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  1. I knew someone that re-spell-checked photocopies.
  2. I often nip on and off site during the build to fetch and carry stuff and people around. Getting from Castle Cary is easy as loads of Taxis are around and plenty of people like to me hitch with. Essentially the whole area is set to help get stuff and people in.
  3. I know how that feels. Hope the interview process was useful in some way. Hopefully with a massive job offer and then you can SHINE LIKE THE STAR THAT YOU ARE!!!
  4. ian the worm

    Hot Chip

    about half way through the 6 music program .... how come I didn’t know this mix.....
  5. Loo seat in the sky with diamonds.
  6. Are they selling coach tickets?? Only 7 acts announced with Craig and Thrills being nailed on each year and kids act being Mr Brush. I make it a poster that contains 4 real bits of news. For a festival so early in the season you’d have thought they’d have released the stage times by now.
  7. Excellent thread idea. Once an act has secured a way in via one venue, they have the opportunity to play multiple times in multiple locations. The issue is that many small venues get VERY limited passes for the acts they want to host, which makes the final few months like a massive underground music trading market.
  8. 24 years on, This Life being re-run on BBC4 this week. I'm going to watch to relive my mid-twenties.
  9. ian the worm

    Skunk Anansie

    Yep. Get to the front middle of you want to be stood on a lot. They currently play all the classic and the new stuff is shit hot too.
  10. I saw them headline Camper Calling last year and they were VERY HOT..
  11. Did you know that Emily123 is the crew WiFi password.
  12. Yes. I believe you can sew one of these onto your backpack..
  13. There are none so blind as those that will not see.
  14. No but you all spent 5 days wandering past it. 200,000 on site each day for 5 days = 1M opportunities and only THIS guy found it.....
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