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  1. Let's see how the album does. I'm erring towards her being a bit less of a sure thing than she was before she released a string of clunkers that tanked.....but the album still might do box office boocoo.
  2. Remember Catfish and the Bottlemen? Good times, man.
  3. What a pleasant surprise that this isn't a total turkey.
  4. Witchoo is definitely on the Singles of the Year list.
  5. Sounding pretty damn good to be fair.
  6. Taps aff if there's anything there the same sort of quality as Mr Perfectly Fine.
  7. Back it right up and get some:
  8. Pinchy pinchy. And, furthermore, Kiss Kiss 🦞
  9. Pretty big tour venues for someone scaling things back....
  10. Heard him a while back on 6Music, who were obviously unaware that hes now persona non grata.
  11. Did that jacket have inflated lips around the zip to conjure up a 'midnight black fanny' aesthetic?
  12. I stood next to him at a Toots and the Maytals gig in Edinburgh a few years back. He neither added to nor detracted from the experience. That said I think he lives in the Kingdom of Fife so isn't exactly an unusual spot in Edinburgh. He's the Dylan Moran of Proclaimers Twins.
  13. That's the worst coat I've ever seen.
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