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  1. I'm 52, still getting my daily dose of metal and also drum and bass, looking forward to next month! Let's Ave It!!
  2. I got a green hoodie for myself and two tshirts for my kids in 2019. Loads of people asked me about it.
  3. Yea, can't beat a Mik show, always at his best and the most down to earth friendly bloke you could meet. Saw him a couple of times in 2019, the Spike Bar gig had an outstanding atmosphere, great stuff. Sweet Leaf of the North!
  4. Yep, I actually listened to this yesterday and I said to my daughter "it's the music in this rather than the words that remind me of glasto".
  5. Mine, Tom Pettys Learning to Fly. Wandering past the pyramid many years ago on a sunny festival Thursday mid-morning and this blasted out as a very loud sound check. As I stopped, looked around and took everything in at that moment, for me, everything was perfect in the world.
  6. Yea I've been handed a good few of these over the years so loads of different designs. I've had many made into cushions and given them away as presents.
  7. Thank you. Was going to change the slightly solemn music but it kind of goes with it I think.
  8. Not as joyous as some but here's one I done as I drove out of the centre of the 2019 festival on Monday about midday. No one knew they wouldn't be back there for a long time.
  9. You're doing great mate, don't you worry.
  10. Fair enough, yea know what you mean re the chill and sleep.
  11. very reasonable indeed, got to be worth more than that in scrap value! Unless it was made of tin foil.
  12. Cooter

    Crazyfool is in!!

    Yep, well done Crazy. Your dedication to the festival and everything about it is really nice to see. You deserve it.
  13. I got given a free hospitality ticket a good few years ago via Beggars Banquet records when they had something to do with the Prodigy. Got me into the interstage bit, wasn't much to shout about but I stopped at the bar one afternoon and without immediately realising it I sat down next to John Peel, ended up having a 5min random but pleasant chat about Status Quo. Also...when I first turned up at the festival and handed my posh ticket over some twat had given me a normal wristband. I didn't notice this for an hour or so but after realising everyone else had the same wristband I decided to go back to the gate to have a moan. Unbelievably after the supervisor asked a couple of basic questions he then handed me the correct wristband. I came away happy and also thinking why doesn't everyone try that!
  14. I'm in the same boat mate, I think. When you say pain, do you mean mental pain rather than physical? Only asking because my alcohol intake up until 6 months ago used to be a tad extreme but now I rarely have one or two glasses a week. Not because I don't want more but because the mental stress it causes the next day is so overwhelming. Yes alcohol is a downer etc and should be avoided by us vulnerable types but I never expected such extreme unpleasantness.
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