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  1. ian the worm

    paolo nutini

    Not that I know of. I happened to be working when Paolo was on. But I was not around for Loyle. Maybe scour YouTube for audience footage.
  2. ian the worm

    paolo nutini

    Here is Iron Sky that I managed to film on the tiny Rabbit Hole stage. Enjoy.
  3. ian the worm

    paolo nutini

    Anyone catch him??
  4. ian the worm

    paolo nutini

    Secret Rabbit Hole set 7pm Saturday 2022. This was his final song...
  5. FYI, it’s nine years ago this week and I’ve just seen the ever so lovely Andrew and Sarah on-site again. Such a memorable moment. ♥️💚♥️💚
  6. Yes. But substitute “secret place” with “venue within a venue” and expect loads of people at both to allow for entry time. 🥕🥕🥕🕳🐇
  7. Spoken word tent Cabaret tent Big top circus tent Outdoor circus space Astralab Pilton Palais cinema Cinemaragedon Acoustic tent Flagtopia Free University Vintage clothes shopping Send a postcard Tiny Tea Tent TiPi village has loads of small stages and really sweet village tipi cafe vibe. 24h fire by the totem pole.
  8. It is a tent with one open side. There may not be room to fit everyone in. So technically no queue, but arriving early will increase your chance of getting stage visibility.
  9. Hmmmmm. Finally a thread about the Rabbit rabbit holey holey hole hole. RH >> Noon 🥕🥕🕳🐇 dawn.WTFSS FP >> Dusk 🥕🥕🕳🐇 dawn. TFSS So many questions, but I’ve got to dash - can’t be late. ⏰
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