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  1. Kelis, The Streets, Steel Pulse.
  2. Somerset, West Holts, needs an Italian Monster. Mario Biondi (& Cheryl Porter, not Italian, or a monster but fluent in Italian)
  3. How about Gwen McCrae?
  4. bamber

    Brexit at Glasto?

    The Greens have stood down in Swansea West, because of an anti-brexit pact with the Lib-Dems and Plaid Cymru. This means that I should vote for Plaid Cymru., but I cannot do that, because they are Nationalists and I am not. This leaves with the peculiar dilemma of having no one to vote for. I will therefore vote for Labour, because it is a safe Labour Seat and Geraint Davies is awlroight..... My vote means nothing it seams. I cannot vote for Corbyn enthusiastically because he is a Leaver.
  5. If the bass in a tune is shite, you don't always notice, you just hear a shite tune. When the bass is centre stage, done well, then all is very well in the world indeed. Marcus Miller......
  6. The Roots would get a welcome in Somerset. The rarest of rarities, a Badu Cover. The musicianship here is intense, few get this good, for those who know, this is one. and again .. Bring back Jill Scott also.
  7. This young lady deserves an early slot ....
  8. .... is a question.
  9. Frankly not everyone likes this sort of thing. But if you are vaguely loving this sort of thing .......... Jessie J does it better than anyone. #JJ4WH2020
  10. I want a lot and I want this.
  11. I for one want Kiesza back at Worthy farm, West Holts preferably.
  12. bamber

    The Joke Thread

    Kim Kardashian got stopped at LA airport last week The customs officer looked down the back of her jeans and found 10KG of crack.
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