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  1. I'm a weird way I kind of admire his dogged persistence.
  2. My local centre isn't taking any volunteers at the moment. It's still operating, but there are no shifts available to book. And it's not that they are full cos normally full shifts show up on the website too
  3. Wish I'd gone to my dad's funeral dressed as an Admiral. Feel silly not even asking now
  4. Opening the cafe/bar in some form in a couple of weeks (either outside table service or takeaway, not been told which yet) then the accommodation on May 17th. Fully open (only opened half the rooms last year) but still no shared dorms yet. it's already getting noticeably busy in the Lakes this week. Nothing like it would be normally this time of year and nothing like it's going to get. This summer is going to be insane
  5. If our advance bookings are anything to go off, that's not gonna be an issue.
  6. It is a bit different with the litter picker/toilet cleaner/wristband checker because the work done is being paid for (to the charity or organisation providing these services) its just the person doing the work isn't being paid other than for the ticket/perks.
  7. They are all great of course but I don't think any of them would be quite as useful during a major life changing global event as you've been this last year. Maybe The Nal if the climate change shit really hits the fan. That'll be his chance to shine
  8. Currently re-watching The Thick of It. Just watched the episode where Hugh Abbot lies to the select committee and therefor has lied to the house. And it's a big deal. It's serious. Seems very quaint now
  9. I agree, it probably is over. It very much looks like it is over for us. Things will probably be fine very soon. But it might not. (It probably will) And so the discussions and planning around that probably need to happen. One of the big criticisms from the start of this was how unprepared we were. Johnson sticking his fingers in his ears and going la la la everything's fine. (or if his handshaking comments were anything to go by, sticking his fingers in other people's ears). So even if they are doom mongers, people saying this stuff isn't a bad thing. it'll be added to the mix. A broad range
  10. Aye, it's been getting a little bit (and I hesitate to say this cos it's very easy to throw around) "Daily Mail" in here
  11. You can do this, you've all been training fir this your whole lives!
  12. Depends, what sort of a drunk are you?
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