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  1. Pfizer and AZ are in what's now called a Phase 4 trial where they monitor the effect of a drug after its started to be distributed to the general population. So there are established procedures for on going evaluation, they haven't just given it a green light and forgotten about it. In terms of finding elderly people for other trials now the vaccine is being distributed the trials are likely to move from testing no vaccine Vs trial vaccine into testing approved vaccine Vs trial vaccine to work out which is more effective.
  2. It's almost as if the E.U. needed something to distract from the story about their abysmal distribution efforts.
  3. Oh actually I might give my vote to the toilets in the rabbit hole. Lovely. And there was a literal throne not that far away.
  4. Yes! They were the ones next to the co-op last time right? Camped in Oxlyers so usually got there just after they've been cleaned, take your time then wonder over to the co-op for a pint of orange juice and milk before the queue formed. I was also in these when Dave was on the Other stage, I witnessed (heard) that "Alex from glasto" moment whilst taking my own stage.
  5. Someone once told me that the general rule is that you should never really be queuing for a toilet. There's usually one with less of a queue 5 mins away.
  6. Keep calm everyone, it was only 2 days ago there were reports of low efficacy from Pfizer vaccines in Israel, which have since been superseded by reports of excellent efficacy of Pfizer vaccines in Israel. General rule of thumb- don't believe twitter
  7. I think that's one of the more likely worst case outcomes of this. That we have to just keep vaccinating the entire population every year. So the vaccination centres become permanent and we just keep rotating everyone through annually. It'd be expensive but cheaper then the alternative.
  8. Oh absolutely, but vaccines coming in stream is why I don't think a 6 month lockdown will be needed. I'm still worried that new strains will result in a winter uptick as we learn to adapt vaccines and distribute vaccines to combat them.
  9. Not me because I think eliminating this is going to be almost impossible now it's here. I know people in the channel Islands, Jersey. They closed the borders, only 1-2 flights a day in, you effectively needed a visa issued by the jersey government to travel to what is basically the u.k. Managed to virtually eliminate it.Then opened up to tourists with testing everyone on arrival and enforced quarantine (actually enforced although not hotel quarantine) in the summer. At one point they had no cases. They've never been able to stamp it out entirely from their Island and it resurged aga
  10. There's not much you can do though. The main sticks of lockdown is the closure of venues, events and shops. Even if you wanted to you couldn't be that non compliant if they're still closed.
  11. That's interesting! As much as I hate to say it the current situation with vaccines really does seem to be exposing the problems with the beaurocracy of the E.U. There really isn't any good reason why the E.U. can't be distributing AZ vaccine now. Certainly not on safety grounds. It's winter at the peak of the pandemic wave. Every days delay costs lives.
  12. We could have but the great unknown is would we have done? All the other EU countries stayed together and waited to get conditional approval rather than emergency use. Personally I think that was the wrong decision as if this isn't an emergency what is? Literally every day of delay costs lives so better to roll it out as fast as possible. As for vaccine in other countries the faster we get the whole u.k population protected the sooner we can roll out our excess vaccines to other countries. What's even the point of a country if it doesn't protect its own citizens first.
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