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  1. Cooter

    Resale Club 2019

    Not a bad idea actually!
  2. Cooter

    Mr J P Wilson

    Welcome Mr Wilson, there are plenty of us in the same situation here as you every year. Keep up with the threads and chat and you'll have a good a chance as anyone else in 2020.
  3. Yep totally agree and I'm in the same situation this year.
  4. Cooter

    Resale Club 2019

    Actually as lineups go in the history of the festival, this is a bit like going back to its roots a little bit. Years ago there was no massive headliners, in fact no headliners even, just random time slots over the weekend. If there's a festival that could survive without big names then its Glastonbury.
  5. Cooter

    Resale Club 2019

    So, not so great line-up compared with most other recent years but never mind eh, gives all us ticketless oldie regulars more of a chance to get back to the place they know and love, hopefully.
  6. Cooter

    Resale Club 2019

    Me and you alike mate, wanna hug? It will hopefully be my 30th Glasto this year along with my 50th birthday. If I don't get lucky in April then I'm going to go over to my allotment shed for a couple of days with a few boxes of red wine. You're welcome to pop over and join me, might have a little fire and stare into the flames for hours.
  7. Cooter

    Resale Club 2019

    Not long now folks.
  8. Sad news indeed. You haven't had a good night out unless you've been to a Prodigy all nighter at Brixton Academy, or in fact a Motorhead gig at Hammersmith. Both very similar in attitude with huge intensity and power, both left me bruised and battered many times but always with a huge grin on my face. Thanks Keith for the amazing experiences that'll I'll never forget x
  9. Cooter

    Mark Hollis RIP

    Sad news indeed, rest in peace Mark Hollis.
  10. Yep that's what we do, normally take about 150 litres in various barrels to last us all a couple of days (we have an electric/gas shower set up amongst other things). Does make the Tuesday moring pitch up a whole lot easier, costs a few more quid to transport 150 miles but heyho.
  11. Cooter

    Resale Club 2019

    Why? Not wanting to be difficult but surely the list is for the totally committed no matter what the final lineup is. I know me and my lot don't care, any quality stuff on the lineup is always an added bonus.
  12. Mate, just turn up, wander around in the loud dancey areas and it'll be job done in a matter of seconds. As you know already it's not unique to Glastonbury by any means but almost all music festivals around the world. Everything in moderation mind, you want to make it back to that great big apple safely x
  13. Does anyone know if Oxfam volunteers are allowed to camp anywhere on site?
  14. Joking aside Martin Roberts is a regular at the festival so he may indeed know more than us!
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