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  1. Like the huge increases in capacity today. Signs of the virus slowing in Scotland. Positive vaccine news Potentially THREE working vaccines in the next 6 weeks. Slowing of cases at universities Not reason to get carried away but reasons for optimism.
  2. Not sure why this slipped through my muting of you tbh. Missed a word out. Calmdown.
  3. With the big testing increases (40% up since October 1st just for the virus), positive news about vaccines coming imminently, plans for even further mass testing I'm feeling really hopeful today. Maybe 10 more weeks of pain to see us into the new year and we could genuinely be in a really positive situation come the start of the new year.
  4. Massive increase in testing capacity today. Capacity is over 568,000 including anti body tests. Not counting antibody tests puts them at 447k. They could pass 500k PCR tests on its own soon.
  5. Glastonbury's lawyer saying they want to roll over as much of the 2020 line up as possible. I've mixed feelings as I hope they still give the opportunity for acts that make it big over that year to get some air time. Thinking Billie Eilish style etc (who I was actually really disappointed by!)
  6. Think it'll be in See's account. However the last accounts showed they had 9 million in the bank, so they should be fine.
  7. Personal use, he'll get a warning.
  8. One positive is that every university now has their own test and trace system that's better than the governments.
  9. There's been no data on testing since 22nd. France style 50k increase incoming?
  10. Most of the accomodation is run by private providers, not universities themselves. The MPs probably have shares in the private providers. It tends to be your Russel group universities that run it themselves, they're only about 10% of the sector though.
  11. I can't wait to see him bite... You are such a troll.😂😂
  12. I've been burnt too much by Corbyn optimisim in 17 and 19. I'll believe it on January 6th when the electoral college vote is actually counted!
  13. Would upvote for positivity if I could.
  14. 7 day %growth rate change times are slowing Just looking at the numbers could give you a misleading figure.
  15. You're right. Compared to the same day last week it's a 16.5% increase. The weeks before it was a 25% increase compared to the same day.
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