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  1. Does Henrik Lewandowski also wear a sock on his willie?
  2. Still sounds like its gonna be Taylor.
  3. Her album's even called Love-her
  4. Probably true, but none of them are about to headline the G in the short term.
  5. Definitely a line up that firmly hammers a further nail into the coffin of indie music.
  6. Gonna bring em out for Birthday isn't he.
  7. There's a new version already on Tidal that goes: I promise that you'll never find another like Mac-lun-key
  8. Usually, yes. But the Kendrick one isn't that good of an intro.
  9. Taylor sold out Hyde Park and played 6 nights at stadiums last two times she toured UK and Ireland. As for the bad press, so fuck.
  10. The fact that she's good enough and big enough to headline and by the sounds of it you're dismissing her based on nothing more than your own prejudice.
  11. Macca's show is guitar rock.
  12. Imagine if the on going Badger Beef had also squished Macca.
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