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  1. shuttlep

    2020 headliners

    Daft punk woudl be the main reason i got a ticket
  2. i just didn't know anything they played should have seen the streets
  3. spent an afternoon lay in the shade of the craft field, trying to think of a craft i could do nest year to get a ticket and a space in that beautiful area. I don't think getting twatted and partying for 5 days is a craft a talent yes but not something you can teach
  4. I aim to please Tina Turner would so rule,
  5. Pyramid Friday Saturday Sunday Stanton Warriors Altern8 Aphex Twin Aphex Twin Stanton warriors Altern8 Altern8 aphex twin stanton warriors hot chip 2 bears Tine Turner
  6. mate of mine spoke to them, 2020 is like there 30th anniversary so they will be back and playing and celebrating
  7. shuttlep

    Camp Fires

    You are assuming that everyone is on drugs and everyone is irresponsible. we have had fires every year, never set fire to a tent , never started a fire. there is nothing soppy about keeping warm and having a chat with your friends at the end of the night.
  8. shuttlep

    Camp Fires

    Exactly, it was always great to catch up have a laugh and keep warm, when we got back this year, all just went to bed as it was too cold
  9. shuttlep

    Camp Fires

    my group was totally gutted that we couldn't have a camp fire this year, it is something we look forward to . coming back to camp and sitting around the fire swapping stories of who we had seen. i didn't really find out why we couldn't have them this year, did anyone else hear why we couldn't?
  10. just get rid of it , more camping space or re name it the Chris Martin Stage
  11. shuttlep

    Is It Too Hot?

    the tent had an attachment which opened out and became a roof / shaded area
  12. shuttlep

    Is It Too Hot?

    No it it was not too hot, it was perfection why do us Brits always find things to moan about too hot, too cold, too wet. it was lovely and dry and if your prepared for it wearing the right clothes, taking some shade , drinking plenty of water. it was fine. I stayed out of the midday sun, choosing not to leave the the shade of the camp until 13:00 most days. It was glorious , i wore trainers all festival with vest and shorts. chucked a jumper in my bag because it got chilly at around 22:00. As long as you prepared each day for the heat you would have been fine. If it was chucking it down and knee deep in mud, you wouldn't go out in shorts and flip flops with no coat. there is one major down side to it being absolutely glorious , all the people who have never been to Glastonbury as they fear the mud and the dirt, watching it on TV then thinking shall we go next year it looks amazing. that is more of a strain on ticket day.
  13. walking through the glade my friend was in front of me wearing a fancy hat, a girl looked at him and said "oooh I like your hat" I then walked past her, she looked at me Girl " Oh I like your hat too" me " I am not wearing a hat" girl "oh god , I mean I like your face, oh god not in that way , in a good way, I don;t want to wear it or anything"
  14. Loved the Greenpeace stage, Saturday I spent most of the day there, started with the Stanton warriors, Then just turned around watched Elvana, then turned around again and watched Norman Jay , then turned around again and watched DJ Yoda. loved how that area has stepped up. it was great as it has a small crowd due to bigger names playing on other stages. couldn't get enough of it
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