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  1. Does feel like theyre more likely to show up busking on the bandstand or something rather than occupying pole position.
  2. It makes sense, but I dunno if they're quite as crowd-pleading as Chic or Miley.
  3. Acoustic Stage - it's the only one with a big set of curtains.
  4. "Hi Rihanna - I know you're probably the most successful singles artist of the 21st century, but how would you feel about supporting Foals?"
  5. We're now in the timeframe where every time this thread gets bumped people are going to think there's been a confirmation.
  6. We Will Brock You
  7. Citation needed. They're the audio equivalent of angry wee man syndrome.
  8. I am the Mountain (of jobbies)
  9. Here we! Here we! Here we fucking go (as fast as we possibly can in the opposite direction)
  10. The teacher off of When I Kissed The Teacher.
  11. Mon (tae fuck). The Biff?
  12. Macca seems to only book shows max 6 months in advance
  13. Jings. Would probably be up for a bit of that.
  14. Does Your Mother Know?
  15. If it's a toss up between Elton and Bruce for the act that's already locked in then I'd say it's the former. He's got tour dates booked through to the end of 2020, whereas Boss's plans are probably still more conjectural. E Street Band will probably hit the road in 2020 but the specific aren't known. Same with Macca.
  16. Fleetmac Wood play the Stonebridge most years.
  17. His synonyms are bad, he blames the news.
  18. Even Foals would get less of a roasting if they're the meat in the room accompanying two genuine heavyweights.
  19. U2 definitely did. You can see them here: https://michaelclement.co.uk/MUSICIAN-PORTRAITS/50
  20. Elton and Swizzle is great twofer.
  21. CaledonianGonzo

    50 @ 50

    Was he any relation to the Hollywood actress who invented Bluetooth?
  22. Yeah there was definitely a ramp....but I think Bono had one too. It was definitely pretty scaled back compared to, say, Stormzy this year or Coldplay giving out wristbands.
  23. Wasn't she is Dublin this year the same week as G19? The Sun reported negotiations for Glastonbury fell through due to money.
  24. Fuck knows in that case. Maybe they put in new carpets backstage.
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