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  1. Cooter

    Where's Mik now!

    Know what you mean...I'm sure I saw him dancing with a rather elderly lady at the Spike bar during one of his more rowdy Glasto gigs. Ended up with a lot of drum and bass loveliness as he wandered off towards the Glade.
  2. Cooter

    Where's Mik now!

    My hero and I know a lot of yours...me and my daughter are sure we just spotted the Mik on the beebs The Syndicate a moment ago. Any other random appearances of the Artistik one anywhere?
  3. The world's lost an absolute genius, rip Jim.
  4. That's great, nice idea. I'm not into golf but do a lot property clearances and end up with loads of golf stuff. Just wondering, how did you fix the club heads to the wood?
  5. Without a doubt, and early in the year for good weather, here we go...
  6. or as well as that there's some sort of randomizing selection system at work, because sadly there's now a hell of a lot more younger/stupid people refusing the jab thus making a lot of spares available. It was always going to happen even for the under 70's group who are the fittest they've ever been and have an immune system of steel!
  7. may have had it but not taken affect when he was infected. Here's hoping he pulls through, thinking of you Captain Tom, you can do this!!
  8. I haven't spoken to you Duck but I've always read your very knowledgeable posts that although ruthlessly honest at times they've also been strangely very calming. If I had to willingly accept being injected with a death defying vaccination from a complete stranger on an online forum it would be you.
  9. I know exactly what you mean, the heat and smell of that enclosed cosy cavern of peace is a blessing at times.
  10. Christ yea, they are hell on earth on both dry and wet years, especially after midnight until about 4am.
  11. Matt, I'm with you mate, you're not going through this on your own. I'm with you on the news and I'm with you with the friends and family cove stuff.
  12. yep sounds good durbs, plus no tent and 37p in your pocket.
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