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  1. Vampire Weekend plus the 2021 line up would be a dream. Add in Arcade Fire and it would be perfect. Travis Scott can fuck right off though.
  2. There is that. High rating owner though and I'll be booking a back up hotel as well.
  3. 495 quid for 4 people for an apartment with a pool with a a view of the venue. I won't be beating that.
  4. Hope something can be worked out. Smaller crowd capacity, lose a couple of stages. Better than nothing I suppose.
  5. So late summer RW but no Pukkelpop?
  6. Came here to post the same. Fingers crossed for Belgium.
  7. https://nltimes.nl/2021/02/24/andre-hazes-chefspecial-among-first-acts-announced-event-experiments
  8. Good spot. All prices back to normal.
  9. Paleo festival in Switzerland cancelled, well reimagined... https://yeah.paleo.ch/en/paleo-on-its-way-to-the-45e-parallele
  10. Had mine today, unexpectedly quickly tbh. What time do the pubs open?
  11. Realistically, can you see both or one going ahead? Maybe a reduced capacity for Pukkelpop?
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