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  1. Garry Bushell-ass expression.
  2. By the looks of it there are no shuttles to WV from Bath and West. They seem to only run from PGA and Castle Carey.
  3. Gonna be parking myself there all weekend at this rate.
  4. Presuming that's just been re-badged as the Blind Tiger.
  5. lol owned. We get New Rules by Due Lipa.
  6. My intuition tells me that that's a reference to a Killers track that isn't Mr Brightside.
  7. Do they still play Mr Brightside?
  8. Some discussion of this in the Worthy View questions thread.
  9. We just call them pancakes.
  10. The paper thin soles of a set of Converse are equally out of place when the farm is dry as a bone.
  11. Imagine the scenes this year if they had The Kooks subbing the Pyramid.
  12. Despite having muted 200 hashtags and keywords on Twitter I'm still staying off it. Even then I still keep pressing the icon out of force of habit.
  13. Heffalump in the room is that t-shirts don't have collars or pockets so are basically useless as festival-wear.
  14. He's not touring with the Bad Seeds so anything would be just him on the old joanna.
  15. Lawks a mercy = Lord Have Mercy It's like gosh or jeepers - a mild way of swearing / taking the Lord's name in vain.
  16. Glasto is - and always has been - also about politics.
  17. Reckon I'll give that a go. The dry is sometimes so hard-core you see rainbowy swirls on the surface like an oily puddle.
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