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  1. I can't bring myself to watch it. Reading it was bad enough. I've only just stopped cringing. Watching it could set me back hours
  2. I'd put Jackie Brown and From Dusk til Dawn (not a "good" film as such, but good fun. Saying that, I don't think I've watched it sober or earlier than 2am) in the first group but other than that I'd have to agree.
  3. Heading home after my first visit to the Fringe. As a huge comedy fan I'm annoyed it's taken me this long to finally get up there. Fantasticfun, and all the things people talk about annoying you about it didn't bother me one bit. Living there must be a bit of a nightmare though. Although, after Glastonbury and Latitude (where I spent about 5 straight hours one day) I do like sitting in a tent and all the comedians come to you rather than having to race around looking for them
  4. Cumbria, so the same but less so. Even 10 years ago when I started here August could be lovely. Still midges though. Speaking of downpours, just had to jump on a bus to Carlisle after we all got kicked off the train at Lockerbie cos of flooded tracks. Few hundred people waiting for taxis and coaches to be organised, only 5 of us figured to check Google maps and walk 100 yards around the corner
  5. I work in tourism and at work we've been saying for years that August is the worst month for a holiday in this country (outside of the winter months obviously). One of May, June or someone's July tends to be your best option
  6. Nah, we say pants instead of trousers in the north too. I mean you can get him on a thousand other things, but not that one
  7. Yep, that's what I was brought over to help with. My only arena shift in 15 or so festivals with Oxfam and it got cut short to stop people trying to kill themselves under a forklift.
  8. Ha, in that case we've probably met. I was on a roaming shift in the arena and was brought in to help with that
  9. First thing most people asked me when I got back was if I saw Kylie, clearly expecting a sniffy reply. All very surprised by my response of yep, and it was a big, fun, brilliant, daft party
  10. Yep. It's not for everyone (including a few on here) but if it is for you, then it's the way to go. 10 and counting for me, with no intention of ever trying for a ticket. It looks like way more hard work than stewarding
  11. According to this, Lionel had 200,000! Think Sean Spicer might have been counting https://www.zeffirellis.com/film/lionel-richie
  12. Richard Osman is a great guest. Podcast, tv chat show, whatever. He's always excellent value
  13. Do the right thing. Very funny panel show, that gets some amazing guests. New series staying soon
  14. It's up there, and weirdly I probably use it more than imbecile. I think I like to save that for special occasions
  15. The Horne Section. It's just very silly and fun. Saw their live show a couple of weeks ago. also very silly And another endorsement for Off Menu. Was in real danger of crashing the car during Suzi Ruffell's episode
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