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  1. Avalanches on The Park as per their tour poster
  2. Probably already mentioned, but Alanis Morisette and Beth Orton free on the Sunday. 4 nights in a row mind…
  3. You’d think so, but we saw her at Bestival years ago and she sounded terrible. Maybe an off day.
  4. How is it entitled to pay for something, especially as a first timer (which I’m not) to see what you’re getting before you pay for it?!
  5. You’re telling me he won’t just cycle through them like every other cyclist?
  6. Really shocked by this one. I’d pick raves he was playing back in the day over the DJ line up. True pioneer.
  7. Ha, extreme it may be, but I was definitely put off the London events after seeing Dimitri From Paris, Bob Sinclair and The Shapeshifters more than a million times. Looks like they may however be branching out a bit, had Eats Everything at the NYD gig by the looks of things. Suppose they need to keep that disco element as that’s what’s made it so popular, but need to offset the risk of people getting bored with very same-y lineups.
  8. Problem with Glitterbox is it’s the same 3 DJs on rotation and has been for years, same goes with Defected.
  9. Wild isn’t it? On another note, what a line up. 👏
  10. I’ve never seen the BBC setup near the park despite looking for it casually in passing. Is it obvious to see, or cordoned off quite a way back?
  11. Nuts, right? I remember seeing them DJ to an empty pub in Hackney on NYE in like 2012?
  12. Radio 2 toting Harry Styles and Liam Gallagher as “heading to Glastonbury” this morning 🤔
  13. Imagine buying a Coachella ticket for Rage and getting Harry Styles though.
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