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  1. Someone pulled out and The Killers were the replacement https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/caitlin-moran-goes-behind-the-scenes-at-glastonbury-7sckjg86l Noone knows for sure but the theory is it was Macca.
  2. Anyway - triumphant victory lap for Simz. Its not the show that she'll headline El Pointo with, but an easy bill topper at one of the other stages.
  3. Songs of the year list from the Graun: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/nov/29/the-20-best-songs-of-2021
  4. Is Death Of Guitar Pop on there as an artist or just as a statement of fact?
  5. Oh so you're a Virgil Abloh fan? Then name one of his pieces for Louis Vuitton Menswear...?
  6. Who would win in a fight between Wet Leg and English Teacher?
  7. Thanks. But I assume unlikely to deliver to Edinburgh....
  8. No Balsamic Vinger and Caramelised Onion Sensations to be found for love nor money.
  9. I was wondering where the fuck all the crisps were at. As more of a savoury snack man, good quality crispage is more important to the exmas atmos than things like Quality Street.
  10. How quickly we forget The Lathums. And, er, The Snuts.
  11. The footage in Get Back of Macca pulling GOAT belters out of the ether in real time is extraordinary.
  12. One of the oddities of Reg is that if he played next year, some of the tracks likely to go over biggest - Tiny Dancer , Are You Ready For Love?, I Want Love - might not even have featured in his setlists 20 odd years back.
  13. Reg in particular also blotted his copybook for a while with the Candle In The Wind 97 release, but that's far enough away in the rear view mirror now that most people no longer really give a fiddlers.
  14. I also suspect the 2016 deaths of people like Bowie, George Michael and Prince has brought home that no-one is immortal and that there's plenty of time to regret not seeing actual legends when there's a decent opportunity.
  15. It doesn't have a Set Fire To The Rain on it......but then not many records do.
  16. I know what you see in the field is different to what you see at home on telly, but the BBC set is good. An enjoyable watch and clearly *not* someone dying on her arse.
  17. How noteworthy it is is debatable, but Elton had a UK number one single and album just a couple of months back.
  18. CaledonianGonzo

    Doja Cat

    Dont know much about Doja Cat, but Kiss Me More and Best Friend are two of the tunes of the year.
  19. Already playing Glasgow in April though...
  20. Yeah...remarkably consistent. If the newer stuff doesn't gleam quite so brightly as their first run of releases, it's only cos the early stuff is so strong.
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