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  1. Bearded theory is one of the first festivals at the end of May. If that gets cancelled then I'd start to worry.
  2. Just copying the first post then adding all the acts mentioned in the thread that have been ruled out in case anyone wants an upto date list. Fleetwood Mac - Emily Eavis interview 13/10/19 Led Zeppelin - Emily Eavis interview 13/10/19 Green Day - tour dates Ariana Grande - confirmed no tour in 2020 System of a Down - download Iron Maiden - download Kiss - download Celine Dion - tour dates clash Queen ft. Adam Lambert - Germany Friday and Sunday Eric Clapton - Finland Thursday, Russia Saturday and Monday The Black Keys - "I would say that if you're in Europe, you might want to book a ticket to Detroit" Elton John- tour dates Santana- tour dates Pearl Jam Kasabian Gary Numan Ringo Starr Black crowed Harry styles Coldplay Cleopatrick Grimes Bon Iver St Paul and the broken bones Motley crüe Disclosure Halsey Chvrches Omar Apollo Steely Dan Múm Bon jovi The 1975 First aid kit Hall and Oates Bright eyes BTS
  3. With Emily Eavis's commitment to being at/nearly at a 50/50 gender split some of these lineups seem short on women so throwing out these in addition to those already up there. Georgia, Celeste, Normani, RAYE, Robyn, Ava Max, Gabrielle Aplin, Jorja Smith, Tove Lo, Lorde Apologies if you've already mentioned any of them. Any more suggestions which are a bit less "pop"?
  4. Hmm so this link says a 4 person tent floor area is 65 feet square https://www.sierra.com/blog/camping/right-tent-size/ Triple it to take account of guy ropes and space between tents etc gives roughly 195Sq Ft for a 4 person tent. 37m x 32m is about 12700 Sq Ft. Which would work out at about 65 4 man tents. I think, how's my maths?
  5. Just discovered this thread! I went to Glastonbury for the first time last year, thinking I was fairly healthy and was in for a huge shock! Ended up getting a trapped nerve in my foot forcing me inti bed by 1am on the Friday and pain for the rest of the weekend! Is there any consensus view on what a general level of fitness would be to enjoy the festival?
  6. Leyrulion

    Volunteering 2020

    In that case sign me up! Burnt on poop is fine as long as you don't have to get the lids closed on those wheely bins! 😂
  7. I know people that missed their specific booked trains last year due to the queues to get to the station but were allowed onto any train by the staff there.
  8. Leyrulion

    Volunteering 2020

    I've been lurking in this thread for a little while and I've two questions re: toilet cleaning. Do you also empty and replace the compost bins? That would seem like the worst part as they get pretty full sometimes. Also do you bring your own protective gear on top of what water aid give you? Stronger gloves noseplugs (?)!
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