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  1. shuttlep

    Park Stage 2019

    went to the park stage once and saw some guy beat boxing , that was 2016 never made it back to watch anyone
  2. shuttlep

    Time for a sister festival on same weekend?

    I know it has not happened for a while, but what about if one year tickets don't sell as they are now, and take a month to sell out, or maybe don't sell out ?
  3. shuttlep

    Things to do other than the music

    just get lost,,,,,, it isn't hard see the sun come up from the stone circle, hang out with hippies, have a sauna, I will be having a sauna this time around
  4. shuttlep

    Questions for Michael

    I am liking the cut of your jib
  5. shuttlep

    So...do you remember your first time?

    2004 was a good year, wet but good, damp but good,
  6. shuttlep

    So...do you remember your first time?

    2004 was my first, I rocked up with a tent and a bag of drugs. i lived on a pie a day and pounding dance music I was massively under prepared for the festival. these days I need 2 - 3 trips back to the car to carry all my gear. I have fond memories of 2004 , but they are mixed in with 2005. I can't remember much really. safe to say I must have enjoyed it as here we now are in 2018 and i love it still. I have missed some , not getting a ticket one year , deciding not to go another year and giving my ticket up. one year I got in on someone else's ticket. need must . I am getting old though , my festival these days is massively different to what it was like back then, this is what I love about Glastonbury your experience of the festival can evolve as you do .
  7. shuttlep

    Questions for Michael

    I love how people seem to Think Ballot's are fair. I have entered the London Marathon Ballot for 10 years in a row and have not got in. you would still have horror stores about not getting in. who do people think that would change!
  8. shuttlep

    Can you draw Glasto map from memory?

    I could find my way around with my eyes closed, but drawing it , I can barely do a straight line
  9. shuttlep

    Little Mix for glastonbury 2019

    isn't Will young there most years wailing in the band stand or somewhere , he has to do something to get free tickets for him and his mates
  10. shuttlep

    Tips & Advice for 1st timers!

    sounds like a man speaking from experience
  11. shuttlep


    eating at Glastonbury ..... what is this you speak of?
  12. shuttlep

    Tips & Advice for 1st timers!

    why not just buy a box of wine then take the card board away and carry the bag around with you. just bring your metal cup.
  13. shuttlep

    For Those Who Have Missed Out In The Past ...

    trying as hard as possible to avoid it , the TV the radio everything . i spent the week listening talk sport . couldn't listen to any music or any other radio . just sucks ass, I actually had a ticket that year and had to give it up due to other commitments
  14. shuttlep

    Tips & Advice for 1st timers!

    I moonwalk everywhere
  15. shuttlep

    Tips & Advice for 1st timers!

    Arrival time: we stay in Wells, (10 minutes away) then head to the festival 9 am . we are normally in by midday , 2017 was manic with extra searches and so on . we were in by 2pm I seem to recall. we tend to camp away from everything so no major rush to bag a close camp site. we are old and like to be away from all the youth ;-)