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  1. Just been served an ad for this Beast Should get a few phone charges or of that. And a massive TV.
  2. This. Just finished my shift across camping and camper vans. When I moved across from the camping field about midday there was still space. And there were still gaps dotted around generally too. Just look for the people in the pink high vis. They'll be able to help you find space.
  3. About 170 they said during briefing. Think it was around 100 last time I did it 5 years ago
  4. Couple of degrees warmer wouldn't hurt, but this'd do me for the weekend
  5. Just finishing off packing then setting off about 10. With a supermarket stop on the way should get there for about 2ish just as the Oxfam field opens. What's it like there at the moment Paul? Met office is saying a bit of rain today then fine for the rest.
  6. Could be a nice fundraiser that. Charge people to shout passive aggressive questions at the government. It'd be up for that. Jus think, he gets paid to do it!
  7. God I hope so. One of the bleakest shifts I ever did for Oxfam was overnight up a fire tower at Bearded. Did meet the landowner that night. Absolutely shit faced and wanted me to help him find his house. Can't be too critical, I once ended up in the wrong house one new years eve. Although my house was considerably smaller than his.
  8. Shifts allowing, I'd be up for a meet
  9. Shifts allowing, I'd be up for a meet
  10. I got offered earlies quite late on for Latitude last year so was still holding out for Bearded but that ship has very much sailed now.
  11. Honestly, for me it's not even 'nice' as such. Although that helps. Just don't be a c**t. And if you are, well suddenly I have a whole bunch of T&Cs that I'm pretty keen on enforcing.
  12. Considering I haven't really made a conscious effort to listen to their stuff since, I dunno, the late 80s, it's amazing how much of that set list is so immediately familiar
  13. Amidst the madness of this place the last few days it's nice to have a little consistency.
  14. Someone should start a thread. Just needs a title...
  15. A portaloo based escape room, maybe?
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