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  1. Cooter

    Pilton Party 2019

    I'm getting flashbacks and I paid good money for those experiences!
  2. You're both lightweights, I'm 49 and it was my 30th Glasto this year. I started in my teens with mates and raved and partied and now I have teenage kids that have always come with me since they were babies. Moderate yourself as the years go on, go with the flow and never do too much that the festival starts to control you.
  3. There's no way he'd leave it be for long, and why would he. More reason than ever to keep it rolling on and on and on.
  4. Yep, looking like it's going to be dry and some sun with sensible temps.
  5. About to kick off at 10.07pm.... https://xpn.org/player/player.php?MediaID=77af76dd-cb65-4dee-a8a9-bcb747cb4aa2&categoryGuid=c747c304-8a34-4649-8b76-e05462b8923d
  6. Not Glasto but worth a big shout on this forum for obvious reasons and definitely worth a listen. Happy 50th Woodstock! https://www.nme.com/news/music/philadelphia-radio-station-broadcast-full-woodstock-recording-exactly-50-years-later-2536779
  7. Cooter

    Spice Girls for 2020?

    I certainly don't. Can't see any popularity or fanbase for them nowadays apart from drunk middle aged mums who stumble along dragging their not so keen teenage daughters along with them. Not classy, shit music and not even cheesy enough to get the ironic "let's go for a laugh" crowd in.
  8. I might have dreamt this but didn't the singer annoy Lemmy once? That's a good enough reason for nobody to like him or his shit band! Fest sounds good though.
  9. Sorry, not meant to hurt your feelings 😍
  10. Hang on, after this much waiting and suspense you give us this?
  11. Aaah poor old Joey and who was his mate who understood every word he said? Ernie? The Joey insult was all over my secondary school like a plague for what seemed like decades until the "poverty" became popular for insulting anyone wearing Tesco clothes or issued food vouchers. I seem to remember Joey sadly fell to his death from a boat on the Thames, strange but sad times. Must admit even nowadays I still on a rare occasion use the great Joey although I prefer a Deacon. The Deacon is normally only noticed by the insult experts though. Either one raises some fond smiles and memories rather than anyone being insulted. Is this wrong and am I a bastard?!
  12. This exactly, I'm 50 this year and about to get a tattoo of my favourite place which will include the year 1987 but no finishing year. My kids have promised me they'll push me around in a wheelchair if I can't physically walk around site.
  13. waiting for this is like waiting for the ticket confirmation email.
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