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  1. Well my 73 year old, Tory voting (she says every time, but I'm sure she dabbled with Plaid Cymru in the 90s) mother has now declared that she might (only might, lets not get carried away) vote labour next time because that Labour man seems quite sensible and much better than the shower in charge.
  2. The government messaging is clearly working well then...
  3. Once thing I've definitely noticed is an increase in litter
  4. I'm in Ambleside. Now don't get me wrong, it's not "normal" busy. Particularly for the time of year. The road is busy, but it's not queuing like you'd normally see. It's just that in the last few days there's been a big change. Driving past Rydal for example, the lake shore looked pretty busy, and like I said, car parks which up until a few days ago only ever had a couple of cars in are now full during the day but emptying in the evening. Keeping two meters apart in Ambleside would've been pretty difficult when I went through. In terms of who it is, impossible to say for definite of course. Some are locals who are heading further out then they have been. I know that the case just from what people I know are doing. But a lot are not. Certainly the people we've had to ask to leave our site. In the first couple of weeks they were mostly locals ( they'd usually say they were, like that makes it ok!) but most now aren't. The 10 lads we had to kick out today certainly weren't
  5. The last couple of days have definitely felt different, like that's it. lock down is over for a lot of people When the rules were first relaxed and everyone was confused (but alert!) the expected swarms of people didn't happen. Whether that was the rubbish weather (and better weather elsewhere), or the local messaging worked, who knows. Maybe a bit of both, but probably the weather. Then, a really nice day, last Wednesday. The place felt rammed. Not exactly bank holiday weekend rammed, not even close. In fact it probably wasn't that busy in real terms, just in comparison to the last couple of months. But then, despite the weather being OK, it calmed down again. It almost felt like everyone got it out of their system for a day (like a calmer, more scenic version of The Purge) then went back to staying at home. Since the weekend though, all bets are off. Constant traffic on the A591 (main road through the Lake District), car parks full or half full, so many people just wandering about cos there's nothing else to do. And so many people just wandering through our site. Just had to kick two car loads of lads out who'd just pulled into our car park (passing the 'Private, Keep out' sign and then just climbed over the obvious barriers to get to the lake) I'm dreading this weekend
  6. Maybe we've got this all wrong. Has anyone tried counting his blinks or something and seeing if it spells out 'please rescue me' in Morse Code?
  7. And when they do, they'll know they can get away with absolutely anything as long as they just ride it out for long enough
  8. Yep. Just had the misfortune of seeing a Facebook post from my brother (who is a c**t) and his many c**t friends saying that his explanation is fine, he did what everyone else who cares about their families would have done and the left and the media need to fuck off and leave him alone now. And the one non c**t who, from what I can work out, has been involved in some way in transporting relatives too and from hospital, and has therefore seen some shit that most of us thankfully haven't had to deal with, has basically been told to get back in his box for breaking from the official c**t line. ETA just re read and it was the wrong way round. He works for the ambulance service so was taking people with Covid 19 to hospital, in many cases knowing that was the last time their relatives were going to see them as they wouldn't be allowed to visit. He's quite pissed off.
  9. I remember once in school, doing something that was going to get me in trouble. I knew I was going to get called in by the head of year, so I came up with a story. It was bullshit, but I managed to make the story match the situation. In my head it sounded great. Totally plausible. As soon as I started talking, it started to sound like the ridiculous shite that it was. The head of year, who up until that point had generally liked me (and me her. I was usually a good kid and she was a good teacher ) knew I was bullshitting. The story only worked if you accepted I behaved in a way that no human being ever had our would. She never came out and said she didn't believe me, but I knew. Mostly cos I knew she wasn't a fucking idiot. Anyway, I was reminded of that today for some reason
  10. I'm sure lots of people with vested interests in doing so will find a way to be taken in by it
  11. I was mostly in Queenstown for my early/mid thirties. Which is it's own little bubble within the NZ bubble. Largely loved it, especially when I first got there. Did start to lose some of its shine a bit the longer I was there. It's not a town people stay for long do hard to make roots. And yeah, hard to get away from the feeling that you are at the end of the earth. Even more so if you weren't in one of the 3 main cities. I mean it's got its own interesting cultural/music scene too though. Definitely a fan of the "work to live" rather than "live to work" attitude that kiwis tend to have. Much more my speed.
  12. It'll be "I didn't do anything wrong, but this is now too much of a distraction so for the good of the country (Johnson's career) I'm stepping down"
  13. Lived there for 5 years. Never got round to sorting residency. Came home a few years ago. Regretted both decisions on numerous occasions, non more so than now
  14. A 200 strong WhatsApp group sounds like a nightmare. Then factor in that they are all Tory MPs...
  15. Even when he goes, they'll still brazen it out. Claim he did nothing wrong but that it's a distraction from the amazing work the government are doing so for the good of us all he's agreed to resign.
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