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  1. shuttlep

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Cher is touring , she finishes America in April and starts in Europe in September that's a massive hole to fill
  2. shuttlep

    An announcement by christmas

  3. shuttlep

    An announcement by christmas

    here's hoping for the killers Chrsitmas song
  4. shuttlep

    An announcement by christmas

    could it be an area announcement , like we have got rid of that pile of shit silver hayes and given it to the Arcadia crew?
  5. shuttlep

    2018 in review

    Album Deportation blues - B C Camplight Song too many Gig Elvana Festival Boomtown Movie Book Favourite eFester me Did you miss Glastonbury? I missed the people Three wishes for Glastonbury 2019 1. Dry 2. dry 3. sunny Festivals lined up for 2019 Glastonbury
  6. shuttlep

    2019 Headliners

    What annoys me the enthusiasm the the youth has, when will they learn . life is shit and you die.. there is only room for happiness once a year at Glastonbury. apart from that it's Hell on earth
  7. shuttlep

    FKA Twigs

    what does FKA stand for I am going with Fuck Kuala ambitions don't want the Kuala bastards getting ahead of them selves they are not even fucking real bears
  8. shuttlep

    Timing of lineup

    because Michael Eavis is the root of all evil he come across as all nicey nicey will do anything for anyone, but deep down his heart is black. (there will be a reason for this, most likely something to do with bigger bands not wanting to damage tickets sales for their tours, but I prefer mine)
  9. shuttlep

    Glasto as a Tourist

    if I was you I would find somewhere to leave anything you wont need for the festival. walking in carrying everything is a fecking nightmare. i try to pack as light as possible. money depending get a B & B not far away for the weekend, leave you baggage there . then after the festival go back get your stuff and have a shower
  10. shuttlep

    Block 9 expanding

    The Glade is my Favorite area, by a mile. great music , great atmosphere, loads of places to boogie, always good acts booked
  11. shuttlep


    I went to watch oasis many moons ago at the city of Manchester stadium, the doves were the warm up act then. great gig that was
  12. shuttlep

    Block 9 expanding

    I met a guy last year, most lovely bloke, he was the friend of a friend of a friend , he got us wrist bands for the staff bar there and gave us mustaches. I asked him what he did in block 9 . he said "this is my field, I've been arranging this every year for ten years" he had the best nails I have ever seen. need to see him again next year
  13. shuttlep


    in recent years yes ;-) my formative festival years were all taken up with bands, the last band i saw was the last shadow puppets maybe 206 . bring on the electronica
  14. shuttlep

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    he nearly ran me over 2016 driving from behind the pyramid. such a twat , should be able to stand anywhere I want, and not have to listen to stewards barking at me to move
  15. shuttlep

    Block 9 expanding

    Good news about it getting bigger, when hot chip did the prince tribute you really couldn't move at all I just hope it is still dead on Friday afternoon when i go for my techno dancing session