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  1. Eine deathless uberbanger
  2. 🎵 "Many people are saying more and more that it's a little bit funny, this feelin' inside But no one is better at strongly and powerfully being able to hide" 🎵
  3. If anything, today is going to be like Xmas Eve or Hogmanay when regulars stay home cos the pubs are full of occasional drinkers who can't handle it.
  4. Equally, he's an auld trooper and will play more or less anywhere.
  5. Just arrived at my local and they've gone way too far with the hazard tape.
  6. As someone who swerved them pre-pandemic for Brexit-related reasons I'm in two minds about that myself. That Haunted Worzel Gummidge guy they have is clearly a c**t of the highest order, but the staff also need to earn a living. I think some of them have specifically asked that people don't boycott them just because they disagree with or dislike the Reanimated Cadaver of Jeremy Clarkson that runs the company.
  7. Carling that's been sitting in the lines for 3 months. Maybe the piss of an angel still just tastes like regular piss.
  8. Be careful what you wish for, I guess. Beloved cult acts and stadium fillers are generally different things. If he tops the bill and then draws a muted response then noone really benefits.
  9. If you want to watch him perform to no-one then pay 16 quid to watch his Ally Pally video
  10. Amazing that that picture is over 3 years old now
  11. Well that's alright then. We don't need theatres or music venues as long as the cricket can proceed.
  12. I trust that experts who decided that a Saturday was the best day to blow the starting whistle had solid reasoning.
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