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  1. Hey, a friend of ours has split up from her boyf, still wants to go but we have campervan tickets. Can she camp in regular camping?
  2. I agree. This is a great time capsule documenting an incredibly odd period of history.
  3. Ahh I think I asked this Q prematurely after reading some of your later posts, didn’t realise you volunteered through SJA, I applied to the NHS one! Glad you’ve finally got a shift, the atmosphere at the vaccination centres is meant to be great! Thanks for your help in getting us all jabbed up!
  4. How long did it take you from signing up to volunteer to get approved/access to the app?
  5. Interview with Michael Eavis now on LBC, says he’s considering doing something in September to coincide with the anniversary.
  6. Thanks for the update! I’m in two minds now, the wife is pregnant and due in March. We have tickets so not sure whether I want it to go ahead or selfishly delay another year! I see ToiletDuck is still providing excellent scientific updates!
  7. Haven’t been around for a while and this thread is 800+ pages deep... what’s the general forum consensus on Glasto 2021? Yay or nay?
  8. Incredible isn’t it. I agree, odd choices, but the goosebumps when he drops Loud Places at the end, camera panning back to see the ribbon tower and the big Glasto sign lit up... one of my biggest regrets was missing that set!
  9. That’s tomorrow’s listening session sorted then. This is 100% what I pay the license fee for.
  10. What’s the drama again with The Levellers and Glasto?
  11. This is absolutely class. Sat in my front garden listening to Little Simz at volume with a cider. Thank you BBC!
  12. Kicking myself again for missing Jamie xx in 2015
  13. I can’t work this BBC Glasto site out. Yesterday I saw Jamie xx on the A-Z, now that’s all changed and he’s no longer there. Also, a lot of them listed on the A-Z are not on the weekend lineup, presumably they’ll just be available to stream on demand? That said, some absolute corkers on there, can’t wait to watch them! Emily on 6 Music this morning! edit: looks like I should have read earlier posts in this thread
  14. I paid £157.74 for two tickets and got refunded £146.26 from Festicket this morning
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