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  1. You're being very kind with the use of the weird naive
  2. philipsteak

    The Killers

    What would be really good is someone else giving minute by minute updates on Mardy throughout it.
  3. Same every year. I guess they have to print one per ticket sold just in case (and for the tax dodge mentioned earlier if that is a thing) but a lot of people don't want them or might take one per group
  4. A mate (I didn't know him back then) used to have the same. Don't think he's been since about 2003 though. We were talking about it the other day and he was shocked to learn it was no longer done over the phone. He's only 50 but I regularly compare him to my 78 year old mum when it comes to technology.
  5. It's fairly common. Think my favourite was on a vehicle gate. A guy came barrelling down the road on a bike, took a really sharp corner into the gate without slowing (how he didn't fall I don't know) and just carried on. Everyone just kind of went, fair play.
  6. Indeed. I've only started watching again since he came back. Shame he only does Mondays
  7. They do that for some things at Latitude. Not the main comedy stage, that's open and you can just come and go. Although there's usually less movement during acts than at Glastonbury and the comperes do a good job of getting everyone in between acts.
  8. Maybe there'd be less of people dipping in and out of they knew they were getting full tour shows?
  9. Half the time they don't even 20 minutes of their current show, it's more like a greatest hits. Which, if you're a comedy fan, you've probably seen before. A few times. Probably at Glastonbury.
  10. The person using the second wristband would still need a half ticket (that looked like them) and pass out though. I suppose you could have two people "lose" their tickets and both send out their spare to someone. Hence why they brought in the lost ticket wristbands, to close that loophole
  11. That has improved at least. I'm sure it just used to be a second normal wristband. And you didn't need a pass out.
  12. Well technically they only have to be friends with a villager. But yes, I know what you mean.
  13. I miss working busy ped gates (service gates are very dull) but I don't miss villager tickets. I wonder if they'll be updated too if they ever do change the entry/re-entry system or if they carry on the same. The perk will have to stay, just how they manage it might change.
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