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  1. Cos I've just seen @Mardy mention it on the Twitters
  2. CaledonianGonzo


    Mozza - the artist we all love to refer to as 'M'
  3. CaledonianGonzo

    The Cure

    Sums up Glastonbury 2019 as a whole.
  4. I'm keeping up a decent level of exercise but the healthy eating has gone to pot. There's a pandemic going on, so I can have a Jaffa Cake.
  5. Huge Thingy follower cull required if Kasabian carry off the trophy.
  6. In a way.... For reasons too longwinded to go in to here we went on a lads holiday to Argentina 20 odd years ago and managed to convince the dj in a Buenos Aires nightclub to play it to a room full of about 500 raving Argies.
  7. Eh? Ally's Tartan Army is a belter.
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