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  1. Fish Bulb

    2020 New Music

    I don't know what I just watched, but I loved it. Me and the gf are planning on dressing up as them from their Eurovision entry for the next Halloween party we go to (whenever that is)
  2. Fish Bulb

    2020 New Music

    Nice. Was going to suggest this source also: http://www.anydecentmusic.com/chart/JustOut.aspx
  3. Fish Bulb

    2020 New Music

    I think Russia might have had something to say about that...
  4. The list has been cleared down and re-started. Feel free to share your gems.
  5. So... this constantly WFH lark has made me realise that the echo chamber of my Spotify playlists / recommendations isn't quite enough to fill the whole day. I've been listening to a fair bit of 6 music, and found that the chatter of another human being, plus the curated songs that I wouldn't normally have chosen - have helped, so I thought I'd reach out to you guys here to ask: In this digital age, are there any other radio stations (or specifically shows) you'd recommend tuning into online? I'm thinking from overseas, but I guess there's no reason it couldn't be UK-based. I've currently got a list of 1, so happy to add to that! Thanks in advance 😃
  6. Fresh start as of today. Do your thing. Megalist is now over 9 hours of music!
  7. That's exactly right, with the emphasis on the "every so often". In fact, maybe I should rename the playlist "eFests Discover (kinda) weekly"...
  8. Also loved it. Had never realised Sufjan performed with them, and also discovered after a quick google that he also appeared on two songs on Boxer! The rabbit hole then lead me to this (apologies if this is common knowledge around these parts!):
  9. FWIW I've cleared down this week's playlist, moved the songs to the Megalist, and started again. Added a couple of songs too: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7AErSPO2kyq6V0yskhkiJN?si=yiPmNHuSRwSAYAOmNSMiWw
  10. Sorry all, been really slacking on this! I will take the mantle back up with renewed vigour. Going to trim the weekly playlist but leave the new additions, and add some more. 👍
  11. Y Not have categorically said they will: https://ynotfestival.com/covid-19-update-y-not-is-staying-positive/
  12. Out of interest - where have you got this figure from?
  13. Fish Bulb

    2020 New Music

    I officially like Country music now
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