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  1. Car Seat Headrest have announced a North America tour with a Glasto shaped hole in it, so fingers crossed there. New album out May 1st
  2. There have definitely been problems with fake wristbands in the past. If they can have the scanning system pull up the photo registered with it then it would eliminate anyone getting in without a real ticket, or any other scams. There is definitely the potential for carnage if the system went down though!
  3. Normally they do, yes. Although they have also sent them down a track through B&W onto the A37 and up to the A361.
  4. A lot of viruses like this don’t spread as well in the summer months, hence why flu outbreaks tend to be in winter and not June. It’s to do with how it transfers in warm air compared to cold air. However, this is a brand new strain and nobody knows for sure yet. If places like Iran are still having problems when it’s UK June type temperatures over there, then we can worry. The place with the outbreak, Qom, still has low single digit temps at night.
  5. I’ve stayed there a few times. It is a little bit of a faff but not too bad. The bus runs 24 hours and doesn’t take long. It’s a bit of a walk up to the gate each day though. I wouldn’t want to pop back during the day. I leave a big bag full of spare/warm clothes in the on site lockup. the major benefit for me is the hot showers and proper toilets. And it’s always quiet in the evening for sleeping. I don’t think your friends would be able to park there. They’ll need to park in a main car park and get the bus to B&W. It’d be the same in the other camper fields too. Your best bet is to take their stuff in your van.
  6. He probably is a good bet to be on the bill somewhere. And the Free Nationals in their own right on WH too maybe? But he’s got history for flying into the UK for a one off show so not sure how him being in Europe 2 weeks after Glasto has much bearing?
  7. I was gutted to miss this last year with Pigsx7. Idles is a great booking. Day after my work Xmas party and 5 days after Ally Pally. Ah well!
  8. Would Childish Gambino count? i guess he’s kind of pop-ish and is on Island, which is owned by Universal He’d put on a good show and could sub someone...
  9. I hope they announce how many entries there were. But mainly I hope that I’m successful ?
  10. The Instagram account has the blue tick now, so I guess it is happening!
  11. Neither Zack or Tom, both with blue ticks, have tweeted about this so it’s either a very disjointed PR plan or it’s sadly not happening
  12. @RATM is a fan run account though?
  13. Is this fake news? Odd that the Instagram account appears without the blue tick? Their PR guys would have sorted that out, surely? The post is also now missing the dates
  14. There is no perfect system when supply outstrips demand. I’ve missed out this year but I still think this is the only fair way to do it.
  15. It’s a very simple holding page though, and they will have an array of load balancers to handle the traffic and let through a set number to the real booking system. It may seem like a lot of traffic but it’s nothing compared with what someone like google is handling all day, every day. There are many ways they can set their systems up and we’ll never know for sure how it works unless they decided to tell us. I can’t see why they would though as it may open up a backdoor to someone with enough knowledge, at the expense of the lay person.
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