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  1. I don't get anything for working weekends, but I work in hospitality in a really touristy area so I don't know anyone who is off at weekends so I'm fine with mid week "weekends". And as far as back holidays go, I do get those added to my account annual leave instead of taking them on the day which means I get to choose when I take them so suits me better. I wouldn't want to be off on a bank holiday around here, it's hideous.
  2. Genuinely not sure. I'm single. childless, doing a job I don't really care about but which funds a lifestyle I enjoy, and I have a decent amount of savings so I could. That being said, I did move about and switch jobs pretty regularly when I was younger and I have enjoyed the stability. Thing is, as long as my boss stays, it's not really an issue. It's just known I'm off the last weekend in June. It's practically part of the official year planner. If it's a couple of weeks into the new holiday year and I haven't formally asked, then they'll ask me After coming back one year, the deputy manager mentioned that him and his girlfriend (who worked at our place) quite fancied it next year and jokingly said that all 3 of us might not be able to be off at the same time. I replied, half jokingly, half not, that we'd all, me included, find out how much the job meant to me if that came about. They didn't go and it's not been mentioned since
  3. philipsteak

    Map- 1995 vs 2019

    Makes sense. I saw it on Channel 4 in 1994 (first year it was televised?) and decided I was going the next year. Not saying I'm a w*nker (not for me to say) and I was aware of it before then, just not sure I would have thought of going without that
  4. You could say the same about the first one too, and I've really enjoyed both. And it's all building up to next week and the "biggest battle ever" which will look amazing, but 15 minutes in with no idea what's going on and lots of noise and blood and gore and I'm probably going to be bored of it
  5. Tourists who have travelled to an incredibly popular tourist destination on a sunny bank holiday and then complain about too many tourists.
  6. This podcast is about refs (and the use of video refs) in the NBA rather than football, but some of the issues are the same, and it's a very interesting listen https://atrpodcast.com/ep/s1!c5106
  7. It was the title of one of Richard Herring's shows http://www.richardherring.com/lotds/
  8. philipsteak

    Coma Songs

    It's not, but the covers are so much worse because you can't help but think of the much better original. Even when the original isn't that great. Our playlist at work is full of them
  9. Just finished the final episode. Perfectly judged. The rare (incredibly) satisfying ending. The Fourth Wall stuff this series has been fantastic too
  10. Yep. This is my (I think) 14th time with Oxfam and I've never once felt the need to swap. I've seen people get so worked up about swapping, it just doesn't seem worth it
  11. Hissy fit seems excessive. I'd have gone with sarcastic aside, maybe. No, I was just confused. You were replying to a message that included a link to a petition calling for a referendum on whether England should leave the UK. You claimed that this was an attempt to overturn a vote. I don't remember this vote happening so just wondered if I'd missed it. Seems like it would be a big deal
  12. Now you know how the rest of us feel
  13. I'm not gonna lie, my attention does drift sometimes, but did I manage to miss a vote on whether England should leave the UK? I definitely reckon I'd notice that
  14. I'm really lucky. Live in a small village, but we've got 5 screens
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