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  1. 86.3%⬆️ There won't be mask mandates, possibly less of the smaller indoor tents e.g. rabbit hole, green fields have to have open sides, big top open to the elements. Maybe, think that's probably 50/50
  2. Wimbledon is sponsored, which shows it doesn't all have to be "the cocoa cola presents half time show" in your face style. We've seen from the sponsorships they already have with EE, BBC, CO-OP and the Guardian that it can be done relatively well. (e.g I can list all those brand names off the top of my head).
  3. I always thought the excess steward numbers were for the unlikely event something went wrong. If they had to do a site evacuation they would probably need those 10 people on that vehicle gate.
  4. Tbh they probably already have deals in place with beer companies to supply on site which probably has some restriction on what can be sold nearby i.e. in the same area such as park stage. E.g. The brothers bar doesn't have a load of strongbow dark fruits competition in West Holts (I don't think). There will be a lot of sponsorship in place it's just a lot less visible then at other festivals.
  5. Don't know about all pre-erected but in the yearly reviews from the council one of the risks they have is their reliance on off site pre-erected camping to free up space inside. If there's expensive options outside that gives them the option to make more use of internal space to get us to part with our money.
  6. Someone should do the maths but I think the average rate of increase since 2015 has been about 4%. So if they'd continued on the current rate tickets should have cost £286. But that also includes some really small 1.3% increases and quite big 7% increases.
  7. Volunteered at wilderness and never did make it into veuve cliquot champagne tent, did watch the Sunday lunchtime cricket match though.
  8. The jarring thing is when people talk about the festivals massively lefty values and some of that rhetoric isn't really reflected in who is able to attend. Is that their problem to deal with? Possibly not. Boris Johnson's statement back in 2000 that Glastonbury is a "capitalist extravaganza" seems to be more true with every year and above inflation price increase.
  9. How does it compare with other European festivals? That's the true comparison.
  10. Fred again... Manchester, honestly really incredible. Would fit a JP slot perfectly and you'd be a fool to miss out on it.
  11. 85.9% ⬆️ Winter not looking too bad so far, keep the faith through January and I'll increase into the late 90s!
  12. It is a 13% increase on the last festival that happened, 5.6% increase on the advertised 2020 price. Tickets have increased in price 43% since 2011. If they'd increased with inflation since 2011 they'd be £243. The pricing is fairly redundant though because there's still enormous demand for it, they could charge £400 and probably still sell out. (which incidentally is what they'd be in 2031 at the current rate of increase)
  13. I think they'll be a lot, most people here would move basically anything to attend. For a lot of other people it's just not that important, big meeting and a chance to impress at work, better holiday suggestion, kids, life. All add up. I'm also surprised by how cautious some people still are, my friendship group are fine and living as we did, testing when needed. But many other just are very concerned.
  14. Any one got the name of somewhere in the park where I would have got tapas, tried to leave and saw the horde of people coming up from the pyramid stage then deciding "fuck that" and went back for the best churros I've had
  15. I have circulated to Dr friends! One of them I know it would be her idea of hell, like the worst Saturday night A&E shift. Another one absolutely thrives on that environment so we'll see!
  16. Unfair on the People that don't eat all weekend. 👀
  17. Kendrick won but it was touch and go with diana Ross for a while.
  18. That's not what I said though? You've assumed that. Go to bed.
  19. O.k Hot chip at HomoBloc in Manchester were decent but far and away from the highlight of the night. Might be the crowd but they were not at their best. Chic on the other hand 6 weeks earlier was one of the best gigs I've ever seen. Justice I have also only ever had an average time at.
  20. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 63 Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 10 Justice 1 (-10)
  21. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 131 Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 41 Justice 30 (-10)
  22. This is really good. I think the only major hole in what they do is getting artists in from overseas via planes. If they could lead the way in solving that issue like they have others that would be fantastic. Not sure what they could do about it though accept a compromise in artists selection if they don't have other European dates? Oh and the co-op last year was full of single use plastic, which felt a bit against their message on plastic waste. I say this because there's always more to do to be even better.
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    That's actually really surprising.
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