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  1. In case there is any doubt, I'm one of those pacifist lefties. Castro was a revolutionary, we are not. War is fucking evil and Castro was a fucking Warmonger. He was right about Capitalism though I reckon.
  2. Castro is dead now BTW. Far from perfect, just saying.
  3. Watched the Cuba Documentary on BBC this week. Castro, when asked what he's been reading he declares "Jaws" (Peter Benchley) . Said it was a metaphor on Capitalism. The Mayor keeps the beaches open, despite the shark. Same here with Covid and the Explosion in Beirut, and many other bad things, Capitalism.
  4. bamber

    The Elusive Chanteuse

    Look at that crowd, Look at that belt......
  5. The very finest lock-down tune by the MIGHTY Anderson Paak..
  6. bamber

    Old Music Thread

    Love it. Love it. Sums up our relationship here really
  7. bamber

    2020 New Music

    Garage never really went away. Nu - Garage returns...
  8. bamber

    The Elusive Chanteuse

    The Choices are limitless........ Females, Ladies stand tall. Much has changed at the Festival THE MIGHTY Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball (Glastonbury 2019). One of my favourite things. Never meant to start a war......
  9. bamber

    Old Music Thread

    Great Real Thing Documentary on tonight on BBC4. Check it out on iPlayer. One of my favourite The Real Thing covers... The Mighty Mary J. Blige, Children of the Ghetto
  10. bamber

    2020 New Music

    Punk -- Nothing wrong with Punk. Look at the state of play in 1977/8/9, at the height of Punk, you had Disco, Punk, Reggae and Prog. All in a war, of sorts. All in their heyday. However, this is the New Music Thread... I present here, The Mighty Captain Accident... #PlayingField ... FROM THE MIGHTY Cardiff. Quality, Fine, timeless, Reggae.
  11. bamber

    The Elusive Chanteuse

    When I say I love this, you have to understand that. I LOVE this.
  12. bamber

    Old Music Thread

    What became of The Real Thing? (Only kiddin' they are still going, I know that). This reminds me of 70's fashion. I had, basically, the high waistband flares that he backing singer guy, on the left has on, I could only dream of the burgundy, velour dungarees the guy to his left has on , and I couldn't even dream of wearing the suit that Chris Amoo has on in this singing lead. Quite Wonderful .
  13. bamber

    2020 New Music

    Best Tune I've heard this year. Is Notting Hill happening? Would have lit it up..... Prime time..
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