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  1. Last weekend someone (maybe BIlly Bragg or Pete Townsend?) on the radio (4 or 6?) was saying he didn't want to tour as much to keep the green costs down. But then he mentioned the travelling public are part of the worst problem, therefore by keeping the band static, the public do more travelling. The following graph from BBC is interesting as it puts the audience travel at 33%.
  2. How many pieces of single use plastic battery LED wristbands did they produce? Feels like they are feeling a bit guilty.
  3. 1) If you are concerned enough to buy one of these then you’re probably concerned enough to leave no trace. IE no problem to solve. 2) festivals that are concerned will already employ workers to pre-erect standard tents that won’t degrade. IE no problem to solve. 3) people generally buy bargains so this would have to be low in price to sell in volume. 4) what about the other shit that is left behind. The tent is just part of the problem———- tents don’t cause problems, people do.
  4. I went the year they built the airport (2010?) and saw it 90% complete but not running that day. It is so realistic that when I’m now at a real airport I think how realistic they look compared with the model.
  5. I made a model railway about 10 years ago. Narrow gauge O-16.5. My Dad finished it off and exhibited it a few times. In his prime he owned 6 touring layouts and I often helped him set up and run them. I basically grew up helping him run his trains sets. He has published books on the subject and about one million magazine articles. When I’m bored I design layouts I’d like to build. I’m currently thinking of a moonscape 009 narrow gauge. Another project I fully expect to ignore. For my Dads 70th I took him to Hamburg to visit Miniature Wonderland which is the largest (and best) model railway in the world.
  6. David Cameron came to my place of work in the 2016 campaign trail and I was very excited to meet Nick Robinson.
  7. Guilt on BBC. Watched the first two episodes twice (as my wife wants to watch With me but I don’t have the patience to wait). Great story, actors, twists and soundtrack. Also features a proper old school fictional record store In Leith.
  8. Yes. It was casual, authentic, funny, a mixture between traditional and modern, lots of twists. Imagine Juliet doing To Be or Not To Be as charades to William. the costumes were great. Here is a clip of a three headed William that was forever arguing with himself.
  9. The licensing checks are expected for miss-serving alcohol as that is a standard part of selling alcohol. What surprised (and pleased) me was the simple welfare check on the availability free tap water. Hats off to all the crew, volunteers and area management that have the fundamental duty of care to look after the ticket holders be it hot, muddy, dry or flooded. The festival is second to none in that respect.
  10. Saturday afternoon, when the tap queues were at their longest, every bar was emailed and instructed to ensure free water was provided. The bar I worked at was selling the usual £2 cans from the freezer but we also made sure we had jugs and camping containers of tap water at the bar for freebies. We normally do this very late at night so it was not a bother to bring them out earlier. One woman asked me for some water and I asked if she wanted to purchase a cold can from the freezer or have a free cup of tap water and she simply repeated the request. Sensing what was going on I quickly gave her a free cup of tap water. At this point she revealed that she was from licensing and was testing each bar to see how they performed. I mentioned something about the tap water being warm and wanting to ensure she got what she wanted. At this point she pointed out that I should ignore all unnecessary delay that and just concentrate on the tap water (at any temperature) or she'd not hesitate in revoking our licence. Even though I was aware of the laws, I had only just passed the test as I was trying to do the right thing. From the conversations I heard as a bar worker, the festival always had plenty of drinking water, but the distribution of it was where most of the issues lay.
  11. Just watched episode 3. Is the odd one out Elbow?
  12. ian the worm


    Didn’t Danny Baker point out that in a typical book makers there is one paying out window for 6 paying in windows...... and that’s your odds right there.
  13. ian the worm

    Hot Chip

    Didn’t have lasers at Bristol on Monday, but we did have two of their kids helping with percussion for the last song. I recon that’s my 9th or 10th Spot the kid in the picture.... time I’ve seen them.
  14. A few years ago I met party-mode Harry at Glastonbury. Nailed on I’d say. @Neil can you add ER as SR!
  15. I thought everyone looked a bit unhappy / serious / unfun? I watch with my daughter and we weren’t very entertained that much.
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