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  1. I’m calling impeachment 2 will succeed. Not sure on the senate trial outcome though.
  2. I’m a Stroudie. I recon that we have the highest percentage of any Town working across the Glasto fields. You literally can’t move in Glasto for us lot.
  3. Knock knock. Who’s there? Europe. Europe who? No you’re a poo.
  4. I’m shocked at how small Beth Harmens suitcases were for all those outfits Loved it.
  5. This was through BUPA. 😝
  6. Talking of ears, I recently got diagnosed with Menieres Disease. The ENT consultant tested my hearing my jittering his finger on my ear flap whilst whispering “cup cake” or “beach hut” into it. Pervert.
  7. My portfolio, Monday 9th November 8:30am.
  8. I approve of his new hair colour. Makes him look like a normal twat.
  9. This thread alone has been worth eFest gold membership. 🙏
  10. Heard this at the weekend on Craig Charles 6Music. Rather good innit.
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