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  1. Watched the Kim episode and the diner episode of The Sandman one after another. Holy smokes - what a double bill.
  2. Definitely investigate Springsteen's seventies bootleg releases if that's your jam.
  3. Aren't you the guy that didn't go to Glastonbury this year but still wrote a letter of complaint to the festival about the crowds?
  4. People may have been shoeing me in the baws at Woodstock 99, but at least I was able to feel something.
  5. That's the problem with trying to compare good old days with other good old days. Someone can always Top Trump you.
  6. None of these so called punk gigs or warehouse raves were as edgy as the premiere of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring in Paris 1913.
  7. I know the music is created in the moment - but YMMV on how much of a difference them waving their hands in the air makes to the overall experience.
  8. Musicians. And they're reliant on plenty of spectacle in order to entertain the crowds that they muster.
  9. Listen to the live album then 😀
  10. They're not performers - which is the word I used. I've seen the Chemical Brothers live on the Other Stage.
  11. If a performer isn't going to interact with crowd you might as well stay at home and listen to the record. One of the reasons that ELO d@bbed down in the Legends Slot is Jeff Lynne was too shy to do anything to gee up the crowd except give them the odd thumbs up.
  12. Some say it cant be done, but making Glastonbury better by making it worse is a goal we must aspire to.
  13. Female isn't a genre and The X-Factor / Simon Cowell has never produced acts like Madonna, Taylor Swift or Beyonce.
  14. Deliberate. Seems to be becoming accepted slang for those who - inadvertently or otherwise - seem to have a raging throbber for ensuring that the fash get an equal hearing in the 'marketplace of ideas'.
  15. In an amazing coincidence, I've just this very moment walked by freeze peach enthusiast Andrew Doyle on my way up to the Pleasance Courtyard.
  16. Don't worry - the Comedy Unleashed tour is flying the flag for the 'I'm just saying what we're all thinking' demographic.
  17. Eminem for the Legend Slot?
  18. You don't think they're better offering a balance of headliners from different genres and / or eras than 3 of the same thing?
  19. Someone confirmed recently shes been asked to play but turned it down due to not offering enough ££
  20. Except for Butter by BTS, which is a belter.
  21. The fact of her retirement doesn't dampen your expectations?
  22. Imagining you squares also clutching your pearls at everything from Tutti Frutti to Lady Marmalade to #9 Dream to Bad Romance.
  23. Something about the style of music - nostalgic, not too abrasive - suits the mood of the Sunday afternoon.
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