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  1. CaledonianGonzo

    The Rock Slot

    Fucking surprised that #MeToo hasn't taken Marilyn Manson straight to career purgatory. I'd hope he's persona non grata at the farm.
  2. I'm a sucker for a big band / old skool soul revue type performance. Would give me eye teeth to have seen The Revolution in full flower.
  3. CaledonianGonzo


    Think I saw you on the BBC coverage
  4. Dave seems fairly chatty on Twitter. Someone could ask him.
  5. Dave seems fairly chatty on Twitter. Someone could ask him.
  6. CaledonianGonzo


    Sound was immense this year. Best ever.
  7. St Luke's and St Andrews In The Square are both just round the corner and ace.
  8. The only way to ensure that they don't become the first act to headline it 5 times is to get #RightBob and the lads back again this year, even if it's just to play Lovecats.
  9. But if you fork out an extra 20 sheets for the Firezone tickets you stand the chance of being blasted with the Cum Cannon.
  10. #WrongBob https://www.nme.com/reviews/live/listen-up-glastonbury-robbie-williams-hyde-park-show-is-the-ultimate-come-and-get-me-plea
  11. More like The Cure smashing it will bring the likes of Depeche Mode and Pearl Jam into contention.
  12. Maybe rocks in a generally fuck awful state and hasn't got any headliners worth the name so pop, rap etc gonna pick up the slack.
  13. We're talking about bands that won't headline.
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