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  1. Yeah I agree. Or they do but limit your booze (like SGP used to). That's what I think Bigfoot should have gone with, so people just have a few drinks in their tent etc. I don't think people would then have never bought from the bars. And obviously the food decision was just weird.
  2. Bit of rain and 16 - 20 degrees? Perfect festival weather that. I can't wait!
  3. Not sure if this has been shared already, but looks like they've been getting a bit of a battering on Social Media about bringing your own food and drink and have made a bit of a quiet reverse:
  4. Thanks, that really clears it up 🙄
  5. Cool, that's what I was assuming too. Trying to think if I've ever been to a festival that small before so I can visualise what that looks like...
  6. Do we know, or has anyone got a best guess, on capacity for this?
  7. Ah a large JPEG, perfect for turning into a Clashfinder, cheers Bigfoot! 🙄
  8. Just came here to share that Twitter interaction too. Seems to me they could make it easier and clearer by just saying own food and drink at campsite fine, but not in the Arena. Maybe the layout of the festival doesn't lend itself to having checkpoints before the Arena area (and tbf checks can be bottlenecks so that might be a consideration). Personally I'm looking forward to trying the craft beer, but not looking forward to not being able to wake up and eat something before getting dressed...
  9. Ok yeah, that might explain it 🤦‍♂️
  10. During parts of Go it sounded like something that could be on the Twin Peaks soundtrack, but then it also had bongos. What a combo.
  11. Moby's new album counts as a... new album, right? I can't believe how much I'm enjoying a Moby album in 2021 but I think it's the best thing I've heard this Month.
  12. Reading this DID make me want to listen to it though. Is there something wrong with me?
  13. You should never wear linen WITH sequins! Such a festival fashion faux pas
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