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  1. tfw when there's still no sign of this yet on the official Werchter site.
  2. CaledonianGonzo

    Lady GaGa

    One can only imagine Bloc Party's fit of pique if she comes back next year to headline.
  3. They added extra screens to the Pyramid Stage and used identical videos and imagery to the Zoo TV / Zooropa shows.
  4. Though does reverse banjax them bringing it back to Glastonbury as a one off in 2011. A bit.
  5. Let It Bleed would seem the natural next port of call. Then Some Girls, Brussels Affair and Get Yer Ya Yas Out.
  6. CaledonianGonzo


    Model Village reminds me of Plastic Fox, just nowhere near as good.
  7. Fence Collective folk are Fifers pretty much by definition.
  8. Nevermind the Oasis lads and all their door-related shenanigans, Ian Brown actually wants to be a door.
  9. CaledonianGonzo

    Lady GaGa

    Sadly, lady_gaga_doing_poo_poo.jpg no longer automatically embeds 😔
  10. To Guigsy, fitting a door: "Like The Doors mate?" Guigsy: "Robbie Krieger is well-hung, but Jim Morrison is off his fucking hinges"
  11. I won't name him, but his door fitting firm 'What's the Door-y Morning Door-y' will sort you right out.
  12. I like my Liams like I like my fitted doors. Proper sound.
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