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  1. t0paz

    Park Area Announcement

    It's here now: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/the-park/
  2. t0paz

    Other stage Sunday

    I’m holding out hope for Run The Jewels. It seems unlikely but they have just announced an art exhibition in london which runs from their APE date to the 30th June.
  3. t0paz

    Snapped Ankles

    He actually did say West Holts Back Bar, so you could we’ll be right?
  4. t0paz

    Snapped Ankles

    He was indeed there. And he now seems to sketch the bands! No idea if the finished products are online anywhere? Spoke to Snapped Ankles while they were manning the merch stall. They’re playing 4 sets in total. Strummerville on Thursday and what sounded like a backstage area of West Holts another day. There is one day they’re not playing, apparently. The 2 already known were confirmed but I didn’t get any times
  5. t0paz


    If you're at Bath & West there are. Not in either of the on site ones though.
  6. t0paz

    Snapped Ankles

    You know you're in the right place if Big Jeff is there!
  7. t0paz

    Snapped Ankles

    Seeing them both in Bristol tonight. I didn’t realise Snapped Ankles we’re supporting until the other day so that was a pleasant surprise
  8. t0paz

    2019 Line up

    20-30 must sees? I don’t think I’ve ever seen 30 bands in one Glasto!
  9. t0paz

    Ticket refund

    Unfortunately I don't think See will care one bit. The tickets are bought and paid for
  10. I read the Block 9 thing as the full Block 9 lineup is coming tomorrow, rather than the full festival. The Wormhole's Facebook page says theirs is out on the 17th. So unless it's coming after the full lineup, the lineup isn't coming tomorrow (sadly).
  11. t0paz

    The Weather Thread 2019

    The day before at best! The weather has swung massively in the past and everyone should always plan for the worst! The queues for wellies in 2005 were huge. I'd definitely be buying some beforehand
  12. t0paz

    Gold Membership Time

    Maybe message the ones that have their own forum and explain you can't afford to keep running them unless they contribute and they'll have to be removed? You're not likely to get much from the little ones who are struggling for survival too but the bigger ones have marketing budgets and *should* realise the value of this place to them? Maybe the threat of them losing their, currently free, publicity will loosen the purse strings a little?
  13. t0paz

    Gold Membership Time

    Yeah, but there is a chance some of them might read this and put their hand in their pockets?
  14. t0paz

    Gold Membership Time

    The biggest contributes to this site should be the festivals themselves though. Would I ever have gone to Bluedot if I hadn't read about it on here? Probably not. I'm sure there a many similar stories and for a tiny fraction of their budget Neil could pay himself a decent wage. But I'm sure the more members that cough up the better though
  15. t0paz

    Acoustic Stage

    Hawkwind have said on Facebook they’re playing a full electric set, despite being in the Acoustic tent
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