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  1. On Monday morning will I have any soul left?
  2. i am hoping for them in john peel
  3. fingers crossed for 1. are you actually reading no.2 now?
  4. forget the Foals what are your favourite Radio head albums in alphabetical order?
  5. what is the book about ? is it worth it?
  6. my mate commented on their status last year asking them, they replied that they won;t be back this year 2019 but will be back for 2020 as they turn 30 that year
  7. after a potter around the site a few weekends ago there is a tree in the glade with a fair few plaques on dedicated to people sadly no longer with is with their names and a little info on there touching
  8. Seen them loads in manchester mainly at Tangled I think eons ago
  9. bloody love EVIL NINE
  10. 0/23 mine is stanton warriors altern8 boys noise sasha orbital nick warren john digweed sasha & digweed fabio & groove rider sub focus roni size the two bears mark archer sub focus ltj bukem carl cox aphex twin andy c peggy gou paul oakenfold paul van dyke anna watts alison wonderland char;lotte de witte
  11. yes it was amazing , but you know that because you went , I think the whole thing with tickets being so hard , makes people who haven't wanted to go before go and add it to their bucket list as they can see how many people want to go and how bigger deal it is
  12. Looks nice, would only be about a 20 minute walk to the farm
  13. it says dog friendly on their website, when we asked they said they have had to change that due to a dog being naughty and causing some damage . they have other cottages but non with the view that has
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