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  1. 3rd time seeing New Order, worst I'd seen them tbh. Glad to see some people enjoying it but unfortunately for me I couldn't stand it. They sounded like karaoke for most of it, mixing was way off (could barely hear bass and guitars for a lot of the set) and the crowd near me were extremely horrible, shoving and pushing and general no gig etiquette. A night I hope to forget unfortunately.
  2. Looks like demand for pavement isnt that high, checked about 10 mins ago and O2 priority tickets still available for Manchester and Leeds
  3. feel like this release is being slept on when really its seemingly gonna be a top quality sufjan album, singles sound better than the ascension so far imo
  4. gonna have to go for a Saturday Roundhouse show even though I'm seeing em at Primavera too
  5. No, I have heard the release, im confused by your freak on a leash linkage haha
  6. Same here, went for a local record store for £38. Might have to get that smaller book they're doing though.
  7. only thing i can think of is that maybe life in a glasshouse isnt on it because its got other artists involved? that like band they got or something. Im sure it'll be on there though.
  8. I don't think so! I don't believe many artists would be like 'ugh no' to signing something, and a setlist is a pretty good item to sign!
  9. Haha I was only kidding. She's just one of my standouts this year, I think she's gonna be rising up the ranks massively if this new album hits (which it probably will).
  10. Not ideal is it? Might as well have closed all the other stages for Little Simz though imo.
  11. my bad, i haven't been previously so didnt want to say for certain.
  12. Speculation is that they'll be basically completely clashing.
  13. Would love to catch porridge radio but if they're taking the scalping slot im screwed!
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