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  1. Idles are up against Post Malone and as you say, the Comet is Coming and plenty of other stages though. It'll be busy but I don't think it'll be any busier than King Gizzard last year. Thought we might have gotten some of the last names today.
  2. Thoughts and prayers are with anyone setting up camp in this weather.
  3. DDave

    Musical Confessional

    In my opinion, Girls Aloud were better than the Supremes. Fight me.
  4. Aiming to be on site for around 3 for Frank Carter. Friday is by far the quietest day in my schedule so suits me.
  5. Smuggling cans in is cheaper 🙂 edit - which I don't normally advocate but if they're charging that for a pint and you're there for 3 days and nights, something's got to give.
  6. Thanks mate. Think you could be right with the layout, can only see them being opposite each other if they are turned around. Gonna be weird after all these years.
  7. Yeah had that thought today. Would have been easier to move the beer shack, surely?! Someone on the Festileaks forum saying that the Dance Hall is to be opposite the Boiler.
  8. Weekend tickets have gone back on sale on their website. Plenty of cheap tickets knocking about on ebay and twickets now. Think a few people may have had second thoughts due to the projected weather.
  9. Hmm. Hope these changes work. Thought last year was pretty much perfect.
  10. The wristband payment thing sounds like a right faff. I'm predicting it'll be scrapped by Saturday afternoon. I'm after some cheap Sunday tickets if anyone is selling btw.
  11. But this is only the second year where you have to pay extra to stay in Camping Chill. Comparing it to 2015 is irrelevant.
  12. So Camping Chill has sold out. For reference, it didn't sell out till the 12th of August last year which would indicate pretty healthy ticket sales. So that's Dour, Rock Werchter & Les Ardentes out of the way, if we're to get any names from them to fill the remaining slots then you'd think we'll get them soon. A month today! it's coming round fast.
  13. Nope. There's usually more queues for the internal shuttle to the other campsite. You can normally jump on on straight away and be in bed (or the pub) in 15-20 mins
  14. Its here... https://www.booking.com/hotel/be/hostel-h.en-gb.html Location couldn't be better, right next to the train station which is where the shuttle bus drops you off We've stayed there the last 3 years and whilst it's pretty basic, it gives you everything you need and includes breakfast. You can stay in a dorm, book a private twin or as we have, book a quad room. Quad room works out at 480 euros for 4 nights so 120 euros each if you fill it. Twin room is roughly half that.
  15. Fucking hell, gutted I missed this one!
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