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  1. Cooter

    How do you feel?

    He was a lovely man, he loved his art, got loads of amateurs in to it, he also loved his wildlife. One of my heroes. "Don't look for success, do what you love and success will come". Bob Ross
  2. I'd just returned home from a mental Orange night at the Astoria and then bang it happened.
  3. Cooter

    Old Music Thread

    This should be the sound check tune every Glasto Friday on the pyramid at 10am!
  4. Cooter

    Old Music Thread

    That's class mate, ok I'm going to throw a few random classics in...
  5. Cooter

    October ticket sale

    or they'll just use common sense, whether their insurance covers them or not, and they'll value their lives more!
  6. Cooter

    October ticket sale

    or any other potential pandemic virus kicking off from the far east. That will be a standard part of risk assessment for any insurers of such events from now on.
  7. Cooter

    October ticket sale

    There may be a few thousand returned due to people not so flush as they were pre cv. Also, any thoughts on site capacity? Pretty sure they were permitted an increase for this year but as 2021 is looking to be even more popular and a "double celebration" they might be able to throw another 15k in the pot.
  8. Cooter

    BBC Glastonbury

    Slightly off topic but would love the Other Stage to be renamed The Flint Stage.
  9. Cooter

    BBC Glastonbury

    hmmmm, maybe a televised macca special moment on the pyramid at some point over the weekend. I reckon just him and piano, Long and winding road and Let it be, a few cows and a lovely sunset. The last ones not a song by the way.
  10. This morning would have been our third awakening onsite having arrived early Sunday morning. Everyone running around even at this hour getting last minute things sorted. The buzz and anticipation around the site of the Wednesday crowds arrival is an amazing atmosphere in itself.
  11. Yep but mini Auntie Bessie versions, but just as slippery underfoot. Also going to get as many paper plates with half eaten chips on scattered about the garden. Gonna be fun!
  12. Respect to you Chris and I agree with what you've said a million times over. This year will surely be the best year ever that never was 😔.
  13. Mate that's great, thanks.
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