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  1. Talking of ears, I recently got diagnosed with Menieres Disease. The ENT consultant tested my hearing my jittering his finger on my ear flap whilst whispering “cup cake” or “beach hut” into it. Pervert.
  2. My portfolio, Monday 9th November 8:30am.
  3. I approve of his new hair colour. Makes him look like a normal twat.
  4. This thread alone has been worth eFest gold membership. 🙏
  5. Heard this at the weekend on Craig Charles 6Music. Rather good innit.
  6. I saw Tenet on Friday in the largest screen at the peak time. I was one of 5 in the cinema that holds around 140. I paid £6.99 I didn’t understand it all.
  7. You can go @The Toxic Avengeras I just guessed but sounds like you actually knew.
  8. I’ve ridden in Micheal Eavis.
  9. I’m guessing he’s a farmer or landowner. Maybe he owns the Pyramid field?
  10. ....who just became a first time dad.
  11. I watched this set for the first time last week on the big telly. Wasn’t it good. Greensleeves.
  12. Did they run out of Vaseline?
  13. Yes. Correct. Didn’t I also remember that someone took a green door to his pyramid set and held it aloft but the song wasn’t played?? Your turn GH. xx
  14. Who said “There will be nice white boots, no pink jackets and no denims”
  15. Ah yes. Page 36 when I was busy moving house and didn’t follow the quiz. Soz.
  16. Yep. Who made me cry when they dedicated a song to their Nan who had died the previous day. Bonus points for stage and year.
  17. Break the ice. Send a short message saying hi. This puts the ball in their court. It’s not a competition.
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