onto Tier 3. An interesting commonality there - GNR did not sell out straight away last year, I believe, and they both happen to be the most divisive of the headline bookings for the year.
  6. £48.20 £59.50 £70.70 £87.80 £99.10 Not sure on London prices.
  7. UK dates in November. Prices outside London are as follows, inc. fees: £48.20 £59.50 £70.70 £87.80 £99.10 (Taken from Resorts World Arena Birmingham)
  8. Some good shouts to be had.
  9. Had Justice been on the Friday, then likely just Coldplay. But will probably do Dua Lipa and Coldplay, then start with SZA. If she doesn't hook if fifteen minutes, make the trek over for the back half of The National.
  10. Dexys a big appeal for my eighties-loving posterior. Will have to see how clashes go.
  11. Feels like a disaster waiting to happen.
  12. The raw data isn't there for them in the UK, but should be great fun. One of those where if it proves to be quite the success, could pave the way for future Pyramid positions at the top, which certainly helps to further build out a roster of headliners.
  13. NorthernSoul52

    2025 Headliners

    2025: Dave / Olivia Rodrigo / Foo Fighters 2026: The 1975 / Sam Fender / Beyonce 2027: Raye / Harry Styles / Radiohead
  14. NorthernSoul52

    2024 Headliners

    Got to assume either Rodrigo wasn't getting the money she wanted (unlikely, given what would have been left from Madonna) or the slot she wanted (unlikely, given she's an obvious fit to do top-spot in our eyes) or she simply wasn't fussed this time / cannot make it for whatever reason.
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