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  1. It's a bigger loss than The View or Mos Def pulling out, but not as big a deal as losing Foo Fighters or U2. Seems pretty straightforward.
  2. Kendrick is and will be awesome - and could be the scene of something awe-inspiring- but given his new album is largely a bummer it's not a guaranteed good time. Now I've got tickets to see him in October this is becoming an easier decision.
  3. King shit: https://amp-theguardian-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.theguardian.com/music/2022/may/21/pet-shop-boys-review-kitchen-sink-dramas-turned-into-wild-extravaganza
  4. The sexiest thing I think I've ever seen: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/pet-shop-boys/2022/ao-arena-manchester-england-53b70fd9.html
  5. Given how hard this is going to own they finally need their own thread.
  6. There are various vectors to consider when it comes to committing - cost, line up, proximity, number of holiday days required, ease of access to attend, likely percentage of roasters in the crowd, etc Even a festival where I can dig a lot of it - this year's Doune The Rabbit Hole line up caught my eye - I still can't justify the bang for my buck coefficient.
  7. Would you say that it lacks all common decency?
  8. I suspect Connect is gonna struggle to shift numbers - given that an already weak line up was d---ed down even further when they replaced Massive Attack with fucking Idles of all people.
  9. If Allan Toilet the hard right headcase that runs Coachella can pay The Weeknd $4M to do a poorly received set with 10 days notice then why can't Emily Eavis simply do the same rather than some simple re-arranging of the running order?
  10. Truly The Orrible Oo of hearthrobs
  11. You should check out the various interviews with the early hippy attendees of Glastonbury Fayre and so on. If ticket-holders are middle class now then the class bracket has actually come down.
  12. Quality of tennis may go up as well as down but there'll still be a scramble for Wimbledon tickets. Glastonbury's in that sort of company rather than things like the Shine On Weekender.
  13. Not sure what you mean by 'common decency' but I was at both those gigs and didn't get a whiff of anything other than sunny and mellow vibes.
  14. There's 14 in our group this year. Too big a team to keep together and please everyone, so not even going to try.
  15. Baffled that the promise of Midge Ure and the remnants of Big Country wasn't enough to lure people to the mad, mental Lang Toun.
  16. Was Enny one of the guests who came on with Jorja Smith on Live At Worthy Farm?
  17. The fact that she turned down a secret set suggests that she still sees herself as a headliner. Time will tell how big an own goal that turns out to be.
  18. It's the Pyramid Stage, not the bins behind the Park.
  19. Dua and The Killers are in very different positions so it's not like for like. I agree George Ezra could go on the shortlist. Dave I don't see for the same reason as Dua - he'll have his eyes on a bigger prize.
  20. Doubt it. Dua stock is at a high and don't see that she'd want to sell herself short ahead of topping the bill next time.
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