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  1. So the small cans in my local: Coca cola full fat/Coke zero Sprite Fanta orange All 150ml and 55p or 3 for £1 Fever tree tonic, pack of 4.
  2. No lineup at all until after ticket balance day? For a year they definitely could but it would really risky. If they get the bookings wrong those 1% who wouldn't be able to get a refund could kick up a hell of a lot of negative press coverage. And there's a slightly larger percentage who might not love the lineup but wouldn't want a refund, if there's a stink kicked up some of them could be pulled into that negative space.
  3. Boomtown and Shambala both didn't happen last year so they still have 2019 ticket holders who've waited 3 years and want to party regardless of the lineup. SGP is the first in 5 years so there's an exclusivity element to it. They're also all festivals that are trying to sell themselves on the "experience" of going and trying to make the specific music lineup almost secondary. Glastonbury isn't really able to do the same as it so much about the music for 3 of the 5 days. They do sell out having released no acts but that's just for a deposit, I'm not sure they could really then stay silent until June and drop the set times. It is £300 to attend.
  4. Leyrulion

    Volunteering 2022

    Have heard it's hard work, if you're happy with regularly lugging around heavy weights you should do fine though.
  5. Similar here, not really planning on who to see until the lineup comes out. Only have a vague feeling that we'll probably end up seeing McCartney on the Saturday and Diana Ross is the only definite
  6. It if public sector and tbh I didn't know it was a thing that happened!
  7. Thank you, it is an incredibly nice surprise especially when I was starting to genuinely worry about the expense of attending on top of all my other bills going up recently! Means I can be a bit less frugal in saving!
  8. I have unexpectedly received a rather nice £900 bonus from work so part of that is going straight into the Glastonbury pot for a new tent and the rest of the things on my shopping list!
  9. The description says "Note ! ! There is no box. have fun. I'm worried you've all been scammed out of the postage. Hopefully something arrives!
  10. Here's the detailed access map for 2019 that should have most of the details you want on it. A3map-Glasto19 (1).pdf
  11. A mid afternoon recharge when there's no act you want to see if vital to keep going through to 6am each night
  12. Leyrulion


    Is the roof on the other stage going up? Some day light between it and the ground where there wasn't an hour ago!
  13. And the boomtown system doesn't need constant fast WiFi anyway as long as the NFC devices link up to the "home" every so often. * *The boomtown system is still shit
  14. People just get more crafty about how they report these things, there's ways round it.
  15. Leyrulion


    Pretty much every bit that looks like a good entry point the festival have also clocked and there's extra stuff there. E.g. staff/security camp sites either side of the fence, watch towers etc etc
  16. Tent pitched, the first hiss as the can opens.
  17. Hoping this works, you'll need Google earth installed. Glasto 22 Edit:Doesn't seem to work, no idea why.
  18. I did some route distances with the new map overlayed on Google earth and Other to Pyramid is now about 300m longer if you go by the the left of the other stage (as you look at it), rather then the right. File is in the oxfam festivals group if anyone wants it. https://m.facebook.com/groups/oxfamfestivalsteam/permalink/10159140829148195/?sfnsn=scwspmo&ref=share
  19. They really should have swapped them round on the stages.
  20. Picked out the pair of old converse I'm gonna use to walk around the bone dry ground in...
  21. I wonder if they go conservative on the capacity numbers and try to reshare those returnees out if they have time knowing some capacity goes unused, or whether they take more risk and bank on tickets being returned to hit capacity (less likely I'd say as that's could be dangerous).
  22. Would be fascinated to know how close to capacity they actually get each year. It won't actually be 235,000 people as there will be no shows every year. But when is it enough to trigger a secret sale?
  23. The solution is only drink neat spirits whilst watching an act. Then you don't need to pee.
  24. Leyrulion


    To whoever was asking yesterday, Other stage looks to be the same size as 2019. No big changes ATM.
  25. I didn't read "an enhanced wooded area" as the same thing as "the wood".
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