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  1. Just activated access thing, seemed pretty straightforward. Got the credit on there as well. No mention of the free t-shirt though?
  2. It's Régine from Arcade Fire
  3. I feel slightly better knowing that day 1 of week 2 is also clash Central and as much as I love them, staying up till 4.40am for 2manydjs just wasn't going to happen lol
  4. And Idles clashing with Gorillaz. What's the fucking point??
  5. King Giz clashing with the Strokes. Wtf?
  6. I still think there's a surprise or two in store.
  7. Day 1 of Weekend 2 is by far the best day of the festival for me (I'm doing W1 only) , so many ace mid sized names plus 2 belting headliners in Dua Lipa and Gorillaz followed by Day 2 of weekend one.
  8. I keep forgetting they're playing. Same with Idles.
  9. I'm reckoning 7 euros a pint/0.5 litre
  10. My favourite Primavera memory was waking up to hearing LCD soundchecking from my room at the Hilton, the year I was lucky enough to get a room there that didn't cost the earth.
  11. I'd say so. Wonder if the hold up is because we might be getting Suede? Playing an as yet unsold out show at the Razzmatazz tomorrow night, might be announced along with the timetable the day after.
  12. When I told her she was on fire, she thought it was a compliment about her looks until I told her no, you are actually on fire
  13. Radiohead 2016, you could hear a pin drop, never experienced that before or since at a big crowd. I had to break the silence to tell the girl in front that her handbag was on fire as she'd dropped a cigarette into it by accident, and even then I had to whisper it.
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