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  1. I caught the end of the talk in the Listening Post on Friday (?) morning about the future of festivals. Don't know who it was who was talking but he was either head of, or very high up in the research team. And he discussed this. And it was an element of pragmatism, not from the perspective of putting people off but more as you say, the practicalities of it. There could have been super strict testing and entry procedures. And it would have been a nightmare for people (punters and organisers/staff) and probably quite unpleasant. Or they could take the soft touch that they did, and trust people to do the right thing. And the majority would. Some wouldn't but most would. And that in itself was part of the test. Super strict testing and procedures aren't practical long term. He also explained the differences between LFT and PCR tests and why they both have their uses (other than just cost) but I forgot the detail of that
  2. Ted Lasso is back and all is good with the world
  3. Bugger. That's what I'm on. Was one of the ones that was fine at Latitude
  4. I know of one person who tested positive on the Friday and had to go home. They were devastated obviously. Not heard of anyone since. My LFT yesterday was negative
  5. I can't complain too much, I got earlies this year and no night shift. Still, would be nice though... I heard of a couple of friends who got Friday, Saturday, Sunday evening shifts, which if true is just brutal.
  6. I had all three shifts doing the covid screening in the General Campervan field (I'll get an arena shift one day, surely) and it never really got that busy. We ended up having to Hotspot people a few times to get them on the NHS app. Only had a couple of awkward customers, one a very angry woman who was pissed off she couldn't use her card as proof. Fair enough, it's about as secure as showing a negative LFT text message but they were told before (and told to screenshot the app because of the shit mobile coverage). She was genuinely furious, the kind of angry that could knock a less confident steward, but the guy she shouted at has done it for ages so wasn't bothered. "I have my card, I have cancer(!?) and I just want to get in to this fucking festival". I'm working Wilderness next which isn't a test event but is using the same system. And I'm told the mobile coverage is even worse. The second was an old fella who'd actually been through the day before but came back to tell me that the whole thing was a scam as no one was actually checking anyone's covid status as he wasn't checked. It was all a conspiracy by the government to make it look like things were all OK. As a lowly volunteer steward (not even a supervisor this time) government conspiracies are a little above my paygrade. But then I would say that wouldn't I? He was harmless enough, and to be honest entertained me for a few minutes during a fairly dull shift. I pointed out that was literally why we were there, and offered to let him stay and watch us check people as they came through, but he seemed less bothered by this point. Especially when his wife pointed out she had been checked! So if he'd just mentioned it to her he could have saved himself the time!
  7. Dunno about family, but I was working in general camper vans (covid checks) and there looked to be loads of room and they were well spaced out. Some absolute beasts parked in there too.
  8. Well played. I'm very tired
  9. If this all turns out to be a terrible mistake and is the trigger event for the downfall of humanity, then after last night, I think I'm ok with that
  10. Really looking forward to seeing this. I'd never even heard of the Harlem festival until last year, and that was when discussing this film. Amazing (but let's be honest, not that amazing) that this never became the cultural touchstone that Woodstock did
  11. There was loads of space inside. Was busy but not majorly so. Got there as Mark Watson was starting and stayed until the end. It's all the people who sit near the entrances and around the edge. Once you get past the crust it's fine
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