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  1. Dunno about Worthy View but it was the Saturday for the rest of the site. Performers included, from a few comments made by acts I saw. Although I don't know how high up that went. Also, don't know what time it came back on for Oxfam but I thought it was later than 3. Someone I know was on shift there trying to stop people using the taps as a shower
  2. Very useful for someone with a disability
  3. My first was in 1995, and I can honestly say this year was my favourite. I must've been lucky, but I had/saw no problems, even on shift (Oxfam steward. Even the blaggers were nicer than usual) and just meet so many great people. Whereas my first year, I still remember 2 girls, dressed for a night on the town with their hair in curlers (something I've never seen since), openly pointing and laughing at me cos I looked like shit. I mean I did, but still, no need to laugh.
  4. I went for probably will be there. And I probably would have been. But I'll probably be working. I tend to get the same shifts which nearly always involves Saturday overnight
  5. It's worked though cos you've bought membership and I really want a Lego Porsche now
  6. Pretty sure my liver would have packed up and left in protest
  7. I don't think anyone can make the word "thanks" sound so much like "fuck off you fuckin prick" as well as Jessica Barden does in End of the Fucking World
  8. Thank you, you've just reminded me to fill mine up. Ran out while driving home last night
  9. My work (YHA) is on that so if you ever find yourselves near a hostel and in need of a refill, then pop in
  10. If you are anything like me, just wait a couple of days. Your personal claims manager "Stephen" will have heard about you accident and will give you a call
  11. philipsteak

    Volunteering 2020

    Oh aye, but the mind wanders. Even if the chances of winning are tiny.
  12. philipsteak

    Volunteering 2020

    I was thinking about what I'd do if I won a ticket from Waterstones. As nice as it'd be not having to work and miss bands I want to see, I'd genuinely be gutted to miss the Monday and Tuesday.
  13. I think it should've been done as a separate insert, so you can just pop it into the book at random points
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