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  1. Yes dare I say he's slightly overrated too. His last performance looked like he was throwing a very silent but moody tantrum towards something/someone. Perhaps he didn't get any dinner at school that day.
  2. Cooter

    Bar work - Glasto 22

    I'd also be more than willing to do bar work at the festival. Grateful for any contacts available. Thanks
  3. All the best to you Neil, can't have been easy so really well done to you. I've had quite a shit year myself health wise but like you I've been put through the system and slowly but surely I'm improving. Happy New Year to you and everyone else here.
  4. Cooter

    RIP Janice Long

    Very sad, she was always as excited about the new music coming through as well as the music that had already made it. One of the good ones gone.
  5. Cooter

    fuck yeah

    Well done getting it up and running again, missed this place.
  6. Every year since 1989, spent most of that first time playing football in the police compound and up and down the lanes to Shepton Mallet courthouse, long story. But the experiences I had within the festival that year changed my life forever and for the better and I haven't missed one since. My three kids have also been every year since they were born, now aged 18,16,13. That's why I always respect the struggling pram pushers, I've been there, done it.
  7. Rip Alan, great bassist and also had a great voice for the heavier blues stuff. Saw the original line-up a few times and also the reunited Frantic Four gig at Hammersmith a few years ago. I expected a very good night but it was an absolutely fantastic night with a crazy almost Prodigy style mad atmosphere.
  8. Cooter

    Dusty Hill rip

    Gutted, and I truly think Billy wouldn't have become quite so talented without the great Dusty... Rip to you x
  9. In fact I'd much rather watch a couple of episodes of the Telly Tubbies on the Pyramid, doesn't even have to be live, just on the big screens. Imagine the cheers for NooNoo.
  10. Gordon Bennett, talk about trying too hard or what.
  11. That is absolutely brilliant, so funky, and I'm sure it was a soundtrack to a 70's Danish film I saw once.
  12. Yep one of my faves too, just wish the horn solo went on another 30secs. Hazels "Will you", also a timeless classic. And while we're talking great horn stuff, most of Divine Comedys songs.
  13. Not a great game by any stretch. Same old slow boring build ups with defenders playing one touch for literally 2-3 minutes before plucking up the courage to go forward. No control or bonding whatsoever in midfield. Kane looking like someone's spiked his orange juice, wtf, it'll be madness if he starts the next match. And Foden subbed? Who's decision was that? He was one of the very few on the whole pitch making an extra effort. Strange indeed. Shame because I do admire Southgate but the last two performances have been questionable. As for Scotland, yes I'd be pleased, good result.
  14. Yep me too, I want a party and I want one now!
  15. They must mean the reggae dancey band Third World from the 80s, they deserve it asap just for the couple of banging classics as well as being well oap by now surely.
  16. Nice, that looks like a scene from the Shining, is Jack wandering around with an axe?
  17. Cooter

    Where's Mik now!

    Know what you mean...I'm sure I saw him dancing with a rather elderly lady at the Spike bar during one of his more rowdy Glasto gigs. Ended up with a lot of drum and bass loveliness as he wandered off towards the Glade.
  18. Cooter

    Where's Mik now!

    My hero and I know a lot of yours...me and my daughter are sure we just spotted the Mik on the beebs The Syndicate a moment ago. Any other random appearances of the Artistik one anywhere?
  19. The world's lost an absolute genius, rip Jim.
  20. That's great, nice idea. I'm not into golf but do a lot property clearances and end up with loads of golf stuff. Just wondering, how did you fix the club heads to the wood?
  21. Without a doubt, and early in the year for good weather, here we go...
  22. or as well as that there's some sort of randomizing selection system at work, because sadly there's now a hell of a lot more younger/stupid people refusing the jab thus making a lot of spares available. It was always going to happen even for the under 70's group who are the fittest they've ever been and have an immune system of steel!
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