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  1. I checked 2018 vs 2019: Friday line up 2018 2019 Main stage 5 5 Siam tent 6 6 R3 Charlie Gillett 5 5 Ecotricity 5 4 D and B 6 6 Big Red Tent 5 0 Total 32 26 Down 18%
  2. ian the worm


    Most cables are running on the ground behind the scenes. The only ones dug into the ground are when they in public places. I expect the festival would love to be carbon neutral / carbon negative, but sadly I expect its not.
  3. ian the worm


    They are not back up generators. They are the local generators that provide the required power for each local area. Every stage, venue and trader basically plugs into them via a bunch of smaller distribution points. The power requirements for each user are known and then the generators sourced and positioned accordingly.
  4. ian the worm


    Paint job Is good for 11 months camouflage..... but it also looks way more “Arcadiary” and less Avonmouth Dock for next years show.
  5. 2010 / 2019 Both taken on backstage sofas after about 9 days fucking hard work.
  6. I feel there are less acts per stage this year is this right? And some are not starting till 2 or 3 pm is this a reduced quantity???? Take the Friday line up for example..... Main stage 5 bands from 1pm Siam tent 6 bands from 2pm Charlie Gillett 5 bands from 2 pm Ecotricity 4 bands from 3pm D and B 6 bands from 1pm
  7. It’s gunna be hot so i wouldn’t bother. What are you selling?
  8. I only went last year for the first time and the Radio three stage was here right? Looking at the map graphics I’d say the big red tent is there, but now combined with the sponsors d and b with their amazing surrounding sound system. Is dropping the stage a Brexit / Budget reason?
  9. Yes I spotted that on the map yesterday. And the Radio three stage is now named something else.
  10. This is a good use of the internet. Good luck. xx
  11. ian the worm


    Two weeks after the festival and one nostril is still constantly producing dust coloured grit like medium sized bogies. Throat, eyes, ears etc all cleared up by the time I’d got home but this one nostril is being super stubborn.
  12. I had daughter #2 worm with me and basically woke up and buggered off by 10am.... so I didn’t actually look.
  13. Fun fact: the bloke in charge of the Acoustic field recently changed his name from Stuart Whitmore to Fox Valentine.
  14. ian the worm


    I saw it. Very good. Really enjoyed it. Felt very traditional, yet with some modern funny references. I happened to arrive at the right spot when a performance was about to begin. However I thought it would have had a much better audience reaction if it had been in a different location such as T&C or Greenfileds. Most of the people watching looked perplexed as if they were just taking a break between a John Peel or Pyramid set. Here is a picture of a three headed Shakespeare shuffling in to play Charades with Juliet.
  15. Thursday 9pm... During the build... Wednesday crew...
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