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  1. Or have a top line of Billie / Dua / Gaga. Obviously there are reasons why they'd shy away from that - but on the other hand it would be ace and fairly fucking balls out.
  2. Gaga could be the out of the blue contender that we'd love to see. Not technically a blocker tbh
  3. If this is really happening, then no she's not ruled out.
  4. Not really. Liam crowd was pretty young from what I remember. But it was still tumbleweed time when he wasn't playing Oasis songs.
  5. Scant evidence of this when he actually played El Pointo 2 years back.
  6. Yellowjackets continues to whip ass. Best show on TV at the moment.
  7. I saw her Christmas show a couple of years back when she deployed all her songs from the Phil Spector album. At the end of the show she shook my hand and blew me a kiss as she walked off. No idea if this is true or not but according to setlist.fm it was her last ever concert...... 😲
  8. I liked Blue Weekend, but not sure it was really the commercial breakthrough for them that some may have expected.
  9. So the ideal way ti book El Pointo is with as much variety as possible (within all the obvious constraints). 2020's top trio would be an example of them getting it bang on.
  10. What are Stormzy, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and Harry Styles if not a new generation of headliners?
  11. Those 'Convenience Fees' look a bit cheeky
  12. Would prefer Hazza to the George Ezra / Lewis Capaldi axis of evil.
  13. This'll happen regardless. It won't be as bad as when they booked Kanye and suddenly Neil Lonsdale was in the news and Emily was getting death threats.
  14. Googling Louis The Child and knotting myself at their pictures.
  15. It was triffic. Well worth the 40 minute slog uphill in the mud from ZZ Top on El Pointo.
  16. Let's see how he does first.
  17. It was a great day in 2016 when she played The Park in the sun 😍
  18. Goddamnit 😢 https://www.ronniespector.com/
  19. Good luck to Hazza. Hope he smashes it.
  20. Probably cos there's a number of experienced Glastonbury watchers here who tend to have a rough idea of how the booking works and generally have a gut feel for what's likely and what isn't.
  21. Or The Boss and Shakey. I'd agree that they'd need to balance out a Dua Billie Duo with someone like Macca.
  22. True - but the people to keep happy are the ticket holders, not the Self Righteous Brothers down 'Spoons. And on that front both would be big draws.
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