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  1. Kind of, it's a venue with a capacity. But it's quite a big capacity so there will be quite a constant flow of people.
  2. Sometimes they're not lying and it actually is ages.
  3. Yes, preserver and Ignore them when they tell you the queue time.
  4. Leyrulion

    A3 Crew map?

    Last couple of years it's been the same as the public map but with a grid on, so don't get your hopes up it'll show much more info.
  5. Leyrulion


    Field has changed to accommodate the tree stage. X
  6. Just an FYI I'm 90% sure the guy going up and down the queue telling everyone "you won't get in tonight", "it's a 3 hour queue" is part of the bit. I've never queued more than 40 minutes, I think it can get very long after headliners but it does move, so most of the time the protected queue times are rubbish.
  7. I think it's talking about the actual music/dance bit.
  8. In the past really close, but that's been when places have been popping up regularly before hand.
  9. Never say never but I think the chances of extra places for Oxfam are very slim now.
  10. Amazing! Well done, have also seen some stuff with Avalon places coming from reserve lists, anecdotally they seem to be the better way in this year for resale.
  11. Yeah they get paid for their 2500 stewards but they will obviously have to factor in numbers for their own staffing and stewarding operation into the contract bid. Specifically full time Oxfam staff and onsite caterers they won't be paid for. What I'm saying is there is probably much more flex than is being suggested in the unlikely event Oxfam recruited say 2506 volunteers. And that all signs seem to be so far that they may have accounted for a predictable amount of drop outs after the resale in the numbers recruited post ticket resale which means the secret spaces popping up could be a thing of the past.
  12. Not an issue if you know you have a consistent drop out rate. And I think not as big a problem in reality, would cause issues yes but not insurmountable ones given the history and relationship they have with the festival.
  13. Point still stands though about the lack of places since.
  14. More likely this year something like "we need another 150* Shindig stewards, let's put an offer out allowing new shindig sign ups to go to Glastonbury, we'll also open it to the 80 existing sign ups who aren't already going to Glastonbury a priority way in, and that should cover the usual 200ish Glastonbury cancellations" But yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they do start over recruiting based on a conservative estimate of a consistent drop out rate. If they over recruit by 1% in a year I don't think that would be the end of the world given their relation with the festival. *Numbers may vary
  15. I think this is likely. All the reports I can see on the various groups are people saying they "heard" about other people getting tickets. It was a lot slower last year as well, I think there were rumours Oxfam didn't like the use of page trackers etc so this might actually have been their way to put a stop to that.
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