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  1. Dub Pistols more like D@b Down Pistols imho
  2. Faithless moved to Friday isn't a surprise.
  3. Not a super cheap option but I've had a Thermarest Prolite for about 15 years and couldn't fault it.
  4. It's textbook pinkwashing https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinkwashing_(LGBT)
  5. Might be more to do with their agent / management. If they're currently seeking representation then maybe their usual avenues are starting to dry up. Not sure if they'll be up in Edinburgh this year.
  6. FFS having to edit every post I make to fix the pronouns.
  7. I'm sure Toby Young and the Free Speech Union have already rallied to the cause.
  8. Looking more and more like a tactical faux pas- folk didn't have enough time to digest the album proper before the second tranche arrived - and whether deserved or not the latter 15 tracks will always have an air of also rans about them. She should have put a bit more breathing space between them.
  9. For further context, there's a long post halfway down this thread from someone who was there at the time https://www.cookdandbombd.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=105718.60#quickreply_anchor As noted elsewhere Currie can be aggressive to audience members and seems to have some other sketchy behaviours, but I dont think this is something they should lose their livelihood over.
  10. Yeah that Afriquoi slot popped off. I'd seen them on Truth Stage previously and it was a bit quiet, but WH slapped.
  11. Yes, they can be abusive to audience members in a way that can cross a line
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