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  1. If - for whatever reason - the deal with the Beeb goes Pete Tong then Channel 4 are about the only other people I'd trust with it.
  2. Anyone had their Blue Bannisters art cards yet?
  3. If this creates issues for Glastonbury too then all to the good, as far as the tories are concerned. They hate it nearly as much as they hate the BBC.
  4. You know you want to: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/229FWZEN1vNGURmYgcaTwU?si=L1BlXWgDTcytSfuxG3QC3Q&utm_source=copy-link
  5. Having seen it in the cinema I'd say it improves on a second viewing. It's by no means a great movie, but on a second pass it's easier to make sense of the many characters and the main thematic jist of it.
  6. Reckon there's only 3 of them with much general recognition. Summer Wine, Jackson and You Only Live Twice would also make the bill. It's about half an hour's worth.
  7. Can't think of any egregious examples in recent years.
  8. The four day window between Yellowjackets season finale airing in the states and in the UK is going to make next week on social media a total minefield.
  9. I say this as a fan, but I don't think she has the hits to pack out the El Pointo field for an hour. All academic anyway.
  10. Looking at her last European tour dates (2005) I'm kicking myself for not getting involved. Must have been too skint or something. (Actually the nicest surprise of all would be Bobbie Gentry.)
  11. They've never really had a stable line up, though. If it's Chris and Rich and yer granny on bongos then it's the Crowes.
  12. The Ball-cock Of Robert Moore And Betty Coltrane
  13. It's a bold man who can face the prospect of an encounter with Perry Farrell - really danger of cringe-related spinal injury.
  14. Pearl Charles's tour cancelled 😢
  15. Thomas Crapper Won't Leave You, Henry
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