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  1. Fish Bulb

    Who's bigger...?

    Please don't question The List.
  2. Fish Bulb

    Who's bigger...?

    Folks, great news! We need never argue about which artist is bigger than another ever again. I've found a comprehensive, ordered, list: https://www.songkick.com/leaderboards/popular_artists
  3. Apologies if this has already been posted, but surely this means we're gonna get some Isley Brothers action over the weekend?
  4. Big fan of that album. Personal favourite is Radlands, saw them do it in London a few years ago when they were playing one of their albums in full each night. The singles they've released this year have been pretty strong too. Weren't Kaiser Chiefs the ones who did that Ruby song? 🙃
  5. In my memory The Hives opened the Other Stage that year and I will not be convinced otherwise.
  6. Not sure if he's already been mentioned but everything Andrew Bird is releasing lately is gold. Can't see him being big enough to headline but would I would very much enjoy an afternoon singalong at The Park.
  7. Will he do We All Stand Together?
  8. Hopefully these fellas will be booked for 2020
  9. I've just noticed that the OP actually says "starting at" £20 per person. And the website itself says "from £30", so it does look like it will actually create a tiered experience within Glastonbury as someone on here mentioned earlier...
  10. I'm interested in the logistics, especially if the whole festival was pre-pitched. The OP talks about ensuring groups of friends are kept together, but if everyone wanted to be in Pennard Hill, or Big Ground, how would this work in practice? Would it be another bunfight (admittedly only amongst ticket holders) where people try to get the campsite they want in an onsale? Or would you have less choice over where you go, and instead be allocated an area? It seems to me the latter is the only way you could ensure groups were camped together? If Phase 1 is a dedicated area with pre-pitched tents inside the fence, and cost £20pp on top of your ticket, I'm gonna suggest it would sell out very quickly, even if members of this forum wouldn't be the ones buying it.
  11. Fish Bulb

    2020 headliners

    The neigh-sayers. Amirite?
  12. I watched Tame Impala, Alt-J and Foals whilst stood behind Harry Enfield in 2013
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