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  1. Thanks. Been a double good week with my debut music video also released.
  2. If you go then you need to have an adequate escape plan to get offsite and back home to your own bed. And take things REALLY easy. I did one WOMAD and one Glastonbury with terrible pain and it’s really tough. Constant pain is horrible. But it’s your pain and only you know just how it feels.
  3. I think you need to join all the forums and FB groups that deal with managing bad back pain and get advice from the many fellow suffers out there. Learn to recognise chronic versus acute and what and when you need to do something. Go to your library and read a book. The Back Bible by Sarah Keyes is my go to. You know Glasto is hard. You know a bad back is hard. So you can already expect the combo to be double hard. Resting it and stretches are your friend. As well as decent pain medication. Research the 4 levels of pain killers and also NSAIDS and take them with you to self dose. This will be easier than getting hold of some there. Don’t get too fucked up. Remeber that slipped discs can last a lifetime and should be taken care of. I have two slipped discs (the lowest two) and have suffered on and off since 2004. Good luck with it.
  4. Will be down for Horts and the gig but won’t be before 6:30 i recon
  5. I am currently enjoying the vibes radiating from Labour run Westminster. It’s nice.
  6. Is there exit poll stuff for locals? At ten sharp I expect. Also, when are the counts complete? Do they work through the night?
  7. ian the worm


    Here it is in a2019 action…
  8. Just remembered that rather incriminating video evidence was once circulating at my place of work (quite a posh place)…... and HR issued the legendary memo saying “employees should not film people masturbating in the toilets”. Totally missing the point as they seemed to be more concerned with GDPR.
  9. Neil Parish has done an amazing U-Turn by resigning today. Yes he stumbled for a day and yesterdays interview was a car crash. But today he was honest and therefore seems really really open about it. Resigning was the best option by far Secondly he shows up everyone else who is not resigning and “waiting for the inquiry” regarding things they have done wrong. And I like that. Because I assume Boris will now say that Neil Parish has done the right thing.
  10. Whenever you happen upon a man dressed as a lobster singing a Christmas song, SHOW HIM YOUR CLAWS!!!!!
  11. Thursday works best for me as I normally work Wednesday night. But it will feel very odd not being on a Wednesday.
  12. I heard that the person that does the map colouring has just found an eighth shade of pale green to make the map even more fucking confusing.
  13. Whoop wheeeeeeee and weyhay.
  14. ian the worm

    Hot Chip

    Still available. Friday attendee here 👋
  15. Thanks to this thread I’m rather hooked on this…
  16. ian the worm

    Sober times

    Typical bar encounter at a gig last night. I grabbed some cash and went to the venue but when I got to the bar I saw the dreaded sign “cards only”. A drunk bloke waiting at the bar saw me about to ask the bar staff something and aggressively told me to wait my turn pal as he was first. I asked if the bar downstairs was also card only and barman said yes which meant I was unable to buy my own drink. So I explained to the drunk bloke that I couldn’t buy my own drink and asked him if he’d like to buy me a drink instead. I waved my wad of cash at him so he knew he’d not be out of pocket. He said no - not really but then agreed in the end as he understood my predicament and knew he’d get my money. So I went first and ordered my drink… a ginger beer! 😝 Drunk bloke hits the roof and says fucks sake man you’re not having one of them after all that - like I was insulting his newly offered friendship purely on his imagined contract of me asking for an alcoholic drink. Now, it’s actually none of his business what I drink, but nevertheless I had to decide how to play this one coz he wasn’t happy and the barman was waiting to see how this one went. So I leaned in to the drunk man and very careful explained that I’m in recovery, which I’m comfortable saying, but me and him were not getting on too well at this point so I had hesitant about it coz sometimes people don’t understand. He was a big man, fairly well tanked and already pretty pissed off with me for butting in and then requesting his help. Something clicked in him as he heard me say this and he instantly understood what I’d explained. He visibly softened and relaxed and asked me how long. Six years I said to which he replied he’d once done ten before lapsing. Done Fellowship and everything he proudly explained but had fallen back in it. He tried to give me my money back but I firmly reused it and gave him enough for his own drink too. As we parted he looked me in the eye shook my hand firmly and I know what he was thinking by his new body language and strong eye contact. It was “Fair play pal, I get you”. Over the past few years I’ve had quite a few drinkers quietly tell me they wish they could quit or cut down and in that brief contact of a handshake I felt him set himself an intention to review his own drinking. Telling this story here as I’m sure other non-drinkers will also have been “tutted at” for having a soft drink in a round. It never fucking gets easier does it unless you are with understanding mates. And to those of you wanting to review your own drinking, my advice is to listen to your heart and do whatever you feel is right for you, whenever that will be. 💚💛💙
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