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  1. bigbilly

    West holts

    Spot on. Now they play every festival and event bubbles defo burst for me!
  2. bigbilly

    Green man

    Think we made the sunset once this year at glasto. Far too old and too many commitments to stare into the Bowells of hell for a week ornteo after these days. Looking at the late night line up at greenman there's a good amount of djs who would grace sunrise at block 9 or shangri la so that's all good for us! Week off work after as well so might even zee a couple of sunrises ha. Everyone I know whose been to green man love it amd do say its like a mini glasto type old school vibe
  3. bigbilly

    Green man

    Thanks everyone my mates playing after bicep I think so might get a little hedonistic! Happy to chill though too old for 5 day benders haha.
  4. bigbilly

    Green man

    Hey hope this is OK in here. Jist after some feedback from glasto crew! Anyone been to green man? Any good? Any tips? Best areas etc etc
  5. Had a meeting from the Lebanese place at the park Sunday night. Worst tenner I've ever spent. Got the dregs of what was left
  6. Simple too many to many tickets were sold
  7. Thought about this for a while and come to the conclusion it was definitely oversold.
  8. Could quite happily sit in there all weekend haha
  9. I think the sign and the tower are probably after the pyramid the most shown areas on TV or images used these days. There used to be hardly anyone up on the hills.
  10. Though the whole of the park area in general was way more busy then before. Used to be busy weds and Thurs then die down but this was pretty much rammed all the time and up the hill towards the glasto sign. I think everyone now gravitated to the sign and the ribbon tower.
  11. I think the sound I is not actually arcadias fault they are at the mercy of the sound police. Obviously budgets cut and 3 years of covid and Pangea not carrying on made it tough. However you gotta believe in the spider spirit. It will come back stronger. Just the fact it's there after covid is a miracle to be honest!
  12. Got caught in the tlc crowd coming from pyramid during wolf Alice. Tons of space near West holts bar and glasto Latino bit but took us 40 mins to walk there never seen it that rammed. Was in arcadia early for chemical brothers slot and there was tins of room near far bar. Took us ages to get out. Proper vibe killer Wet leg rammed they could have played high up in other and it would have been rammed. They've got massive since they were probably booked.
  13. So he's got a pic of the ticket on top 9f the envelope and address so he's got tons of evidence. I think the on site ticket office is at Gate a. Can anyone confirm?
  14. Thanks for replying . Hes scared to email them bless him in case they veto it before his flights! Not sure if he has a picture. The lead booker is currently set up in East camper van field. Does anyone know if they track if the ticket has been used to get in? I'm hoping they can see ots not been used give him a new one amd cancel his old one. Issue he may have is I'm not sure of the tracking evidence says hes got a ticket or just some mail
  15. Evening all. Got a friend heading over from Spain tomorrow for festival. Only issue is his ticket is stuck in Madrid in the post office and won't get to him in time. He has all tracking data as evidence etc. Ticket was sent to lead ticket holder in UK who then reposted but ts stuck. He has no option apart from taking all his evidence to festival ticket office as flights in morning. Do you reckon they will give him a new one?
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