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    The Rabbit Hole..

    So, pretty sure this is what people have said but just to be completely sure, when it comes to the listings: THE RABBIT HOLE is the open tent near The Park where you can just walk in and out of (depending on crowds)? And RABBIT HOLE'S FUNKINGHAM PALACE is the secret place you need to answer a riddle or follow a tunnel into - is that right?
  2. Fish Bulb

    Best Bars

    Thanks and thanks. I'll keep my eyes peeled for both of these! Did try one of those pre-mixed cans on my way to the airport recently but (obviously) it's just not the same as made fresh. If I bump into Zeppelin or Rosie I'll ask you for a fresh one too 🙂
  3. Fish Bulb

    Best Bars

    At Green Man last year there was a bar doing fresh Bloody Marys - massive queue every morning but so worth it. Where am I best of looking for the same thing at Glasto next week? San Remo?
  4. Someone in the Dance thread spotted Dixon has gone from the Gas Tower and that was Fri night at 11pm - so he could have been bumped up?
  5. Didn't realise she was playing so thanks for this nudge! Gonna struggle to get across to The Avalanches after though 😕
  6. Hey, so I've read on here people hoping Wheel Of Four Tunes would be back - but they're not on the line-up as far as I can see. I've never seen it before but is it something like this? These fellas are on at 5am on the Truth Stage on Fri night / Sat morning:
  7. If two people update the Clashfinder at the same time, does it "overwrite" someone's changes? It seems to keep losing stages on there. Acoustic was on a minute ago and now isn't... I guess I should just wait until it's settled down this evening but I can't!
  8. Cheers. How do you try to track on Royal Mail?
  9. Mine says this now. Should I be expecting it today?
  10. I went last year, decent festival, really good site for it.
  11. Absolutely nonsensical argument. My OH works for the NHS so will be working one of the Bank Holidays - does this mean she cares about the royal family less than me, as I have them both off as I work in an office?
  12. For decent red wine in a box Tesco do the 19 crimes stuff for £14. I'd recommend giving that a trial run, could be your answer. I'm a fan:
  13. Fish Bulb

    The Park 2022

    I assume the Rabbit Hole line-up in this poster is for the Rabbit Hole bar that is now marked on the map near the Park, and not the secret Rabbit Hole you have to find yourself?
  14. Were you on the same flight??
  15. One from 2013. If you're the lady in the background, I apologise.
  16. On a flight recently I tried ambient ocean sounds, which did work but really confused me when I woke up still on a plane surrounded by water!
  17. Enjoying the vote of confidence in the F&B! OK I'll just stick to the earplugs, thanks all.
  18. Thanks all, and thanks for the further ear plug threads. What about eye masks? I bought a cheap one recently but the light slightly gets in under my eyes - anyone use one of these they'd recommend? Might be a moot point as I've joined the Fresh n Black crew this year anyway.
  19. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but looking for recommendations for: a) Eye masks (for sleeping) b) Ear plugs (also for sleeping) Hit me with your best sleeping aids please.
  20. Ok I think this is an appropriate thread for this question - still no David Rodigan on any of these area drops so far (was half expecting maybe Glade) - do we think he is either: a) Going to be on a main stage (I saw him on the main stage at SGP once and he killed it tbf) b) Not going to be there at all 😞 c) Going to be on an area not announced yet (although I can't think which that would be)
  21. Cheers - I watched Chems and got there beforehand and still struggled to get near the front - I'd expect to be at the back if I went over to any headliner. Fair play to you for persevering to the front!
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