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  1. When Leon Bridges walks on about half way into this... Ķhruangbin are uniquely awesome. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0c80p1r/glastonbury-khruangbin Superb festival generally. Litter and abandoned tents way down too. Well pleased me 🙂
  2. Nina Conti. Very, very funny at a packed out Cabaret stage.
  3. I saw Tom Tom Club feat.Tina Weymouth at he Wag Club in Soho. London circa 1989. Still probably the best gig of my life, and I have been to loads of gigs.
  4. Again, this thread is only about Mariah Carey really* Specifically her singing. Madison Square Garden. * And Tina Weymouth
  5. So, much joy imparted,
  6. Soul Stirring Moments. free form Soul Stirring Moments. Jessie J.
  7. Where did Level 42 come from?
  8. 😚 Tool are metal. Kiss are Metal All dead ends. Kiss
  9. I've been over-exposing myself over in the Metal thread. I feel safer here. Few venture here, * * Glastonbury talk around the 12 min mark I was there.
  10. This one warms my soul. It does. I'm not imploring anyone to do anything. But this one warms the soul.
  11. I never claimed to have never listened to Metal beyond the 80s. I have. It is a dead end. It is also just my opinion.
  12. I own most of the Rush albums on vinyl. (True) Alex Lifeson on Trailer Park Boys is my favourite celebrity appearance ever. Rush are class,
  13. "Luv & Piece" Eater. This I like.
  14. I love Prog, if that is any consolation? Sorry to interject in this thread, I should not have done that. Peace and Love.
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