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  1. Think it may be due to the editor of Empire magazine getting involved.
  2. The Avril / Janelle Monae clash is a right shame.
  3. The stage doesn’t open till ~2pm?
  4. I detect the dreaded hand of Ming The Merciless
  5. They're all listed out on the G homepage. Florence Pugh is there to rep Dune 2. (Seriously)
  6. It felt like her whole tour was arranged around a Pyramid set. OK that turned out to be Meltdown, but she's still in the UK over G weekend just twiddling her thumbs https://chakakhan.com/events/
  7. Doesn't look like they've booked a dracula though.
  8. Pugh, Blanchett, Pegg & Wright, Scott & Mescal...
  9. Isn't the fact that you can't hear much outside the inner speaker circle the actual design and the only thing that lets it be a late night outside venue in that part of the site?
  10. Really upped their game this year in terms of the Q&As and intros.
  11. Is the Nosferatu intro going to be done by an actual dracula?
  12. Saw The Downsetters last year and they were great.
  13. She's there every year. Part of the furniture.
  14. I liked the Justice set and the vibe was great, but it wasn't even in the top 3 acts I saw that day, never mind that weekend.
  15. I think they break up all the different tent sizes and shapes to create fancy patterns when viewed from above. You could probably be anywhere.
  16. I mean I'll be delighted if someone like e.g. Grace Jones or Patti LaBelle or something does show up in one of the un-announced slots. Just not expecting it at this juncture. Not after Chaka Khan't.
  17. It's probably long discontinued, but I picked up a Berghaus side-loader with a detachable day-bag and zip-away straps for £25 about 20 years ago in TK Maxx that's about the best investment I've ever made. Seen me through some hard yards and then some - and will be making its umpteenth visit to Worthy Farm in 6 weeks.
  18. Slightly tangential, but is this the youngest ever line-up on El Pointo? Usually there's an act who started their career in - at least - the 70s, and frequently the 60s. This year the vintage acts are Paul Heaton and Cyndi Lauper. Had to happen one day of course, but it is missing someone with a pack of standards in their arsenal.
  19. Main thing I'd look out for is whether it's a top-loader bag or a side-loader. If someone's living out it for a while on the road a bag you can lay flat and open to see and sort all your stuff is worth it's weight in gold vs one where you pack it bottom up and can only see the top layer.
  20. They're easily the best option for carting kit onsite. Do you use a suitcase?
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