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  1. bamber

    How do you feel?

    A lot of TL;DR here. Im pretty sure no one pays much attention to me here either, I try to read all your posts🌍 A good friend, nah, my best friend, once said there was a Bob Marley tune for every situation in life. He was not wrong. Not sure what life situation this one will solve. I'll know when the time comes. 1974....
  2. bamber

    How do you feel?

    I consider myself a drinker but the quantities described by the above or the likes of Oliver Reed or Amy etc. etc. seem utterly excessive. They of course killed themselves. To quote Brett Kavanaugh (motherfuka) "I like beer"
  3. Christine and Dizzy were awesomeness personified, Hugh not so much.
  4. One by each artist surely is an implied stipulation?
  5. There are very few UK number ones as it turns out, 20 -30 per year. The chances of seeing/hearing 5 in one weekend are slim as it goes, if you know maths, and think about it. 2014 was loverly. Which year did we see the balloon trapise artists floating around the site in the still air, early hours?
  6. bamber


    Kiesza was involved in a bad car wreck in 2017 which nearly ended her life/career. Back now, who knows if she'll ever be as good as she was back in the day ^^^^^^ Still love her, worth a watch - from lock down.
  7. And the fifth one was Smile -Lilly Allen. In order of greatness G2014 seen live by Bamber:- Kelis "Milkshake" Kiesza "Hideaway" Dexys Midnight Runners "Come On Eileen" Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott " Caravan of Love" Lilly Allen "Smile" I guess you are all suitably underwhelmed. Do better if you can, that's 5 No. 1s all witnessed in on a Glastonbury weekend. Can't be more than one tune by same (mega-star), though even that is very unlikely. Bamber X
  8. OK, I now realise that at least one of the two other tunes was not actually the Original Artist. This was 2014 though and the it was the 4th UK no one I heard in one weekend. Still cool eh? Will remember the fifth too soon, give me time. Christmas No. One this for the House-martins.
  9. bamber

    How do you feel?

    Drinking, yeah. (The informal Yeah is the English equivalent of the German formal Ja (Yes) BTW, for those who question the absence of Ja in the Germanic English) I digress already. Certainly many of us are drinking more than usual. I'm reading Martin Amis's 'Money' right now and compared to the protagonist John Self, I feel I'm doing OK drink wise. Probably not a good yardstick, the John Self character in Money. Alcohol 2-3 nights a week is OK I think. It is what it is. I might well go overboard in the last week of June, there would be nothing unusual about that.
  10. bamber

    2020 New Music

    Tarriona 'Tank' Ball and her Bangas May 2020. Love this band, follow(ed) them. Love them. Glad they are riding the storm together. Tight AF. Most days I like to lay on the sofa. May 2020
  11. Bob Marley said that, wrote that down, and made a song about it. Look at this world we are in now, and the spirit of that line from the seventies emanates through to our times here, today. This whole Cummings affair. We can all relate to the position he is going with on some level. Looking out for oneself, and those nearest and dearest to you, and lying if necessary to protect those aforementioned nearest and dearest. This is what the Conservatives always do. They act and campaign in a prism of narrow self interest. It is the way of the Tories. We can all relate to that on some level, but must, most certainly, not succumb to that train of thought. (Succumb is an excellent word that ends in a b). Narrow Self Interest. It is always the same. Lower taxes for the rich. Never a Land tax, never a Wealth tax, always get the plebs to work for as little as possible. Laugh and cheer in the House of Commons when pay rises for NHS staff get voted down. Narrow self interest appeals to everyone who makes a bit of dosh. The long term consequences of this of this are of no concern to Tories. Short term self interest is all. I am an atheist. But I see all around spiritual wickedness in high and low places. In high places we see SPADs and PMs alike lie blatantly. Cummings, on his first night back in work following his expedition to Durham, edited his Blog to reference Corona viruses, then cited that (edited) post in his preposterous speech in the Rose Garden, trying to show how clever he was foreseeing all this. ...On his first night back at work he chose to edit his fucking Blog, remember we are in the middle of a pandemic, he chose to edit his fucking blog, to show how clever he was, not realising that actual smart people would instantly find him out. Dumb Fuck. In Low places we see the likes of Farage and Yaxley-Lennon basically pulling the same shit. It is not right. High and Low places. Don't get me started on the racism. A survey today showed that BAME staff in HNS hospitals are significantly less likely to get adequate PPE than their White English counterparts. WTF? The far right ATL and BTL in newspapers and in places like this (OK not so much here) call us communists, not understanding the fundamental difference between communists and socialists. Not understanding the difference in fact between narrow self interest and any more egalitarian viewpoint. This is the fundamental point. We are not all communists. We are Socialist, liberal. We are Democrats. We are here to fight you and your spiritual wickedness out of existence. We see you for what you are and will defeat you. Truly sickening rulers of the world. Do everything you can to fight them.......
  12. bamber

    How do you feel?

    These are spectacular. What fucking crazy world are we living in?
  13. bamber

    How do you feel?

    'fraid so. Life is like that sometimes. Deep Breaths .... Jasper Street Company will make you feel better. I am not a religious person, but......
  14. What sort of idiot down-votes CND at a time like this? Fuck you. UK's 'independent' trident deterrent is an utter pointless nonsense. Germany has none Japan has none. There is no coherent argument for us having one?
  15. Not sure what I am looking at here?
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