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  1. Went out for a meal tonight with the housemates. I ordered jerk chicken. As soon as it was brought out and I smelled it, it was like I was in a festival field. Don't think I'd ever realised how evocative a smell that is for me
  2. Recently introduced a younger friend to The Day Today and Brass Eye. Don't know why I bothered
  3. Not really anymore, that's why he keeps doing shit like this, to remind us all he still exists
  4. Yep, seeing some of the addresses on guest registration forms isn't filling me with joy. They aren't technically doing anything wrong, but still
  5. At least the people of Aberdeen have been told not to go on holiday, or for people to not travel too Aberdeen. Unlike the Greater Manchester/West Yorkshire lockdowns where people can freely travel and go on holiday. Given the proximity I'd imagine quite a few came here.
  6. Most of my job could be replaced by a touchscreen and the general public developing some common sense. So on the second point I'm safe for a while
  7. Judging from the camp sites around here I can well believe it. They are no where near full so that they can operate safely but if they could take more, then they'd fill up with no problem. Lots of expensive new gear and lots of camping first timers
  8. Not even using security for it. Even better, a middle aged Cumbrian mum. No one's arguing with one of them.
  9. In a clip that long I don't think he would have formed a recognisable word yet. Still be in the waffle stage
  10. My local supermarket (Booths) are stopping people coming in if they aren't wearing a mask. Obviously allowing if you have a reason for not doing
  11. Tried both. Subtitle are better, but only a little. (I can't watch dubbed stuff, just too distracting). The dialogue is the bit I can give a bit of a pass too for that reason, but even if it is a poor translation, still doesn't change the fact I'm hearing some dodgy dialogue
  12. Everyone keeps recommending Dark to me. People who know what I like, people who like the same as me. But I'm just not feeling it at all. Nearly gave up after the first episode, now I'm struggling through the second. A bunch of characters I don't care about, some ropy acting, dialogue that no human being has ever uttered, a shit ton of exposition clumsily dropped and LOUD, MOODY MUSIC every time someone so much as looks at a shadow. What am I missing?
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