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  1. Was delighted to read about Kings of Leon beating one another into a pulp and saving everyone else the job.
  2. Fury's in the space station at the end of Spidey FFH
  3. Interesting take. Didn't realise he had to hit the thesaurus to write couplets like: "That bird thinks she's really fit. But I think she's really shit "
  4. Yup - dope Philly soul vibes
  5. Not controversial at all to say that they should have played The fucking Lovecats.
  6. I'd decided that this would be the album I'd have another bash at getting into Vince as well.
  7. Full circle back to the first page of the thread.
  8. Not least cos it's typically rooted in misogyny and xenophobia.
  9. Open season on reggae artists these days.
  10. I don't think they'll do it again.
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