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  1. Yeah this, and same with what @FloorFillersaid. They're also probably easing into it as well so I don't think the first date is indicative of anything.
  2. Think she tweeted and said she wasn't playing a few weeks back so I don't think she is.
  3. Yeah I agree, the entire well is pretty much tainted when it comes to live music on a bigger scale. I like John but he is in his Quietus echo chamber where he's been quite lucky to be able to do what he does on his own platform and not really have that many dealings with massive organisations.
  4. Good replacement, makes the line up very similar to the Edinburgh show now
  5. Sorry all! Anyway, let's hope the Gorillaz day goes ahead, and there are cheap tickets for the others. I can't make any of them now as I'm all booked up over both weekends but tbh there hasn't been that much of a draw with the acts this year got me.
  6. Anyway I've really de-railed this thread and I'm sorry for that.
  7. Then go and get some help, drinking your way through social anxiety is a horrible way to help it.
  8. And that's fine! I just have a problem with the idea that one way is better than the other, which is why I was harsh in my response to you.
  9. Feel free to reply to this where they said this, they said sober gigs suck and then when I said 'I've been to loads sober and it's fine' I was replied with 'orange juice sounds like a party'. So yeah they were talking about me. Like I said, drinking at gigs, totally ok! Making people feel bad for not deciding to drink, not ok!
  10. Of course it's subjective. Except the poster literally responded to my points made. I don't know why you're defending the idea of drinking at a gig so much. I literally don't have a problem with it, what I do have a problem with is when people imply you're gonna have a worse time without them. It's toxic and pressures people into doing things they don't want to do!
  11. And some people like to not have drinks, and don't like to be berated by responses that imply not having a drink is a bad/worse experience.
  12. I can't know for certain as I don't work there. But if it's a QR code like my volunteering ticket is then there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't work on a phone and I can't see them making a fuss about it with it being not on paper. Better for the environment on a phone screen too!
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