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  1. Has anyone seen this one? Currently available on Amazon Prime Video: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Glastonbury-Fayre-Terry-Reid/dp/B076KKM1MR/
  2. Thanks all, I've plonked the recommendations from this and the other aforementioned thread in a YouTube playlist for later viewing here. Interesting opinions on the "Glastonbury" documentary. I guess I'll give it a try but not get my hopes up.
  3. Inspired by the discovery on this thread: I was wondering if anyone could recommend any other good Glastonbury documentaries. I've seen and enjoyed Lost In Vagueness, and heard good things about Glastonbury. Any others out there worth checking out? Thanks in advance 🙂
  4. Gutted. I guess I should start a new thread rather than hijack this one really...
  5. Saved for later, thanks! Is there a Glastonbury documentary thread? I would like one.
  6. Drat! I'm going to stop trying to play this game...
  7. Does this mean Kevin Morby is more or less likely?
  8. Listening to all of this is making me hope for a Weatherall tribute set at Glasto similar to the Prince one Rob Da Bank did in 2017
  9. Happy Monday. Weekly playlist cleared down again ✅ (Link) Songs moved to megalist ✅ (Link)
  10. Fish Bulb

    Self Confirmed 2020

    I asked Damien Jurado after seeing him on Sat night if he'd be at Glastonbury and he said "I have been asked"...
  11. Fish Bulb

    2020 New Music

    Anyone mentioned this new Har Mar Superstar project yet: Haven't listened to the whole record yet but liked what I've heard so far
  12. Fish Bulb

    Self Confirmed 2020

    This is intriguing. I ended up skipping both and going to Arcadia early but it also wasn't quite right. I wonder, what was the right choice for Fri last year?
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