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  1. bamber

    House Music

    I was pretty buzzed back up there. You know how it is. Not so much now. ENJOY!
  2. Yes. I concur. Probably is an ill-defined word however. It really is. Is it 90%+ Or 50%+ Or something else?
  3. Now, don't get me started. Skateboarding is covered. There was a skater named Jeff Grosso who left this world last year but left an unimpeachable record of the golden days, entitled "Love-letters to skateboarding." Watch it on You Tube. I implore you. https://skateboarding.transworld.net/news/jeff-grosso-r-i-p-1968-2020/ What amazes me most in skateboarding is not so much what happened when you and I were dropping into our first bowl. It is what has happened since. The quality of skateboarding these days just blows your mind. Good News, This week...
  4. Gutted, I'm just so utterly gutted.
  5. Boomage! Good news. Passion and the Veins.
  6. Anything one remembers digging....
  7. Warning. This voice heals your pain. Side effects include little smiles and an overwhelming feeling of peace with the world.
  8. bamber

    2021 New Music

    Concentrate on the guitars.
  9. bamber

    2021 New Music

    Never understood why anyone would want to visit Dubai to be honest. Nothing there for me. Each to their own.
  10. bamber

    2021 New Music

    Sick is the right word here. The word legend : The Old French noun legende derives from the Medieval Latin legenda. The word legend is appropriate here, for once, and the guitars!
  11. Read this. It really does put the world we live in today in correct perspective. It helps us understand that nothing really changes The Struggle for Power, the American Revolution - Theodore Draper.
  12. Frankly I have little or no inclination at all to talk about this any more. You are right though. Lot of 50+ ses here, plenty of motivation to talk.
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