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  1. It is with great sadness that I learned that Bunny Lee died on October 6th age 79. Rodigan did a beautiful tribute on Sunday. If you love Reggae you will know how many tunes this guy had is hands on. All the greats are leaving..
  2. I know many of you are queuing up to ask me "what is your favourite Jessie J tune Bamber?" Well, Thanks for asking! It is this one.
  3. I know. too much Jessie J for many of you.. Fuck it, I genuinely love this, no joke.
  4. I've nothing to add here now. I went a bit mental in this thread ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ earlier. On my best behaviour now. Very few duds here in my opinion. Isn't music expansive!
  5. A lot of the recent Jessie J vids have this Instagram filter that makes her eyes look freaky. Not my bag. This one I love, pre-freaky eyes.
  6. Hype Williams presents.. Kelis.
  7. I'm all about cheering folk up in these times. Probably the funniest thing ever, by some margin. Joe Wilkinson naming penises....
  8. Fine tune indeed. From 1:47 this vid is Venice beach, Los Angeles, California, 90291, Brooks Avenue. A place I know well. Nothing else sounds quite like this.
  9. That Organ riff, then the short blast of horns... Utterly Epic. Lee Scratch Perry Forever!
  10. bamber

    House Music

    Ever feel like you can fly? I do and can. More floating than flying I suppose, but off the ground, a bit.🤩
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