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  1. shuttlep

    Worthy FM

    I have bur normally in the car on the way out of the car park..... controversially ... i don;t like the presents I have heard
  2. wish I had kept this outfit now
  3. Most likely making sure they don't work for the Sun
  4. All going well I will be going for a walk on the farm
  5. do you think they should do a Bulls Eye look at what you could have won announcement ? you know here is a list of everyone we had playing give us something to talk about
  6. the whole atmosphere will just be electric, I am getting excited now thinking about it
  7. with this year being cancelled and how shit literally everything is so far this year. will 2021 turn out to be the best festival ever? it will be better than when you get back after a fallow year, people will be really needing this with what i think will be most festivals cancelling this year. i wonder how may people will ask for a refund and how many will roll their tickets over! bring on 2021.... is it too soon to book my hotel?
  8. hate the fact it's cancelled , but it make sense thank fuck they have rolled over ticket deposit till next year
  9. hard to choose especially as I get older and do more Glastonburys the y all meld in to one but two stick out Justice 2017 West Holts, such an amazing set and atmosphere, Moderat before them just made such an amazing Sunday night 2005 maybe the Beautiful south in the Accoustic tent , totally no voice, spent a lot of time in there that year seeing Chas and Dave the day before they rank up there with the best set ever
  10. shuttlep

    The poster 2020

    I am loving the lineup I think there is a 2nd poster to come out with it being the big 50 But Candi Staton, Fontains DC Caribou , Happy Mondays.the jesus and Mary Chain and the Avalanches to name a few never normally want to see anyone off the poster Fat Boy slim will be doing something amazing I am sure I still have them glasses that made everlasting a smiley face somewhere
  11. I think they will wait till two weeks before the Easter Break then have a 4 week Easter break
  12. Zoe Ball ate my hamster
  13. Neil is god all Hail Neil
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