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  1. Oxlyers was actually surprising how much space there was when you went further in about 10 metres off the track. We've never actually camped that far in before so I don't know if it's always like that. But you could have definitely put up a big 4 man, or a couple of smaller 2 man on Thursday.
  2. TBH with the movement of Glasto Latino they've cracked SE corner queues now (in a dry year anyway). Glasto Latino, Cabaret, Sensation seekers and a couple of other little stages effectively stagger the queue all the way back to west holts entrance, you just don't notice it because you and 300 others have been pulled into watching a Brazilian carnival act for 20 minutes.
  3. I noticed that they seemed to have removed the urinals from the side that faced the railway track by the back of the other and in some other places. Which was great for not accidentally flashing people walking down but not so great for queues. I actually found the longdrops pretty dn clean this year which was great. And a big fan of the new smaller "mini" long drops that appeared in a few place, groups of 4-6 that were up some steps. (At least I'd not seen them before).
  4. There were new pedestrian crossing signals that I hadn't seen before on a few road crossings that seemed to have been binned off by the Saturday. New crowd management technique that didn't work, or did they resort to them because of a lack of stewards to staff the crossing?
  5. Anyone manage to find any other crew maps whilst on site this year?
  6. Leyrulion

    Volunteering 2022

    Made friends with someone who managed to get into the SE corner stewarding and that looked a lot better then Oxfam tbh. At least things were happening! There's a tentative offer there of a post next year if they don't fill them, I think first refusal is local school/community volunteers which is fair enough. Apparently they still had space right up to festival start so that's a good back up plan!
  7. For various reasons we arrived late and joined the back of that queue at 8am. It was actually all the way back along that hedge line and going down into the next field. By the time we'd joined they'd closed that cross over point with security and it went all the way back down then back up. I've added in red where we queued, it's actually off your map. The stewards told us five hours, which I knew was horseshit (they were telling people you had to rejoin the queue to re-enter) and we actually got in about 10:40. I was posting real time updates in the queue thread 🤣. So 2hr 40 for what I reckon was peak arrival time at Gate D.
  8. It was really odd on the Friday, Loyle Career was down for 2 1/2 hours and did about 90 minutes.
  9. Leyrulion

    Jabba The Slut

    Saw this. Was everything I didn't know I wanted in an act.
  10. The bowl itself will actually have more of its space used for the public though, it's not the same size as before.
  11. We didn't have an issue. Went in by the co-op and was fairly easy to get past the speaker line. Just followed the arrows for the "shortcut".
  12. By my reckoning he finished at 12:25, isn't curfew 12 for pyramid? Crowd funder to pay the fine?
  13. You've got the BBC Introducing one wrong. I'm there now and this is not confidence man. Unless they've changed race since yesterday. Edit: they might be running late on the stage.
  14. No queue to enter the area about 1-2am Friday but queues within places and for Shangri-la
  15. Just showed someone the efestivals secret sets confirmed page and they bought be a pint!
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