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  1. Lorde telling the Supreme Court to do one is intact in her set
  2. Watched Lorde back today: still ace
  3. Did she not just have a hit with Megan Thee Stallion?
  4. Anyone know how Dua Lipa got on last night at Roskilde?
  5. I'd guess I used card 75% of the time - brought a tonne of cash home with me.
  6. I guess there's a second entrance then accessible from backstage? Entrance from the Sacred Space is definitely blocked during the day / early evening.
  7. It was on the Other Stage
  8. This conversation hasn't really helped with the post Glastonbury blues tbh.
  9. There were some old boys from Goa of all places absolutely loving it.
  10. This was my experience the one time I tried them. Too much of a fiddle.
  11. We were in the Glade Dome after the Pet Shop Boys for a few hours getting messy to some old stool trance and it was absolutely the same as always.
  12. I thought Kenny actually did OK crowd-wise in the end?
  13. Comms devices being the same device you're trying to buy on also doesn't help. Folk pinging you to say 'No joy yet' when they should be hitting F5.
  14. Aye - its the guddle if you strike gold on a phone of having to copy and paste 12 complex bits of info into the reg no and postcode boxes. Fuck me. I've got the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.
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