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  1. It is, but only 17-20% chance of rain, even where it shows rain.
  2. They wouldn’t bring their whole stadium tour headline setup though for an hour slot. Nothing to stop most of the trucks going one way and them bringing a smaller selection of kit this way.
  3. They do seem to have a lot of tents left to go in the next few days!
  4. The White Smile. New super super group
  5. 100%. And this is also why The Smile shouldn’t be ruled out for the Park slot.
  6. I suspect you’ll be cringing then, unfortunately.
  7. t0paz


    The Arcadia crew bar have posted their listings for Fri-Sun and each day 9:30pm Is listed as ‘Spider awakes’. So maybe some kind of smaller cut back show before the first act at 10pm?
  8. It means they’ve got another anniversary special edition of something coming out soon!
  9. Are the showers and food outlets near the gate end, or nearer reception? I’d just assumed they would be by the gate so everyone would funnel past them, but maybe not.
  10. t0paz


    I’m sure I read the spider takes 4 days in total from arrival to being ready, so loads of time yet.
  11. More or less from memory. Maybe slightly cheaper, and usually with a better range
  12. Some of the crew bars open today, so could be any time from this evening.
  13. Bath and West is the only campervan field with showers. You may have a queue a bit though.
  14. Nope, loads before it. Starting on Thursday in Spain https://www.thechemicalbrothers.com/live
  15. Looks like Carl Cox and Chase & Status are now a 2hr slot, not 1?
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