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  1. shuttlep

    Silver Lining

    it's Elton John though , you know it will be fun
  2. shuttlep

    Silver Lining

    I have been thinking this, over the years I have noticed there are more and more over the age of lets say 35 and this will get worse now, everyone is that little bit older now.. I also wonder what the longest time from buying a ticket to a gig and the actual gig is:?
  3. shuttlep

    Silver Lining

    As there will be no festival this year , I would have been more surprised if there was . Actually hearing it though is a real gutter , like being punched in the stomach then kicked in the nethers just for good measure. I am going to look on the bright side, look for that silver lining 1. We should all be a load safer in 2022 2. What a fucking party it's going to be. 3. no ticket madness this year. 4. If you don't have tickets and were hoping on the re sale, there will be more in the pot. People circumstances will have changed. How many people have got marrie
  4. It just feels like I haven't seen any hugging, (apart from immediate family ) I am so missing sweaty random rave hugs.......
  5. Will anyone else find it a bit weird when you can hug people and see people being hugged. it feels like it has been forever
  6. I think the Gov is losing the people
  7. I've never waffled ever I'm holding out for a vaccine early next year , even if they can only get it out to the vulnerable at least they will be protected and everyone else can start enjoying life once again
  8. I am loving that confidence ... we need more of this
  9. shuttlep


    tents going up ion front of the pyramid
  10. shuttlep

    Worthy FM

    I have bur normally in the car on the way out of the car park..... controversially ... i don;t like the presents I have heard
  11. wish I had kept this outfit now
  12. Most likely making sure they don't work for the Sun
  13. All going well I will be going for a walk on the farm
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