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  1. I just read that apparently David Byrne plucked Jim White from obscurity and gave him a 6 record deal, so I think (in keeping with the spirit of this forum) it's only reasonable to assume they've asked Talking Heads to reform and play Glastonbury and Byrne has said only on the proviso that Jim White also plays. So Talking Heads confirmed for 2022.
  2. Jim White's UK tour ends on the 23rd June (https://www.songkick.com/artists/32878-jim-white/calendar)
  3. Can we just agree that if someone thinks they're shit and someone else thinks they're really good they must be perfectly neutral?
  4. So I guess we should be asking, what are the best walking boots?
  5. I hope someone comes on and says these are really good, cos they look lovely!
  6. Managed two festivals (somehow) and a few gigs. Few highlights in order were: 1. Self Esteem @ Green Man 2. Faux Real @ Green Man 3. Beatles Dub Club @ Green Man (can I have that?) 4. Self Esteem @ Hare n Hounds 5. Sports Team @ Bigfoot Festival
  7. 1. For Those I Love - For Those I Love 2. Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure 3. Pearl Charles - Magic Mirror 4. Sufjan Stevens - A Beginner's Mind 5. The Weather Station - Ignorance 6. Viagra Boys - Welfare Jazz 7. Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy - Superwolves 8. The Go! Team - Get Up Sequences Part One 9. The War on Drugs - I Don’t Live Here Anymore 10. Beach House - Once Twice Melody
  8. 1. Self Esteem 2. War On Drugs 3. Helado Negro
  9. I could do that at home. (I tried this argument to convince the people I took to see Emma Jean Thackray at Green Man that it was worth watching the whole set. It didn't work.)
  10. Saw these at Green Man and Wide Awake this Summer and they were ace both times: As is this
  11. My first every "proper" festival. Me and a mate went after finding a flyer for it on our car windshield after Tales of the Jackalope, then proceeded to go to the next 4 in a row. Always had a really good time at it, proper party crowd as mentioned on here already. Although by the last incarnation that I attended (2010) it was definitely getting more and more expensive (as all festivals do I guess). They did always have a personal alcohol limit as mentioned earlier but it was easy enough to smuggle booze in. Our group always did anyway. Registered!
  12. I've updated the clashfinder using the new set times, but had to guess how long bands will be on for: https://clashfinder.com/s/wideawake21
  13. I'm going to Green Man tomorrow, the Monday of APE then this, so I need to somehow do a combined clashfinder that means I see the most amount of artists across all 3 events...
  14. 😳 Ok great ta, I'll buy a hand pump then and have a practice of my technique this weekend. Merci.
  15. Ok I've searched around and this seems like the most relevant place to ask this question: I'm borrowing one of the inflatable ones of these for Green Man next week, and I was wondering if anyone here who has an inflatable one uses any kind of electric pump to inflate it, or do you have to go hand pump and muscle power as it's so big? Got a weekend left to shop so tell me what to go buy please! Ta
  16. Hi all, first timer here. I think this may have been effectively answered elsewhere but... is it easy and close to get back to the car for 2nd (or 3rd) trips in? Thanks in advance!
  17. I have not heard of any of them but am very excited by a band called Beatles Dub Club.
  18. Just realised this is 2018. Ignore me.
  19. This line-up? https://www.greenman.net/news/49-new-acts-added-green-man-lineup/ The poster says 2018 but I assume the names are actually correct as they largely match up with the copy:
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