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  1. ian the worm

    Emily interview

    Curiouser and curiouser!
  2. ian the worm

    Emily interview

    The mud came from the rain that constantly fell before the festival opened. As one of the team that “builds” it, I have never and probably will never witness again, such a mammoth effort by the entire build crew ALL over the site to 1) provide any kind of show, 2) maintain the required festival safety levels to enable 150k piss heads into a few fields, 3) open on time-ish. Granted the traffic and car park drainage made many people’s festival start late - and the festival learnt its lesson in contingency planning. I understand there is now a wood chip pile the size of Everest. 2016 felt like the hardest 10 days work of my life and consequently 2017 was a such piece of piss.
  3. ian the worm

    Emily interview

    Someone said they liked these random photos popping up and I agree..... So here are my useful photos of the two Tipi areas, in clockwise order, from the Ribbon Tower at 5am Thursday 2016. Tipi Park... Park Stage... The Park... Tipi Field... Rabbit Hole... Sign...
  4. ian the worm

    Emily interview

    Totally agree
  5. ian the worm

    Emily interview

    Don’t know about BBC I’m afraid. I’d be surprised if they were in a Tipi as there is no let up from the surroundings. Better for partying than the likes of Dermot, Jo and Marc. Some that stay there are actually quite nice to be fair.
  6. ian the worm

    Emily interview

    They are currently backstage and I hate them. I pass this area 200 times a day and it’s totally under used. It’s basically Emily’s liggers. The only way I see that tipi field getting used for a public event space would be to open up an access point right in the corner, next to the Rabbit Hole. I also think that the Rabbit Hole kind of blocks off a huge amount of access to the flags and the sign. It does this because it somehow managed to squeeze itself into the last useable slope before it gets too steep to use. Apt really. The slope kills us all. All foot traffic currently has to squeeze between BBC and Rabbit Hole (with the amazing Tree House cafe in between) and the ground there doesn’t take it very well. Therefore if there was a way of opening up the tipi park as a new venue, and providing a new route to the sign and ensuring the Rabbit Hole somehow maintains its services then it’s a good idea
  7. ian the worm

    Excitement buildings :)

    This is my actual house in August when it realised it was my actual house.
  8. ian the worm

    What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2019?

    Organisational emails and some very specific web surfing.
  9. ian the worm

    What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2019?

    Back to work at 7 today. Booked my holiday time off by 7:10.
  10. ian the worm

    What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2019?

    Got my job confirmed. Googled mens gold hot pants.
  11. ian the worm

    Techno - Survey

    Is the correct answer Techo?
  12. ian the worm

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

    2018 from memory.... 1) Radio 4 2) Radio 5 3) iPod 4) The only CD in the car 5) YouTube Top songs; 1) Today 2) Stephen Nolan 3) Ian’s Choice Playlist 4) Yeah 5) Amelie Lens sets
  13. ian the worm

    Things that ur happy about

    Oops. Soz. 😂
  14. ian the worm

    Things that ur happy about

    She totally nailed it thanks Granddad.
  15. ian the worm

    Things that ur happy about

    Tonight my daughter will sing solo in a cathedral in front of at least 1000 people.