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  1. You Need To Calf Down
  2. New standard avatar imho
  3. Michael's giving Taylor a run in the shapely legs department.
  4. Explains the pursed lip expression she's wearing.
  5. Michael's slipping the hand.
  6. Yes. Ridiculous. Although not as ridiculous as the lyrics of Love Is The Law.
  7. Bill turning up halfway through her set to duet with her on The Red Flag is the special guest that noone saw coming.
  8. For as the good book says; Roast not, lest ye be roasted.
  9. CaledonianGonzo

    Billie Eilish

    You Only Live Twice should be in any top 5
  10. Fuming about Lana Del Rey being a token diversity hire and Glastonbury passing over my bois The Hunna.
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