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  1. Similar happened to me. I passed 6 months just after they announced over 40s could book but the website didn't update for ages to allow me. Then contacted by GP well before I could book online. Had it yesterday. Just a sore arm this time round. Felt a bit shit for doses 1 & 2. I'm old enough to remember the bad old days when AZ gave you proper side effects. Not like this new fangled Pfizer! Call that side effects. Not like in my day.
  2. We (youth hostels) are still offering that. Have done since we reopened last year. It'll have cost us a few last minute cancelations, and some people will have taken advantage, but over all has meant that people have felt safe to book. Obviously the summer was insanely busy everywhere and probably would've been without the guarantee, but even November was pretty much like a normal November. There's a lot that we've done that we've got wrong in my opinion, but this we got right.
  3. I think that got asked in the other thread. Can't remember what was said about it though. And no way I'm wading through that to find out
  4. Last Thursday. And then June before that I think
  5. Lovely in Cumbria. When it stops raining.
  6. It was the same when it changed to 40 year olds. Was well over a week until it actually allowed you to book. I'd already been contacted by my gp by then
  7. No matter which side you're on, this is fucking mortifying. Actually, probably more so if you are anti mask
  8. Dunno. Decisions like that get made way above my lowly position. Assume we'll find out on Monday. Don't know which Monday. Hospitality though, so not compulsory. Unless something's changed since I last checked. Would imagine we'll stick with our signs recommending use but not enforcing. Maybe make the font size bigger.
  9. Purely anecdotal of course, but a higher percentage of guests checking in today have been wearing masks. I'd say about half or so.
  10. philipsteak

    Doja Cat

    Now that I'd watch!
  11. Oh, and having volunteered at Latitude and Wilderness this year, Glastonbury is very far from the most middle class festival out there.
  12. I wanted to. Maybe if I had kids I might have done. It wasn't great though. Main problem it was just dull for a lot of it
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