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  1. I'm holding out for ;Paul Oakenfold to do a 1998 trance set
  2. just walking through the gates will absolutely emotionally destroy me . it has ben so long.
  3. I don't think Biffy have played since 2017 ,
  4. shuttlep


    big crane looks like it is taking that big shit Pangea crane down
  5. Ed Solo and Deekline can't wait to get there now
  6. Stanton warriors play nearly every year , sometimes three sets. I tens to try and see every set. I will fight you if you think that is wrong ,
  7. Churros there is a place in the park that sells them. mmmmmmmm Normally my treat on the way back to camp
  8. shuttlep

    Parking rules

    Rule one of parking we do not talk about Parking
  9. When will they learn, it's not the glade if it isn't in a fucking Glade . last time they put a pizza bar in that area, most pointless thing ever. The Glade is my favourite area, if it is not in the Glade it is just a tent with a DJ
  10. Brass loads of Brass
  11. hoping the next announcement will be that the arcadia spider will be hanging from the crane , making it's massive web, then on Sunday night it will devour the crane. sorry too much time on my hands today
  12. 1. Didn't know she was Russian 2. I am not sure / don't really care what her thoughts are on the war 3. If athletes are not allowed to run / swim or footballers allowed to play, why should music be any different. I know technically she is not doing it for Russia like the sports people are, but it is their job and they can't do it. 4. I don't thinking coming to the festival and playing will make any difference to what ever she thinks. Glastonbury is massive for us, to her it will be another job.
  13. shuttlep


    Thought they needed to start soon, massive job and it wasn't finished in time last time.
  14. you missed Liverpool from the options. Everyone knows it is full of scousers
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