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  1. Exactly, if people want to get drunk they will, putting limits on won't make a difference whatsoever. As for underage kids getting drunk has anyone managed to stop this ever anywhere? It's a money spinner like all the other festivals and/or some control freaks on the local council.
  2. Does sound a bit dodge to me. Drunk people being a nuisance offsite must be minimal in comparison to the size of the festival. Same goes for nuisance drunk people onsite too, minimal compared with the size of the place. Also of course, remembering the obvious, people who get drunk and become a nuisance arnt usually bothered where the booze comes from, their rucksack or a bar. What's limiting what people carry in going to change? Unless they ban alcohol from the whole of Somerset for the week it seems badly thought out right from the start.
  3. Point taken. But, and I'm no expert on this, don't all the bars have some sort of licencing fee payable to the council? If the bars are becoming non-profitable and then non-existent there'll be less income for the council and ultimately the local area.
  4. maybe just me but over recent years I have noticed some of the large bars having very few customers with a lot of the staff just standing around looking bored. Obviously they have busy times too but I've just noticed it more and more at different times of the day and night. Like someone else has said, could this new licencing threat be a "strange coincidence"? Me and my family (usually 7-8 adults) have been known to consume 10-12 or more cans and a over half box of wine each during a long Glasto day. Turning up early Tuesday for 6 days I'm guessing my stock would put me in the nuisance bracket!!
  5. Cooter

    Production Pass

    totally agree, I've had various passes for Glastonbury over the last 30 years and apart from the camping pitch locations there's absolutely nothing else remotely glamorous about it at all. Even behind the Pyramid it's just rows and rows of fenced off massive Winnebago's and a couple of big marquees.
  6. very random one here but I met Orbitals Dad the other day, very nice bloke. Had a nice chat about the old days, I sort of grew up with them and their groups of mates in the same area. There, told you it was a bit random!
  7. Eh really? Had some great times there and also at the Orange nights at the Astoria. Jeez they were messy but super fun times. I ended up transporting the sound systems for World Dance organisation for a few years. Would have done it for free but they insisted on paying me and giving me AAA passes. Many a great time was had!
  8. Cooter

    Taylor Swift

    Thanks, I may be having second thoughts now. Depending on who she clashes with of course.
  9. Cooter

    Taylor Swift

    I doubt very much I'll be watching but good luck to her and there's no reason why she can't smash it. Having said that, Glasto 50th Sunday closing headliner??? ?
  10. Yea me too, Glade apparently, midnight Friday, thunderous dnb/jungle. Dale run tings in da place, let's ave it. Bring your supermarket trolley! Also, Street Sounds Electro at West Holts Sunday 2pm, massive breakdance 2 hour session with huge crowd interaction. Potentially 30k people doing the worm in the mud, cant wait.
  11. Just noticed Travis are playing twice, that maybe slightly depressing for some.
  12. never say never, if Elvis can make the effort then anyone can and should
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