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  1. MIKA!? Somebody should think about booking him for Glastonbury. I'll make a thread about it...
  2. Whats the wait for a shower like in there?
  3. What are we saying about towels then? How are we drying them? Wire between a couple of tents?
  4. I know some people think showering at Glastonbury is crazy but I love a shower. This is my first time camping after being in a campervan the last few festivals. After googling and looking at this site/the glastonbury website it would be good to get a definitive shower guide down (I really hope somebody has already done this). This is what I know so far. Can you fill in the gaps and add any I'm missing? (nearby) Kids Field Cost: Free Towels Available: ? System: queue and wait Times: ? Greenpeace Cost: Free Towels Available: ? System: ticketed Times: ? Cyclist Camp Cost: £5 (if not camping) Towels Available: ? System: queue and wait Times: after 12pm (non-cyclists) Lost Horizons Cost: ? Towels Available: available to hire System: queue and wait Times: ? Magic Sauna Cost: donation Towels Available: ? System: ? Times: ?
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