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  1. If Glastonbury continues to book females then its arse will be on the line and the last thing we need is a cock up.
  2. Sounds like she still intends to be playing https://instagram.com/lanadelrey?igshid=1865ezda42m9y
  3. Monday onwards, as part of the tidy up crew.
  4. Ta. Unfortunately I'm not a customer - but I think there's also a Soundcrash one.
  5. Any one got a presale link for this bad boy?
  6. Hmmmm. That scuppers a rumour that EW&F would be there.
  7. I haven't seen one in years, but the cardio wave machine was worse. A dreaded contraption that I did not love to see.
  8. Ah, the SkillMill. My old nemesis. We meet again.
  9. Doubt that would be a deal-breaker if they're on West Holts.
  10. I was in Singapore during SARS and it made me the man I am today
  11. Other carriers may still be flying to your destination - or you could maybe transfer somewhere.
  12. Does she normally play a lot of Burna Boy?
  13. CaledonianGonzo


    He'll play most of the usual solo stuff - Live & Let Die, Band on the Run, Let Me Roll It, Maybe I'm Amazed etc.
  14. CaledonianGonzo


    Yeah - he might stick in a Penny Lane or something, but it's not going to be vastly different.
  15. Meanwhile, the fish and chips van in Silver Hayes gets its stock from the same place as the Creepy Heap From The Deep.
  16. CaledonianGonzo


    Lover's a great album, but it's not exactly stacked with party anthems.
  17. Cannibalism's obviously a step too far for him.
  18. Scooby's actually been absent for a few years now
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